How To Make Enchanting Table In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to craft enchant books, weapons, and armors in Minecraft? In today's article, we will show you how to craft an Enchanted Table!
How To Make Enchanting Table In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Enchanting Table

Enchanting Table is a block that allows players to enchant their tools, weapons, and armors with powerful effects. To craft one is quite expensive, you will need a Book, some Obsidian, and two Diamonds.

  • 4x Obsidian
  • 2x Diamond
  • 1x Book

How to craft Enchanting Table in Minecraft

#1 Collect 4x Obsidian

Obsidian can be created by pouring water on a lava lake. Each lava source will create 1x Obsidian. You then can mine it with at least a diamond pickaxe.

obsidian generator

You can also find a lot of Obsidian blocks in the End dimension. They’re spawned at part of the Obsidian pillars around the spawn area of the Ender Dragon.

obsidian pillars

Obsidian can also be found in looted chests in Bastion Remnants, Nether Fortresses, Ruined Portals, and Villages. They have a medium chance to contain 1-7x Obsidian.

obsidian in chest

#2 Collect 2x Diamond

Diamond is usually obtained by mining Diamond ores or Deepslate Diamond ores in Minecraft. Each ore will give you 1x Diamond, and up to 4x Diamond if you have a Fortune III pickaxe.

diamond ores

Diamond can also be found in most Minecraft structures. They have a variety of chances to contain 1-7x Diamonds.

diamond in chest

If you have 1x Block of Diamond, put it in the crafting grid to get 9x Diamond.

craft diamond

#3 Collect 1x Book

Book can be crafted by using 3x Paper and 1x Leather. You don’t need a crafting table for this crafting recipe.

craft book

You can also find books in looted chests in Shipwrecks, Strongholds, and Villages. They have a medium chance to contain 1-5x Book.

#4 Finish off crafting an Enchanting Table

When you have 4x Obsidian, 2x Diamond, and 1x Book, right-click a Crafting Table and put the Book in the top middle grid. Then put 1x Obsidian in the center grid and 2x Diamond next to it, then fill the bottom row with 3x Obsidian to craft 1x Enchanting Table.

craft enchanting table

What is the give command to get an Enchanting Table?

The command to give yourself an Enchanting Table is: /give @p enchanting_table 1

Congratulation on your Enchanting Table!

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