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Best Pixel Art Ideas for Minecraft

Pixel art goes beyond simple graphs. Let's take a look at some Minecraft pixel art ideas!

Published on Oct 27, 2022
Best Pixel Art Ideas for Minecraft

Creating Minecraft pixel art is fun for everyone. There have been artists who download Minecraft to express creative ideas, only with Minecraft blocks! Below we have put together some of the best Minecraft pixel art ideas that are fun and simple designs for everyone to enjoy. Let's take a look!

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Master Chief

There are many fantastic tutorials and art piece ideas from JBrosGaming, one of which is the Master Chief pixel art video tutorial! This brings in many different gaming and art fans from all over the spectrum. to create pixel art in a Minecraft world of Mr. 117 himself would be an honor for any Halo series fan!

minecraft pixel art

This Minecraft pixel art is created to the original image of Master Chief from the Halo Series holding a Covenant Energy Sword in his left hand, giving it a bit more color to explore beyond the black blocks and brown wool. This one may take some time though, so some may prefer it to be made in creative mode. The Master Chief pixel art tutorial is also available to help get you to start building!

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Another iconic hero within the video tutorials of JBrosGaming would have to be Deadpool. A similar construction to Master Chief but of course, different colors, Minecraft blocks, and inspiration! Whether in creative or survival mode this Minecraft pixel art is great for any of you Deadpool fans who want something simple and easily constructed.

deadpool minecraft art

All of the blocks are made of wool which is easy for those in creative mode but a little bit harder if you are building in survival. Deadpool is an awesome addition to Minecraft pixel art ideas and starting here will make pixel artists in no time. There is also a Deadpool Minecraft pixel art video tutorial to follow easy steps to complete this art piece.

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Great Minecraft pixel art ideas come from great art shows. Naruto is one of them. This Naruto video tutorial takes us through an awesome pixel art idea that can be easily done by Minecraft players. Creating pixel art from anime is actually quite simple. With Naruto, this is no question a MUST to create.

minecraft naruto

All the blocks to create Naruto into pixel art are simply wool blocks with yellow wool, black, orange, blue, and so on. Making this a very simple and fun design for any beginner programmer with Minecraft blocks. The Naruto video tutorial is extremely easy to follow as well. Only requires time, Minecraft, and inspiration!

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Pixel Art that is a must to create in Minecraft is Pikachu! An original image from a famous and loved character has made a perfect structure to create pixel art from Minecraft blocks. Out of all of the Minecraft pixel art ideas, this is definitely a must! All of the Minecraft blocks are easy to use as it is a simple designs with careful planning.

pikatchu minecraft

Creative Mode is a great place to make this pixel art which has the necessary resources to create Pikachu. Who else would love to add this to their Minecraft pixel art collection? If you need some practice before heading into the Minecraft pixel art realm, there are plenty of Minecraft pixel art templates you could follow as well to have a better idea of how to build a better Pikachu!

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Baby Yoda

Getting into the Star Wars Minecraft pixel art ideas comes of course the one everyone wants to build, Baby Yoda. More formally known as the Mandalorian's Grogu, the character's appearance always gives Minecraft players a reason to start building pixel art! Baby Yoda is not super easy to build, so this could be a challenge if Minecraft is your first game to try. As mentioned earlier, there are many tutorials that could help with building this structure.

baby yoda minecraft

This Minecraft pixel art is created from a Minecraft block that is green wool and brown wool. The Baby Yoda video tutorial covers more of the details and creative ideas for Minecraft pixel art ideas. Along with this, we have also covered 8 of the best Minecraft modpacks that could help enhance your Minecraft experience while building! Be sure to check that out!

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Boba Fett

Star Wars pixel art ideas are always a yes to any Minecraft builder. Boba Fett is another classic build that is fun and full of many different colors to enjoy creating in any Minecraft world in creative mode or even survival if you want to show off your skills!

boba fett pixel art

The Boba Fett video tutorial is extremely easy to follow, while being in a Minecraft world make sure to follow each step. Minecraft pixel art ideas can be found form anywhere, and if you have an idea but only have a stock imagination, don't worry! Minecraft pixel art ideas like Boba Fett are not easy, but this Star Wars character could really get you rolling into creating pixel art in a fun exciting way.

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Among Us

Among Us is an extremely easy build for anyone creating Minecraft pixel art. You probably do not even need a creative mode to pick this one up. Online tools are not really needed here, as the build is with only a few colors and simple shapes.

among us minecraft

Among Us crew members are similarly shaped like ghosts, giving them that simple circular appeal. Along with really simple designs on the faces and legs/arms. This is a must for any Minecraft pixel art lover who wants to add more to the collection!

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Spongebob Bird Meme

What is a Minecraft pixel art gallery without the creation of a meme? The Spongebob Bird Meme is perfect for any trollers who are into pixel art and Minecraft. Or just into making fun of other players.

spongebob minecraft

This may be a difficult one for beginners and is highly recommended to try this Minecraft pixel art on a template first.

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Friday the 13th (Jason)

For all of the horror fans out there, this one is for you! Minecraft pixel art doesn't just go to the rainbows and unicorns, Jason from Friday the 13th is an awesome pick for anyone looking to spook some of their friends with their creativity.

jason minecraft

This design is extremely difficult due to the strange unnatural nature that Minecraft pixel art gives to a realistic original image. In your spare time, using graphing paper could spark some inspiration and explore different ways to create the image of Jason. Or you could follow the Friday the 13th Minecraft pixel art tutorial.

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Genji (Overwatch)

Finally, we will end with a fun game character many have loved known as Genji. Genji is a character who is seen in the first Overwatch game. He is a fantastic option to add to your Minecraft pixel art ideas whether or not you are a big Genji fan.

Genji Minecraft pixel

Genji is great practice for those trying to get more details and serious in their Minecraft pixel art creativity, or if you are just looking to improve your pixel art in general. Overall, Minecraft Pixel Art is a fun alternative to the average pixel art ideas. It can even improve your pixel art capabilities, regardless of if it is Minecraft pixel art or simply computer pixels.

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