How To Make Overworld Planks In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft overworld planks in Minecraft, used in building.
How To Make Overworld Planks In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft overworld planks in Minecraft

Planks in Minecraft are blocks crafted from wood logs obtained from chopping down trees in the game. Planks are some of the first blocks you’ll get your hands on in survival Minecraft, as trees can be broken using your bare hands. Overworld planks are a category of planks that are flammable. Minecraft also has those planks that aren’t flammable and are crafted from huge fungus stems found in Minecraft’s new nether biomes!

Here are the items you’ll need to craft overworld planks:

How to craft Overworld planks in Minecraft


Acquiring wooden logs

You can get wooden logs very quickly by simply chopping down trees that you find around you. As mentioned earlier, all the overworld trees are actually flammable as they are normal wood. So you can actually get any wood log you want. Depending upon the type of wood you get, the plans will look different!


Crafting overworld planks

After successfully gathering every item required for the fence gate, simply follow the recipe given above. You’ll have your overworld planks in Minecraft.

These planks can be used in many different recipes, especially when crafting sticks and which are used in crafting many tools. When you start a new world, wood will be the largest block in your arsenal.

What is the give command to get overworld planks in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself overworld planks: /give @p oak_planks 1

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