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Best Pickup Lines For Minecraft

Want to conquer your crush’s heart with some unforgettable pick-up lines? Here we got all of them!
Best Pickup Lines For Minecraft

Cheesy pick up lines are always the best way to start a conversation or get the attention of the crowd. You can also make everyone laugh with your hilarious pickup lines. So, have you ever tried your Minecraft pickup line on anyone? If not, then let’s give it a try. Here we have collected the best pickup lines for Minecraft for every situation.

Sweet Minecraft Pickup Lines

  • Are you Creeper? because you’re explody and cute.
  • Hi pumpkin, I am the enderman.
  • Are you a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  • I don’t need a potion of love to fall for you.
  • If you were a block, you’d be quartz because you’re precious to me 
  • Don't munch on my cake! You're already quite delicious.
  • You could be my villager and I could be your farmer. 
  • Are you a tree? Because I want to carve my initials in you
  • I'd dig you no matter what dimension we're in.
  • I don't need diamonds to feel rich, I just need you.
  • Is it possible for us to hang out tonight? It'll just be me, you, and Minecraft.
  • You're the reason I logged back into Minecraft.
  • You could be my iron golem and I would still love you.

Flirty Minecraft Pickup Lines

  • Are you a block of mud? I am kind of slipping on you. 
  • Hi babe, let's teleport you to my place.
  • I think I left the portal open because you are not from this world.
  • Mushrooms are red, the sky is blue, you are hot as lava I can feel it too. 
  • Are you a magma cube? Because you are on fire.
  • If you're a fence, I'm not sure how to get over you.
  • You're the fieriest lava I've ever slipped into.
  • Do you enjoy love mode? Let's change to it and start breeding.
  • Are you a zombie? 'Cause, you just raised my interest.
  • Are you a slime? Because you’re slimy and sexy.
  • Are you an Iron Golem? 'Cause, you just made my heart skip a beat. 
  • My pickaxe is ready for you. All you have to do now is accept my offer to be my gold ore.
  • You must be a fantastic fisherman because I'm hooked.
  • I'm falling for you faster than an Enderman can teleport.
  • Lets change your spawn location to my bed. 
  • Be my Minecraft wolf, I have a big bone.

Funny Minecraft Pickup Lines

  • Are you obsidian? Because you're unbreakable.
  • You must be a Minecraft update because you fixed all my bugs.
  • Have I been lagging behind, or is your smile making time stand still?
  • What if we stacked our Minecraft beds on top of one another?
  • You must be from the nether. You're burning up the screen!
  • Let's go back to my house and I'll show you my biome.
  • Do you have bonemeal because you make me grow eight inches?
  • Do you want to be my Minecraft chest? I've got a lot of items for you.
  • I’m not a creeper, but I will creep up on you and give you a hug.
  • Are you a nether wart? Because I find you quite attractive.
  • Hello, pressure plate. You do make me aroused!
  • I have a dirt house for dirty work.

Affectionate Minecraft Pickup Lines

  • Hi babe let's play with my slime balls. 
  • I don’t like mining, but I can make you bedrock.
  • Are you a mud? Because I feel like a pig whenever I see you.
  • You are so hot, my diamond sword couldn’t mine you without melting. 
  • Don’t move, may the warden will wake up. 
  • Are you a chicken jockey? Because you definitely ride my coop. 
  • I'd be mining you all night long if you were ore!
  • Do you want me to check your fuel rod?
  • I'll bet you have a creeper in your pants right now. Is it aggressive?
  • What's up, girl? Do you wanna go strip mining?
  • Are you a slime? you made my piston so sticky.
  • Could you be my stove? I have some meat that I'd like to put in you.
  • Let's play Minecraft bed war in my bed.

Iconic Minecraft Pick Up Lines

  • I'm a sticky, smothering creeper with a deep and abiding love for you. I will pursue you until I burst into flame.
  • Are you a sign? Because I’d stop for you.
  • Do you live in a pixelated world? Because you’re a 10/10.
  • Your beauty is as flawless as a 512×512 texture pack.
  • You make my creeper go boom.
  • You light up my life like a Redstone torch in the dark.
  • You could say we have a 'mine' connection.
  • You're the bombshell that set off my TNT.
  • Do you have a Diamond Pickaxe? Because I'm as hard as Obsidian.
  • You are so breathtaking. I need a potion of breath.

Amazing Minecraft Pickup Lines

  • I'm as volatile as TNT. ... I go boom if you touch me.
  • Are you a dragon egg because you are unique.
  • I'll need a pickaxe to extract the diamond from your eyes.
  • I'm like a zombie, and you're the sun - you light me on fire.
  • You must be ice since I've been waiting to pick you up for a long time.
  • Damn, you mine fast!
  • Are you a Redstone repeater? 'Cause, you're electrifying!
  • You light up my life like a lava flow. 
  • Is your name 'Achievement Get'? Because you just unlocked me.

Cute Minecraft Pickup Lines

  • Are you an enderman? Because you just teleported to my heart.
  • If you name map, I wanna explore you. 
  • Are you a hacker? Because my heart has been hacked.
  • Are you from the mines? I discovered a treasure.
  • You make my heart skip a block.
  • I will be your enchanted diamond armor. 
  • Are you a book? Because I want to spend all day reading you.
  • You are like precious diamond ores. Every time I see you, my face glows with pleasure.  
  • Come visit me tonight. On the menu, there will be golden apples and roasted pork.
  • I don't need a diamond pickaxe to dig you.
  • You're a witch, and I'm under your spell.
  • You are the greatest mob grinder for me.
  • I'm enchanted by you.
  • Be my Minecraft ore, I will always keep you in my chest. 

Cheesy Minecraft Pick Up Lines

  • You must be an Enderman because you've stolen my heart.
  • I believe I'm sand because I'm falling for you.
  • You're so hot that I always carry a bucket of water with me when we're together because you might light me on fire!
  • I heard that Herobrine lost his eyes while searching for you.
  • Relax, my love, and allow me to dig for you.
  • Hey, I just got some bone meal. Is it possible to fertilize your wood with it?
  • My love for you is greater than my affection for Minecraft.
  • You must be made of copper and tellurium, 'cause you're CuTe.
  • No, I'm not dirt. I'm falling for you, so I'm gravel.
  • Are you a Nether Portal? 'Cause, you just took me to another level. 
  • Are you a slimeball? Because you make my piston sticky.
  • Hey Girl! Are u a tree farm? Because every time I see you I get wood.
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