How To Make Nether Brick Wall In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to build with a wall like the one in the Nether Fortress? In this article, we'll show you how to craft Nether Brick Wall in Minecraft!
How To Make Nether Brick Wall In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Nether Brick Wall

Nether Brick Wall is one of the wall blocks in Minecraft that can be crafted by using the Nether Brick Wall, the most common block in the Nether Fortress. To craft Nether Brick Wall is quite simple, but it’s a long journey.

  • 6x Nether Bricks
  • 1x Crafting Table

How to craft Nether Brick Wall in Minecraft


Collect 6x Nether Bricks

Nether Bricks are the main blocks of the Nether Fortress structure. The only difficult part is to locate the Fortress. But once you find it, you can collect a large number of Nether Bricks in one place.

nether fortress

You can craft Nether Bricks by placing 4x Nether Brick in the crafting grid. They yield 1x Nether Bricks.

nether bricks

And you can get Nether Brich by smelting 1x Netherrack in the furnace, or by trading with the Piglins. They usually sell 2-8x Nether Brick for 1x Gold Ingot.

smelt netherrack


Collect 1x Crafting Table

You can craft 1x Crafting Table by using 4x Planks of any wood type. Just place them in a cube shape in the crafting grid.

crafting table


Finish off crafting a Nether Brick Wall

When you have 6x Nether Bricks and 1x Crafting Table, place the table down and right-click it, then place 6x Nether Bricks in two lines near each other to craft 6x Nether Brick Wall.

craft nether brick wall

Another way to get Nether Brick Wall is to use the Stonecutter, they will give you 1x Nether Brick Wall for 1x Nether Bricks.

cut nether brick wall

What is the give command to get a Nether Brick Wall?

The command to give yourself a Nether Brick Wall is: /give @p nether_brick_wall 1

Now you have Nether Brick Wall, let’s build them around the Fortress so you don’t accidentally fall off to the lava!

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