50 Best White Skins in Minecraft

The color white is a fundamentally basic color, white color is lack of all color but that doesn’t mean that skins that utilize this color lack creativity. In fact, it's the complete opposite, Minecraft skins that utilize the white color primarily need to be more creative or more textured when compared to other skins that may feature a wide array of colors. These skins range from semi-simplistic design to very complex and most likely took hours to finish and upload.Recommended: How to convert a picture into a minecraft skin


This skin is similar to a simplistic design by having just two main colors throughout, but the two colors are the black used for the eyes and the white used for the rest of the skin. The white is textured similar to fur rather than just having it be a plain color and makes me think that this is some type of suit for the extreme cold.

Rose White Boy

Looking posh and trendy, this skin features not only the classic white shirt and a singular red line on the right arm. That line isn’t the only dash of color in this skin, the red rose and the red shoes keeps this skin looking trendy and fantastic when compared to the previous skin on this list.

Red White Pro

He’s a king, he’s a Minecraft Pro! The simple red and white coloring are accentuated by the shading and the boxing around each section of the Minecraft body. The simple face and sunglasses makes it seem like this skin is saying “Deal with it.” The crown shows how regal this player really is! Or which player he stole the crown from!

White Gold Boy

Rose White Boy may have been posh, while the White Gold skin is infinitely more posh when compared. The white clothes and white hair alongside the golden eyes and the golden flower shows just how much more money this posh boy has. The shading in the skin is also fantastic and lets the player know where the main body of the skin is while the arms also features extensive shading.

Black and White Thing

Looking for a skin that may not show off a posh boy skin, but this skin is a monster. Featuring a large singular eye which seemingly never blinks. The track suit has a primarily white design and a semi-black hoodie and hood that hides the eye if it doesn’t want to be seen by anyone.


Looking for a nice and airy design? Then this skin looks fantastic with the yellow and the white colors keep the skin feeling happy and light when compared to other darker skins that are listed on this list. The simple yellow coloring is perfect for the springtime or even for the summer!

White Hair Girl

The White Hair girl is a perfect skin for any person looking for a bright skin which isn’t as bright as the Moobloom skin. The pants break from the standard white design instead featuring the orange and red coloring offering a good contrast to the white hair and lighter skins.

Mr. Clock

Tick tock, tick tock I am a clock. I tell you want time and how much time is left, use me to see the time. The head is a simple clock face with the rest of the body being completely just lines. The back of the head features the other side of the clock face. The body features an hourglass and a wrist watch which is located on the back of the skin.

Smile 2 v4

Smile two is a skin that is haunting to look to it. The upside down face which has blood dripping makes this skin very haunting overall. The upside down crucifix is also incredibly concerning when compared to other, more common Minecraft skins. The simple black design of the suit may be ruined by the blonde dripping down from the head itself.

Obito White Mask

Watch out he’s trying to start the infinite dream jutsu! Someone needs to stop him now before he can take the nine-tailed fox from Naruto! The purple keeps the white the mask on full display, the grey lines in his mask give it a lot of texture. The pants and the shoes are perfect contrast when compared to the purple and white mask.


Execute Order 66! The Chancellor has executed Order 66, Kill the Jedi! The Jedi are fighting back, Kill all the Jedi!! Become a StormTrooper to fight for the Chancellor and kill all the Jedi. The design and the detail shown in this Stormtrooper skin looks fantastic!

Halo 3 Recon

Looking at another uniform that is beloved by all the Halo 3 Recon armor! Famous from the game Halo 3! The orange visor allows users to easily see all the important cortana and your own digital assistant, sadly this skin doesn’t give that to you that special edition.


The Lightness of this skin makes this girl seem light and fragile, when in actuality this skin might be a ruse for a much experienced Minecraft player. The light colors mixed with the white color which is very prevalent throughout this fantastic skin! The right side of the skin features a white boot while the left side features a blue boot.


Want a good looking girl Minecraft skin, the slightly lowered hoodie and the silver and white fox tail makes this a perfect skin for any Minecraft player! The white hoodie is hanging off the left shoulder and is barely being held on the other shoulder! The light blue eyes and the blond hair makes this skin look fantastic!

Mein Personal Character

Looking for an amazingly detailed character while keeping a personal design overall, the Mein Personal Character may just be the perfect skin for you! The large amount of detail in the hair and the clothes which have a lot of design as well as a fair amount of shading in the hair and the clothes. The creator has asked that people do not edit then reupload this skin.

