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How to Make a Wooden Sword in Minecraft

We have covered all of the steps you need to know in how to craft a wooden sword in Minecraft!
How to Make a Wooden Sword in Minecraft

Everything You Need to Craft a Wooden Sword in Minecraft

A sword is an essential item when you are starting out in a new Minecraft world. When we start with nothing, wood is our first choice of crafting item. Believe it or not, a wooden sword can actually be lethal toward some of those pesky mobs at night. Before we get started, make sure you have the essentials for crafting a wooden sword:

How to Craft a Wooden Sword in Minecraft

Once you have all of these items available in your inventory, first you must:

  1. Open the crafting table by using right-clickCrafting Wooden Sword
  2. Once the crafting table is opened place two wooden planks (does not matter what type of wood you use) starting from the center slot to the top slot. Wooden Sword
  3. Lastly, place one wooden stick on the bottom center crafting slot. it should appear like the image below.Minecraft Wood
  4. If done correctly, you have officially created a wooden sword!Wooden Sword

Wood That is Compatible with a Wooden Sword

Any wooden plank is compatible to use for a wooden sword. You can use two of the same wood species, or two completely different wooden species in the same sword, they will both ultimately appear the same. This is one of the simplest swords to be crafted in Minecraft that requires any kind of wooden material. 

Wooden Sword

Other Swords that you can also craft all require wooden sticks, including:

Overall, the wooden sword is a perfect beginning to your survival setup. Once you have mastered the wooden sword, make sure you follow with a wooden pickaxe to create a stone pickaxe. This will allow you to collect the items needed to make a stone sword and an iron sword! Happy crafting. 

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