The Best Tree House Ideas In Minecraft

Take a look at this collection of best treehouse ideas.
The Best Tree House Ideas In Minecraft

Building in Minecraft takes time and planning, and while some players love to spend countless hours building, the Minecraft community at large tends to provide the ideas.

These Minecraft treehouse ideas are all different, usually based on general location or biome type and are suitable for those looking for a simple treehouse improved with clever block placement, to those looking to develop and improve new building skills by taking on a massive project.


Fairy Treehouse And Bridge - LubovLC

The first of the Minecraft treehouse ideas is built in a beautiful forest. This aesthetically pleasing home looks like a vision straight out of a fairytale.

While quite expensive to build, requiring 850 birch planks (or any wood you like, such as dark oak) and 395 stone blocks to start, the use of lanterns and potions really brings the magic to life, and puts an interesting twist on the perfect fairy fantasy.

Cottage core elements abound in this build, and the addition of soft lighting makes this beautiful home look stunning at any light level.

We have included a link below to a video tutorial for this Minecraft treehouse.

<full-button> FAIRY TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>


Tree Base - Derezero

Hanging lanterns give this gigantic tree house an ethereal feel, despite its truly massive size. The tree citadel has complete storage (including a library and enchanting table), large windows and a stunningly natural feel, making it one of the best Minecraft treehouse ideas.

Tellingly influenced by things like magic and mystery, this Minecraft treehouse can be built with dark oak or other wood blocks, blending into the existing tree and the trees nearby.

A video tutorial for this Minecraft treehouse idea is below.

<full-button> TREE BASE TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>


Nether Treehouse - TheMythicalSausage

The next Minecraft treehouse idea is dangerous, dark and decidedly alluring, as to build a treehouse in the Nether is no mean feat.

A ‘treehouse’ built from the ground up then is an interesting building idea for the perfect treehouse in the realm of fire, using nether bricks and redstone to create a towering spectacle the size of an entire tree to terrify the denizens of the deep.

Trying to build a treehouse in survival mode while in the Nether will be a difficult task, but there's nothing stopping you playing with friends to build the perfect tree house base for your nether adventures.

This Minecraft treehouse has a link to a full video tutorial below.

<full-button> NETHER TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>


Modern Look Treehouse - 6tenstudio

The fact that this Minecraft treehouse has an elevator says everything you need to know about this ultra-modern build.

Classic white concrete and glass blocks dominate the tree, forming a sleek, completely unnatural treehouse that wouldn't look out of place in Hollywood.

This modern house also features a rooftop garden (complete with spaces for a spruce sapling) meaning it’s not a simple treehouse, but placed next to an ocean shore filled with tropical fish would make it one of the most impressive base builds possible in the Minecraft world.

A link to a useful video tutorial of this treehouse is below.

<full-button> MODERN TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>


Natural Blended Treehouse - Don4lex

The last of the Minecraft treehouse ideas is built deep in a jungle biome.

Using jungle wood, barrels and brown carpets, this jungle treehouse creates a truly breathtaking natural abode.

Ready to serve as a jungle tree base of operations, this natural wonder blends into the jungle trees seamlessly to create something special in any of the game’s jungle biomes.

This beautiful tree house has a video tutorial which we’ve linked below.

<full-button> NATURAL TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>


Towering Spruce Treehouse - Spudetti

This stunning tree house not only builds the enormous tree mansion itself, but also builds the entire tree.

The building area for this tree house is immense, so make sure you begin with enough materials and crafting equipment (this may be too much to build in survival mode all at once).

Lanterns and towers elevate this treehouse further, with the tallest windows giving you an amazing view of your Minecraft world.

A video tutorial on youtube of this tree house build is linked below.

<full-button> SPRUCE TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>


Easy Jungle Treehouse - Mr Mirror

This simple Minecraft treehouse is deceptively plain. A rounded design and pretty balcony give this tree house a very traditional look, complementing the thick jungle around it.

The height of this tree house is flexible so it could theoretically be built on the ground for easy access, or make use of a clever redstone elevator for the height and view you desire.

A link to a full ‘how-to’ video is below.

<full-button> EASY JUNGLE TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>


A Bit Of Everything Treehouse - BlueBits

This tree house is both simple and incredibly impressive. At first glance you may think the small farm below, the storage cube connected by a bridge and chains or the lantern lit canopy are the tree house’s most impressive attributes.

But, on closer inspection you’ll realize the whole tree is carefully crafted to look so natural, its barely able to be distinguished from a real one. The door to this fantastic tree house is in the center of the building, so you'll be sure to be impressed with this beautiful, simple tree house.

<full-button> EVERYTHING TREE HOUSE TUTORIAL<full-button>

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