How To Make Brown Wool In Minecraft

Want to craft a Brown Wool and don't know the recipe yet? In this article, we will help you to craft one!
How To Make Brown Wool In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Brown Wool

Brown Wool is a brown color version of normal White Wool in Minecraft. It can be used for both decoration and building purposes. You can also use Brown Wool in many recipes like beds and banners. To craft a Brown Wool, you just need White Wool and one Brown Dye.

  • 1x White Wool
  • 1x Brown Dye

How to craft Brown Wool in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x White Wool

If you kill enough Spiders and have at least 4x String, put it in the crafting grid to craft 1x White Wool.

craft white wool

You can use Shears on a White Sheep to get 1-3x White Wool. If you decided to kill it, you can only get 1x White Wool.

shear white sheep

You can find White Wool generated naturally in most Minecraft structures like villages, woodland mansions, and pillager outposts.

pillager outpost with white wool

#2 Collect 1x Brown Dye

First, you need to find one of the rarest biomes in Minecraft, Jungle, and its variation biomes. Then look for a brown fruit on the jungle trees. They’re called Cocoa Beans.

craft brown dye

When you have 1x Cocoa Beans, press E and put it in the crafting grid to get 1x Brown Dye.

#3 Finish off crafting a Brown Wool

When you have 1x White Wool and 1x Brown Dye, press E to open your inventory and put them together to craft 1x Brown Wool.

craft brown wool

What is the give command to get a Brown Wool?

The command to give yourself a Brown Wool is: /give @p brown_wool 1

Congratulation on your Brown Wool!

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