How To Make End Crystal In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft an End Crystal in Minecraft to summon the ender dragon.

Updated on Nov 15, 2023
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How To Make End Crystal In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft an End Crystal in Minecraft

End Crystals are some of the most powerful explosives in the game. When you touch an end crystal directly, it’ll blow up with even more power than a TNT block! The End crystals can also be used to re-summon the ender dragon once defeated. This can be done by placing 4 end crystals on the bedrock of the exit portal. When you do so, the end crystals will explode, the pillars will reappear with end crystals on top, and the dragon will also appear. End crystals help in healing the dragon.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft an End Crystal:

How to craft an End Crystal in Minecraft

#1 Crafting Eye of ender


In Minecraft, the eyes of the ender are used to open the portal to the end dimension. To craft these eyes, you need blaze powder and ender pearls. Blaze powder can be obtained from blaze mobs in the nether, and ender pearls are dropped.

#2 Acquiring Glass


Glass in Minecraft can be crafted using sand. Sand is available in abundance in the game in the desert biomes. Simply put the sand in the furnace, and you’ll get the glass you need for the recipe.

#3 Acquiring Ghast Tears


Ghast tears in Minecraft are dropped by Ghasts when you kill them. These are giant mobs floating in the Nether dimension; the ideal way to kill them is by using a bow and arrow or a sword to deflect their attacks.

#4 Crafting an End Crystal


Once all the necessary items have been gathered to craft an end crystal, simply follow the recipe shown above and put the items on the crafting table. You’ll have your very one end crystal that you can use to summon the ender dragon once again!

What is the given command to get an End Crystal in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself an end crystal:  /give @p end_crystal 1

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