Smile 2 v5

Was the previous version of this skin too bloody for you? I get it, TRUST ME! But this skin has noticeably less blood, and his head is actually the right way around and has only a bit of blood on the body itself. The rest of the design is a very simplistic design having a black and a white side.

White Camo

The White Camo skin is perfect for hiding out in a winter wonderland and trying to hide away from enemies or animals. This skin can also just be a fantastic design choice as the white camo is incredibly well done and textured amazingly. The black hair also looks great in contrast to the white overall color of the camo.

Priest Minecraft Robes

With the rise of virtual ceremonies on the rise, this Minecraft Catholic Robes skin is a perfect choice for any priest offering a different type of wedding ceremony. The white coloring and the simple hair style is perfect for any priest in a Minecraft world!

Ice Bear

Is that a bear? Is that a polar bear roaming around on two legs, rather than on four legs? The textures shown in this skin looks fantastic and users can even see the polar bear’s head right about the person’s head. The player’s head doesn’t feature a lack in texturing at all, the hair being light brown coloring and the dark brown eyes keep this skin looking fantastic overall.

Black and White

The black and white design offers a weird design when compared to the other skins on this list. The design features a black and white design which predominantly features white lines on the seemingly black base design. The red eyes make this skin look terrifying when it looks at you from inside the cave.


The white coloring is seemingly taking over the black coloring which has encroached onto the rest of the skin. The red eyes glow with the anger that he feels towards the rest of his Minecraft world. The L on his chest means he is willing to be the Loser of the battle if he is able to win the war!


Want a skin to show off your Polish pride? This skin represents Poland’s flag and its very simplistic design features just a simple white coloring on the top half of the skin and a red coloring on the bottom of the skin. There is no shading or coloring on this skin at all.

Black and White Dress

Is she going to a monochrome party? Where the people can only wear the colors white and black, if that is the case then this skin is perfect as not only is she wearing a black and white dress but also her hair and eyes all feature the black and white color design. The shoes she is wearing also feature the black and white colors.

Emo White Hoodie

The Emo White hoodie is perfect for roaming around your new Minecraft worlds which could even be a city server, where this skin would fit in very well! The simplistic design is accentuated by the large amount of shading throughout the entire skins. The shirt features a few simple designs while the black pants offer a good contrast to the rest of the white skin.

Deadpool White

I’m Back!! It’s been a while! Look we all know what skin is best here, It’s me, obviously. Wjhoa! What happened to my suit, why is it so white?! NO MY SUIT IS SUPPOSED TO BE RED not white, Red I tell you!! Look there are spots of red from my original suit… wait no that’s blood. You know because it smears!

Spider in a Suite PANDEMIC version

Is that spiderman?.... No, no it's not. How could anyone confuse this with spiderman?! Its very clearly just a spider in a suite with a face mask. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, once the pandemic is over I am sure the spider will take off the mask! The simple suit somehow allows the spider to stay on two legs when it normally uses six legs.

White Hoodie Blue Hair Girl

This skin may not offer some of the detail of the previous skins on this list, but the history of this skin is fantastic. The black hair and the white clothes look great and when compared some other simplistic skins on this list.

White and Black Bunny Mask

The white and black bunny mask isn’t actually being worn and is instead the bunny mask is printed onto the hoodie of the skin. Although the skin is wearing a black and white mask as seen by the strings that go all the way around the head and are tied there. The design looks great and tells us this skin is female due to the brown hair color.

Sweaty White Bear Skin

The Ice Bear skin may be a person in a bear suit but this skin is actually just a normal bear skin! This red headband along with the whtie coloring makes this skin perfect! The simple face alongside the simple coloring of the skin itself makes this skin look fantastic.

White Hair Suitman

The white hair alongside the white undershirt makes this suit look completely professional when compared to the Bear skin. The Red line in the hair offers some much needed color to the simple white coloring. The suit makes this skin look like you are ready for your business deals.

Wither Skeleton with a White Fade Hoodie

A skeleton which wears a hoodie, this hoodie does feature a nice fade from black to white coloring. The white color is throughout the entire skin, in the shoes the strings of the hoodie and the wrists of the hoodie.

Black and White skin

Unlike the last solely black and white skin, this one doesn’t feature a sinister design instead just a blank face which follows the black and white design. This skin features the center of the skin being the split between the black and white design.

