How To Make Orange Dye In Minecraft

Do you love the energetic vibe of the orange color? If so, we'll introduce you to Orange Dye in Minecraft and a step-by-step guide about how to craft it.
How To Make Orange Dye In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Orange Dye

Orange Dye is a secondary dye in Minecraft, which you can get from crafting two primary dyes. Just like other dyes, Orange Dye can be used in many recipes like Concrete, Glass, Bed, and more!

  • 1x Orange Tulip 
  • OR 1x Red Dye and 1x Yellow Dye

How to craft Orange Dye in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Orange Tulip

Orange Tulip can only be found in three biomes: Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forest. They can be generated naturally in the biome or by using Bone Meal on the grass.

orange tulips

When you have 1x Orange Tulip, go to step 4.

#2 Collect 1x Red Dye

Red Dye can be crafted by using Poppy, Red Tulip, or Beetroot. They yield 1x Red Dye.

poppy, beetroot, red tulip

You can also craft 2x Red Dye with 1x Rose Bush.

rose bush

Another way is to trade with the wandering trader. They sell 3x Red Dye for 1x Emerald.

trade red dye

#3 Collect 1x Yellow Dye

Yellow Dye can be crafted by using Dandelion or Sunflower. They yield 1x Yellow Dye.

dandelion and sunflower

You can also trade 1x Emerald with Wandering traders for 3x Yellow Dye.

trade yellow dye

#4 Finish off crafting an Orange Dye

When you have 1x Red Dye and 1x  Yellow Dye, combine them together in the crafting grid to craft 2x Orange Dye. No Crafting Table is needed.

crafting orange dye

If you have 1x Orange Tulip, you can put them in the crafting grid to get 1x Orange Dye.

orange tulip to orange dye

Another way to get Orange Dye is by trading with Wandering traders. They sell 3x Orange Dye for 1x Emerald.

trade orange dye

What is the give command to get an Orange Dye?

The command to give yourself an Orange Dye is: /give @p orange_dye 1

Now you have Orange Dye, use them to dye some cool banners!

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