How To Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft

Waiting for a Minecraft tree sapling to grow will take ages if you wait. Below we put together how you can make trees grow faster!

Updated on Nov 15, 2023
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How To Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft

A tree farm is needed for any survival base or for someone looking to add more wood to their inventory, especially to make a wooden sword (or make a big treehouse!). Although, trees can take a bit of time to grow, as they grow through a growing cycle. So how can we make trees grow faster in Minecraft? Below we have put together everything you need to know about which trees grow faster, along with tools to use to make the process easy and efficient.

How to Make Trees Grow Faster in Minecraft

Two make trees grow faster, you have to first make sure you have one very important ingredient, bone meal. Bone meal is usually crafted from skeleton bones on a crafting table. Once you have a few stacks, let's start with the first step!

  1. Collect the tree sapling of your choice, and place it on a grassy block, away from infrastructure (about 2-3 blocks apart).


  1. As you are close to the tree sapling, take the bone meal and right-click on the tree. You should see green stars flying around the sapling if done correctly.


  1. Continue feeding bone meal to the tree until it fully grows in a fully matured tree.


Depending on the size of tree you are wanting, may depend on how much bone meal you will need to use to grow it into maturity.

Fastest Growing Trees in Minecraft

Some trees in Minecraft are easier to grow than others, depending on their origin. Lets take a look at some of the easiest and fastest trees to grow, making them the most efficient for you and your tree farm.

Growing Oak Trees

Oak trees are known to be the most common tree in Minecraft, along with being the easiest to grow for farmers. Not only are they easy to harvest saplings, but they are able to be planted right next to each other, while most other trees need more space (3-4 blocks). An oak tree can either grow small, making them easy to harvest or grow extremely large. This gives more wood and better quantity overall!


Dark Oak Trees though unfortunately is not as easy to grow and could become tedious. Make sure you are planting the correct tree sapling before using any bone meal for faster results. Oak trees give the most saplings back after destruction, making them easier to farm the fastest.

Growing Birch Trees

Birch trees are the fastest tree to grow, but unlike dark oak saplings or oak tree saplings, they do not drop as often. Although, they are a great alternative to oak tree, and of course, grow extremely fast!


Make sure when you are planting a birch sapling, you play each sapling two blocks apart from each other to grow. Otherwise, you can add bone meal for eternity and only grow one from everything. Overall, make sure to avoid trying to grow jungle trees or spruce trees. These are not good to farm, unless you need them for a specific build. They take much more bone meal, and thus much more time to grow, making them not the fastest tree for growing in Minecraft.

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