How To Make Granite In Minecraft

Stuck at crafting granite? Don't worry, here is an extensive guide on making granite in an easy way. So let's get started.

Updated on Nov 09, 2023
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How To Make Granite In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Granite

To make granite you have to use 2x nether quartz along with 2x cobblestones to get 1 diorite. Then this diorite will be crafted again with 1x nether quartz to get 1 granite. Once done, you can easily move this into your inventory.

  • 1x nether portal
  • 3x nether quartz
  • 2x cobblestone
  • 1x crafting table

Sit back and relax as we will explain the process step by step.

How to craft Granite

#1 Get Into Nether to grab nether quartz and cobblestone

The process starts with the journey to an outer world called nether. Use lava or diamond to make nether.


Once done, you can get into nether to collect 3x nether quartz and 2x cobblestone.

#2 Make Diorite

Once you have enough starting material, it's time to put it into the work. You have to open a crafting table and place 2x nether quartz and 2x cobblestone as shown in the pictures. This crafting will get you a diorite and you can drag that into your inventory.


You can repeat the process again and again if you are planning to get a bulk amount of granite for future use.

#3 Use Diorite To Craft Granite

In this step, you have to use the diorite again along with nether quartz to get 1 granite.


Place 1x diorite and 1x nether quartz in a 3x3 crafting table. Make sure the first box has diorite and the second one has nether quartz as shown in the picture above.

Wait for a while and you will get 1x granite on the right side of your crafting table. Just drag and drop this into your inventory and you will be ready to use it for further use. You can use it to beautify your housing or craft other items.

What is the give command to get a granite?

The command to give yourself a granite is :/give @p granite 1.

We hope you enjoyed the guide. You can explore our website and see how we craft other items like granite slabs and stairs.

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