Best White Skins in Minecraft

There are plenty of themed Minecraft skins online, but which are the best ones with a predominantly white-colored theme?
Best White Skins in Minecraft

Minecraft skins come in many colors, but today we'll only focus on white Minecraft skins. 

Today we'll be covering the best white Minecraft skins out there, and we'll pick what we think are the best Minecraft skins in this category. 

Minecraft skins in general are very hard to pick, and this list will hopefully help you pick out your new Minecraft skin. 

We've also made articles on the best Black and Blue Minecraft skins if you're interested in similar content.



White Skin in Minecraft

This skin is similar to a simplistic design by having just two main colors throughout, but the two colors are the black used for the eyes and the white used for the rest of the skin.

The white is textured similar to fur rather than just having it be a plain color and makes me think that this is some type of suit for the extreme cold. This is one of the simplest white Minecraft skins on this list.


Rose White Boy

Rose White Boy Skin in Minecraft

Looking posh and trendy, this skin features not only the classic white shirt and a singular red line on the right arm. That line isn’t the only dash of color in this skin, the red rose and the red shoes keep this Minecraft skin looking trendy and fantastic when compared to the previous skin on this list.


White Gold Boy

White Gold Boy Skin in Minecraft

The White Gold skin is infinitely more posh. The white clothes and white hair alongside the golden eyes and the golden flower show just how much more money this posh boy has. The shading in the skin is also fantastic and lets the player know where the main body of this Minecraft skin is.


White Hair Girl

White Hair Girl Skin in Minecraft

The White Hair girl is as simple as any other skin designed around the white color, but it's still fashionable. The pants break from the standard white design instead featuring the orange and red coloring offering a good contrast to the white hair and lighter Minecraft skins.



Stormtrooper Skin in Minecraft

Execute Order 66! The Chancellor has executed Order 66, kill the Jedi!

What would Star Wars be without Stormtroopers? Become a StormTrooper to fight for the Chancellor and kill all the Jedi.

The design and the detail shown in this Stormtrooper Minecraft skin looks fantastic, and it gives Minecraft a Star Wars vibe!


Halo 3 Recon

Halo 3 Recon Skin in Minecraft

Looking at another uniform that is beloved by all - the Halo 3 Recon armor! Famous from the game Halo 3! Master Chief would be more than proud. Minecraft skins that reference another game always make for good additions to your Minecraft skins list.


Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson Skin in Minecraft

Who wouldn't like to be Homer Simpson for a day? Even if you don't like the Simpsons show, you have to admit that this Homer Simpson skin looks cool. This mention goes out to every Simpsons fan out there - download this skin and go play Minecraft with it.


White Camo

White Camo Skin in Minecraft

The White Camo skin is perfect for hiding out in a winter wonderland and trying to hide away from enemies or animals.

This skin can also just be a fantastic design choice as the white camo is incredibly well done and textured amazingly. The black hair also looks great in contrast to the white overall color of the camo.


Priest Minecraft Robes

Priest Robes Skin in Minecraft

With the rise of virtual ceremonies on the rise, this Minecraft Catholic Robes skin is a perfect choice for any priest offering a different type of wedding ceremony. The white coloring and the simple hairstyle are perfect for any priest in a Minecraft world!


Black and White Dress

Black and White Dress Skin in Minecraft

This Black and White Dress Minecraft skin is perfect because not only is she wearing a black and white dress , but her hair and eyes all feature the black and white color design. The shoes she is wearing also come in black and white colors, which is a nice touch.


Emo White Hoodie

Emo White Hoodie Skin in Minecraft

The Emo White hoodie is would be perfect for a server with a Minecraft city world. The simplistic design is accentuated by a large amount of shading throughout the entire skin.

The shirt features a few simple designs while the black pants offer a good contrast to the rest of the white skin.


Deadpool White

Deadpool White Minecraft Skin

I’m Back! It’s been a while! Look, we all know that marvel heroes make for the best Minecraft skins, and that's why we're going with Deadpool in white.

You have to admit that this Minecraft skin is as great as his original suit. Minecraft skins like these are rare to come by.


Spider in a Suit

Spider in a Suit Skin in Minecraft

It might not be Iron Man, nor technically Spider-Man, but this Minecraft skin does include a spider of sorts. It's very clearly just a spider in a suit with a face mask.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, once the pandemic is over I am sure the spider will take off the mask! Minecraft mobs have never looked so dashing!


White and Black Bunny Mask

White and Black Bunny Skin in Minecraft

Although this Minecraft skin is wearing a black and white mask, the design looks great and tells us this skin is female due to the brown hair color. You can never go wrong with a Minecraft skin like this.


Black and White skin

Black and White Skin in Minecraft

Unlike the last solely black and white skin, this one doesn’t feature a sinister design. Instead, it just comes with a blank face that follows the black and white design.


Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat Skin in Minecraft

Who doesn't love a cat that looks like she/he has a tuxedo on? This Minecraft skin is very cute and suits anyone who likes animals, especially cats. This skin seems like it would fit great in a Minecraft skins pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.


White Tiger Girl

White Tiger Girl Skin in Minecraft

Another less serious skin, which has been designed by the skin creator. This Minecraft skin features the stereotypical girl gradient in the hair and the hoodie features a white tiger design with a black tiger tale and the black lines accentuate the tiger design.


Warrior Red and White

Warrior Red and White Skin in Minecraft

Ready to fight! The red and white warrior is as lethal as he looks. The simple white and red design of the warrior looks fantastic. Red is littered throughout the skin, and the glowing red gem located on the top of the helmet completes this skin nicely.


White and Light Blue

White and Light Blue Skin in Minecraft

The simple eyes of this Minecraft skin feature a darker shading and each section of this skin also features an outlined design. The dual-color design is split right down the center of this Minecraft skin. It could easily be considered one of the simplest, yet maybe even best Minecraft skins.


White Creeper

White Creeper Skin in Minecraft

Minecraft mobs have always been one of the game's main attractions, with Creepers being the most popular ones. But this isn’t your conventional creeper mob after all. The back of the clothes feature a light red creeper design and the back of the skin features a letter K.


White and Black Dress

White and Black Dress Skin in Minecraft

The White and Black dress features a much less formal design and is more akin to a lighter-colored summer dress. The flower crown also features white and black flowers with green stems wrapping around the character's head. It's easily one of the best white Minecraft skins.


Starry Night Prom Dress

Starry Night Prom Dress Skin in Minecraft

The starry night prom dress Minecraft skin is perfect for parties of all kinds. The white hair compliments the starry night dress perfectly. With this skin, the stars shall shine no matter the time of day or the weather itself.


Patriotic Crusader

Patriotic Crusader Skin in Minecraft

For King and Country, we shall defend against all incoming invaders to protect our family! The Patriotic Crusader will have you overjoyed to represent your country. However, even if you're not interested in patriotism, this skin looks amazing.


Techno Crusader

Techno Crusader Skin in Minecraft

While the Patriotic Crusader fights for king and country, this crusader fights against the anti-technology community. The Light blue coloring and the white coloring work perfectly together and make this knight look futuristic.


Corrupted Light Rider

Corrupted Light Rider Skin in Minecraft

The Corrupted light rider features an inverted design with the left side having a white base and the right side having a black base. The design is interesting and looks fantastic overall. The only splash of color in this Minecraft skin is the light blue visor makes this normally drab skin ideal for the light rider in you!

There's not much else to say. We hope you've enjoyed our list of the best White Minecraft skins. As we mentioned in the beginning, we've done similar articles to this on other colors, but we'd like you to consider also checking out our list of the best boy and girl Minecraft skins.