How To Make Deepslate Tiles In Minecraft

Want to decorate your deepslate castle even more with more block variants? We got you covered by the article how to craft Deepslate Tiles in Minecraft!
How To Make Deepslate Tiles In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Deepslate Tiles

Deepslate Tiles is an upgraded version of the Deepslate Bricks block in Minecraft. It has a dark color just like other Deepslate variants but with a unique texture. Deepslate Tiles can be used to decorate for most medieval or burnt builds. To craft one, you just need to dig deep underground and get your hand on some Deepslate.

  • 4x Deepslate Bricks

How to craft Deepslate Tiles in Minecraft

#1 Collect 4x Deepslate Bricks

Deepslate Bricks can be crafted by putting 4x Polished Deepslate in a 2x2 shape. Each crafting recipe yields 4x Deepslate Bricks.

craft deepslate bricks

To obtain Polished Deepslate, you will need Cobbled Deepslate. And the only to get Cobbled Deepslate is to go mining underground at the Y-axis below zero. You need to use a non-Silk Touch pickaxe to mine Deepslate and they will drop 1x Cobbled Deepslate.


#2 Finish off crafting a Deepslate Tiles

When you have 4x Deepslate Bricks, press E to open your inventory GUI and put them in a 2x2 shape to craft 4x Deepslate Tiles.

craft deepslate tiles

What is the give command to get a Deepslate Tiles?

The command to give yourself a Deepslate Tiles is: /give @p deepslate_tiles 1

Congratulation on your Deepslate Tiles! You can now use them as a base for your house or smelt them in the Furnace to get some Cracked Deepslate Tiles for further decoration purposes.

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