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How To Make Black Balloon In Minecraft

How about some crazy balloon fun? Here are some easy steps on how to make black balloons with 3 simple steps.
How To Make Black Balloon In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make a black balloon

To make a black balloon in Minecraft, you have to place 3x latex on the left and right columns of the crafting table. In the middle column, you should place 1x inc sac/black dye. In the 2nd box, there should be Helium and the third box should contain lead. The whole process will get you a black balloon on the right side of the crafting table.

  • 6x latex
  • 1x Inc sac/ black dye
  • 1x Helium
  • 1x Lead
  • 1x crafting table.

How to craft a black balloon

#1 Open Crafting Table 

First, go to the crafting table and open it with a right-click. You will have a 3x3 crafting table as you can see in the picture below. 

Please make sure you have enough material to kick start the process before proceeding. You have to go to the compound creator and mix 5 carbons and 8 hydrogens to get latex. For a black dye, you use an ink sac. Do not forget to get Lead too. Once you get these materials, you can proceed further.

#2 Place Material on the Crafting table

Now, on the left and right columns, you should place 3x latex. For the middle column, place 1x black dye on the first box, Helium on the 2nd box, and 1x lead on the 3rd box of the 3x3 crafting table as shown in the picture below.

Do not displace the items as this is the Minecraft recipe and we can't alter it. Displacement won't get you desired results.

#3 Move black balloon Into Inventory

To use these black balloons you have to just drag and drop them into your inventory and you are good to use them on your fences or mobs. 

If you tie the black balloon with a mob the mob along with the black balloon flies away but for fences, they stick to it.

What is the give command to get a black balloon?

This black balloon is not available in survival mode and command.
We hope you liked the guide. You can explore to know what other things you can make within Minecraft. In addition, we have guides on how to make blue balloons.

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