Everything You Need To Know About Polar Bears In Minecraft

If you want to find out about one of Minecraft's most exotic animals - the polar bear.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
Everything You Need To Know About Polar Bears In Minecraft

Polar bears are one of the most exotic animals in Minecraft, which many players even may not encounter during their playthrough. They're pretty interesting and cute, but many people don't know much about them. So in this article, we're going to cover everything you need to know about polar bears in Minecraft!

Where do polar bears spawn in Minecraft?

Polar bears are pretty exotic because you can find polar bears in certain colds biomes which can be hard to reach:

  • Snowy Plains

  • Ice Spikes

  • Frozen Ocean

  • Deep Frozen Ocean


Polar bears can spawn in groups of up to two in the above-mentioned cold biomes. They spawn on grass or ice blocks, with a light level of 7 or higher. And when they spawn in groups of two, the second one is always guaranteed to be a polar bear cub.

What can you get from a Minecraft polar bear?

There's a variety of things you can get from polar bears. Most of the drops just include fish items like:

  • Raw Cod

  • Raw Salmon

  • XP Orbs

But killing them for these items isn't really worth it, considering how hard it's to find them and then kill them as well.

How to get raw cod from polar bears?

To get raw cod from polar bears in Minecraft, you'll need to find adult polar bears that you want to kill. Then once you manage to kill one, it has a 3/4 chance of dropping from 0 to 2 raw cod. It can also drop cooked cod if you kill it with Fire Aspect. With Looting III, you can get a maximum drop from 0 to 5.

How to get raw salmon from polar bears?

The same process goes for getting salmon from polar bears in Minecraft. But, when you kill an adult polar bear, it has a 1/4 chance of dropping from 0 to 2 raw salmon. When paired with Fire Aspect, you can get cooked salmon, and with Looting III, you can have a chance of getting from 0 to 5 salmon.

How to get XP orbs from polar bears?

An adult polar bear drops from 1-3 XP orbs upon death. So the problem is that they're not worth killing for experience orbs because of this small amount they drop. While baby polar bears don't drop anything at all.

Can polar bears breed in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you're not able to breed polar bears in Minecraft, nor can you tame polar bears like some of the neutral mobs. But even though you can't breed them, when in a group of two, the second polar bear is almost always a baby. However, you can't speed up their growth because polar bears eat nothing in Minecraft.


Traveling with your Minecraft polar bears

If you want to have a zoo with a wide variety of exotic Minecraft animals, and you want to add polar bears to it somehow, you're in luck because you can by using a lead! But you can also drag them with a fishing rod like every mob in the game.

Steering a Minecraft polar bear with a lead

This is probably the easiest way to transport a polar bear to another location because they don't eat anything in Minecraft. Hence you can't tame them in any way.

To leash a polar bear on a lead, all you need to do is:

  1. Hold the lead in one of your two hands

  2. Right-click the polar bear with the lead

Then, you can drag him wherever you want and even tie him to a fence, so he doesn't move anywhere. Just try not to be too fast because then you can accidentally break the lead.

Are Minecraft polar bears hostile?

Polar bears are neutral mobs by default, but there are certain situations in which they can be hostile. For example, when a polar bear is with a cub, it will automatically be hostile to defend the baby polar bear, and all other adult polar bears become hostile if one of the polar bear cubs that are close to them gets attacked by a player unless it's killed in one hit.

Polar bears are actually very agile because when in water, they swim at the exact same speed as the player, so it's difficult to escape them there - you'll basically just trap yourself. When they attack the player, they try to stand up with their rear legs to maul you down with their front paws. They also attack foxes.

More fun polar bear facts

  • Polar bears were added to Minecraft because Jeb's wife requested it.

  • Polar bear cubs have unique sound effects, unlike most of the baby versions of mobs.

  • Polar bears are the first type of bears to be added to the game, after them, pandas were added.

  • Polar bears were added in Minecraft version 1.10.

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