The 3 Best Minecraft Skin Editors

Minecraft is known for not only the ability to create and build anything they put their mind to, but also for the ability to create and customize their skin to suit their personal preferences or wants. This article will go over three fantastic, free to use, skin editors that offer a different way to customize your skin!Recommended: how to turn an image into a minecraft skin

Preferred Choice: Nova Skin Editor

The Nova skin editor offers not only an excellent looking interface with the ability to look up another player’s skin by just typing in the sidebar but also a comprehensive way to customize that skin. The ability to look up the skin quickly and efficiently means that you won’t have to save your skin after editing it; instead, users can look up their in-game skin and edit from there. This way allows users to load their skin either as a base or an overlay to your current skin.

Layer Shift Feature

One feature that the Nova Skin editor offers that the other two skin editors on this list don’t offer is the layer color shifter. This is located at the top of the layer bar, and when moving the color wheel, the layer selected will go through a color shift allowing for an easy changing of skin color without having to click more than a single button.

The Wear Tab Feature

Another feature that is unique to the Nova Skin is the wear tab where you can new items onto your character without having to draw them out yourself. Instead, just look for the clothing that you want to add and click add to overlay. This allows users to easily add and change their clothes through different overlays, and with the ability to have more than one layer visible.Nova skin editor allows users to edit more than just the base layer of the skin; instead, they can also edit the overlay layer as well, allowing users to create more complex and magnificent skins for their characters easily!While those features do make the Nova Skin editor a perfect choice for creating your next Minecraft skin, the Nova Skin editor’s UI/menu setup has a very cramped feeling, and this often leads to clicking the wrong item.

Downsides to Nova Skin Editor

Another major downside to this skin editor how users have to select a way to edit just the overlay. This is a major headache for most skin creators, but the other features significantly make up for this lackluster overlay design. Creators can easily apply this skin to their Minecraft play by just clicking a single button.The features and ability make this skin editor the preferred choice for us.

Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin Editor

The Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin editor is an excellent alternative to the Nova Skin editor. This skin editor has a better menu style when compared to the Nova Skin editor but has fewer features when compared.Even without the wear tab that is only present on Nova Skin, The skin editor offers a good amount of flexibility for customization. This skin editor allows creators to easily and efficiently create skins in a very easy to understand.This skin editor offers a better way to edit the skin overlay than the Nova Skin editor, but without the ability to look a character’s skin by just their username is a missing feature that many skin creators require.The Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin editor doesn’t feature the ability to change the background that skin is in; instead, the skin is stuck in a flat grass block and a simple blue sky. This makes it, so the skin looks like its in a Minecraft world but not enough in Minecraft world to really feel like a part of it.

Less cluttered User Interface

The pros of the Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin editor are the easy user interface/menus allowing new users to learn the layout without feeling cramped easily. The brush menu is fantastic, allowing users to easily and efficiently pick the exact color they want from the color wheel. In addition to the color wheel, the brush menu also features an opacity meter, allowing for “lighter” coloring and even more options when exploring!

Dual Skin View, Both 2D and 3D views

One feature that is unique to this skin editor is the ability to not only look at either the 3D applied version of the skin, but also the 2D version at the same time! This combined view shows the user what they are changing on the 2D version at any moment and in what section each part is.The reason that this skin editor isn’t the preferred choice is the fact that users aren’t able to look up skins by simply knowing a Minecraft username. The lack of this feature means that users will have to look elsewhere to download a skin that they want to download if they were playing on a multiplayer server.

Miners Need Cool Shoes

The Miners Need Cool Shoes may not seem like a Minecraft skin editor, but it may be one of the oldest skin editors currently available for Minecraft. The layout and design of the website does start to show it’s age a bit, but overall it still works and doesn’t feel cramped at all.This skin editor doesn’t offer a way to change the background from the default grid background. But even with the standard background, the brush option allows the user to create their skin easily. The brush color option does seem a bit different from conventional color wheels by having four different bars that all change the color fairly significantly from the black level, the white level, and the overall color itself.

Import a Skin by Just Knowing the Username

One perk of this skin editor is the return of being able to import a user’s skin by just knowing their Minecraft username. This skin editor still required the user to manually may any overlay changes as when you pick a new Minecraft skin, you cannot combine them with an easy of a button.

Large Skin Database

Another perk of using Miners Need Cool Shoes is the fact that they have a large number of skins to load into the editor easily and edit to fit your style and preference. Sadly, this skin editor doesn’t offer the ability to easily apply this skin to your Minecraft character meaning users will have to download the skin then apply it through

Want to Skip the Hassle?

Some users know exactly the skin that they want but want to skip the hassle of creating the skin themselves, then hiring someone from a website like Fiverr may just be a perfect choice.

Ease of Buying

The ease of ordering these skins ensures that no matter your technical understanding, just clicking a button and filling out exactly the type of skin that you want. This can range from just a brief description to a full description of exactly the type of skin that you want.

Low Cost For a Game

Most Minecraft Skin creators have an incredibly low cost, usually ranging from $5 to even $10 for one skin. This low cost makes buying a skin a perfect investment as most will be playing Minecraft for hours, so a $5 skin is a small amount of money for the hours of enjoyment!

#1 Service

One Fiverr listing has the cost ranging from $10 to $15 for single skin, and for two skins, it would cost $30. The one-day delivery makes this listing perfect when the player needs a new skin fast but also still need great quality skin!

#2 Service

The second Fiverr listing does offer a cheaper alternative but has a two-day delivery time meaning the creator has more time to create this skin to your specifications. This Fiverr listing has a variety of different tiers that allow for more than one skin to be bought through just a single transaction.

#3 Service

The Final Fiverr listing is a bit different from the previous, too, and instead of creating a Minecraft skin for you, this Fiverr listing will have the creator draw your Minecraft skin in either line art, flat color, or in full color.