How To Make Polished Deepslate In Minecraft

Find diamonds but receive a lot of deepslate in return? In this article, we will show you how to craft Polished Deepslate to use for building purposes!
How To Make Polished Deepslate In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Polished Deepslate

Polished Deepslate is an upgraded version of a normal Deepslate block in Minecraft. It has a much cleaner texture and can be used for building a base for your houses. To craft Polished Deepslate is quite easy, you just need to dig down for a while and mine some Deepslate.

  • 4x Cobbled Deepslate

How to craft Polished Deepslate in Minecraft


Collect 4x Cobbled Deepslate

Cobbled Deepslate is another variation of Cobblestone in Minecraft. You can get them by simply mining Deepslate with a non-Silk Touch pickaxe.

cobbled deepslate

Deepslate can be found everywhere underground when the Y-axis is below zero. Just make sure to bring some torches to keep you safe!

cobbled deepslate in cave


Finish off crafting a Polished Deepslate

When you have 4x Cobbled Deepslate, press E to open your inventory and put them in a 2x2 shape to craft 4x Polished Deepslate.

craft polished deepslate

You can also use a Stonecutter to turn 1x Cobbled Deepslate into 1x Polished Deepslate.

cut polished deepslate

What is the give command to get a Polished Deepslate?

The command to give yourself a Polished Deepslate is: /give @p polished_deepslate 1

Now you have Polished Deepslate, let’s randomly place it at the bottom of your house to create a strong base!

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