Tuxedo Cat

The white cat which features a black coloring on the black of this skin while the white coloring is littered throughout the front of the skin. The face of this skin features a detailed cat face which has the pink nose and the pink ears as well.

Devil Horn Mask

This skin has a Devil Horn mask which has a solid white design with red horns along with the girl’s blonde hair. The blonde hair features a gradient design with the darker colored hair is located closer to the top of the head while the end of the hair is a significantly lighter color. The White mask matches the white shoes and the end of the sleeves.

John Wick

Want to be the best and the fantastic assassin, just make sure that you don't have a dog that will be killed in an accident. Which then leads to you coming out of retirement to kill an entire gang family to get revenge for your adorable puppy. The masks ensure that no matter how much carnage you cause, they won’t know who you are keeping your next puppy safe!

White Tiger Girl

Another less serious skin, which has been designed by the skin creator. This skin features the stereotypical girl gradient in the hair and the hoodie features a white tiger design with a black tiger tale and the black lines accentuate the tiger design.

Warrior Red and White

Ready to fight! The red and white warrior is onto the third iteration of the skin itself. The simple white and red design of the warrior looks fantastic, the red is littered throughout the skin in the eyes and the glowing red gem located on the top of the helmet.

Pandacorn (Purple and Blue)

The purple and blue coloring of the hair, eyes and the boots all keeps the skin looking anything else but dull. The panda part of the skin is the large white section with the panda ears keeping the theme of the panda throughout the skin.

White and Light Blue

The light blue and white coloring is layered throughout the skin, the simple eyes feature a darker shading and each section of the skin also features an outlined design. The dual color design is split right down the center of the Minecraft skin.

White Creeper

This white creeper color and design also predominantly feature the color of light red, The pale skin and the blindingly white coloring is all over the clothes of the skin with light red strings and a red chain. The back of the clothes featured a light red creeper design and the back of the skin features a letter K on the back of the head.

White Suit Red Hood

Batman’s old robin, Jason Todd, went out on his own as a vigilante which featured the rough fighting. This skin is the white version of the Red Hood, which looks fantastic! The black clothing below the white hoods, and the white shoulders.

White and Black Dress

The White and Black dress features a much less formal design and is more akin to a lighter colored summer dress. The flower crown also features a white and black flowers with the green stems wrapping around the character's head.

Starry Night Prom Dress

Last dress wasn’t designed to be used with the high-end parties, but the starry night prom dress is perfect for those fantastically nice parties. The white hair compliments the starry night dress perfectly. With this skin, the stars shall shine no matter the time of day or the weather itself.

White Hoodie, White Hair and Ripped Jeans Boy

This boy not only features a lot of white clothes but also has a scarf covering his mouth which is perfect during this pandemic. The white hair and the white hoodie makes this skin horrible for hide and seek but will show off your skills if you do happen to stay hidden during this time.

Blue and Ghostly Fire Person

The simple design is accentuated by the lighter blue fire which is shown on either arms and either legs. We can’t see the wizard’s face only seeing the shadow of the hoodi and the overall whiter color on the cloak.

Patriotic Crusader

For King and Country, We shall defend against all incoming invaders to protect our family! The white glowing eyes in the helmet which is further shown in the rest of the body and the lower half of the body.

Techno Crusader

While the Patriotic Crusader fights for king and country, this crusader fights against the anti-technology community. The Light blue coloring and the white coloring work perfectly together and makes this knight look futuristic.

Corrupted Light Rider

The Corrupted light rider features an inverted design with the left side having a white base and the right side having a black base. The design is interesting and looks fantastic overall. The only splash of color in this skin is the light blue visor makes this normally drab skin ideal for the light rider in you!

Netherblazerod Redstone Genius: Full Hood

The Netherblazerod Redstone Genius while there is no shading throughout any point in this skin and the brown hair with the white jacket looks fantastic. The skin is perfect for the redstone engineer that wants to show their expertise.

4th of July Skin

The 4th of July just came and passed recently and many are still playing with July 4th skins, and some should be playing with this fantastic skin! The red, white and blue coloring keeps this skin looking fantastic.Looking for a skin that utilizes the color white in a fantastic way? Then this list will give you a skin that you will find interesting, fantastic and one that you will want to equip yourself! These white skins are ideal for virtually any Minecraft player!