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How To Reset Settings In Minecraft

Want reset your minecraft settings? Here is the step by step guide on how to do it properly.

Updated on Sep 22, 2022
How To Reset Settings In Minecraft

Like each game, you can manually se]t the Minecraft settings. But in case you have accidentally changed or disturbed the Minecraft settings and now want to retrieve them. There are simple methods to do so. Here we will guide you on how to reset Minecraft settings to default on various platforms. 

Reset Settings on Minecraft - Launcher

Java edition Minecraft is the most played Minecraft version around the globe. You can follow these simple steps. 

Step 1: Open Launcher

Go to the Windows search bar and type Minecraft. Once you see the Minecraft icon, click and launch it. 

Open Launcher

Step 2: Open Advance Settings

Once you have open the launcher, go to “Launch options” and click on “Advanced Settings”. You will see all the installed versions of your game e.g 1.18, 1.19, or optifine. Here you can add the default settings of the selected or new version. 

Open Advance Settings

Step 3: Game Directory

Select the previous game version of add the new to configure. Here select the game directory folder. You can also open minecraft folder from the “AppData” folder on your windows drive. 

Open Advance Settings

Step 4. Delete Options

Once you are in the game directory folder, search for the “Options note file”. Click on the file and permanently delete it and close the windows. 

Delete Options
Delete Options

Step 5: Test The Game

Once you are back on the Launcher’s screen, cancel the settings and go to the “News” section. Press “Play” to launch the game. Now once you are in the game, click on the ”Options”. Now click on the “Video settings”. All your videos settings are now on default. 

Test The Game

Reset Settings on Minecraft - Ingame

Besides the launcher settings, you can also reset the Minecraft in-game settings. Follow these simple steps.  

Step 1: Open Launcher

Search for Minecraft in Windows' search bar. Launch Minecraft by clicking on the icon. You can also open the game from the desktop. 

Open Launcher

Step 2: Ingame Settings

Once you have launched the game, go to the “Option” menu from the main screen. 

Once you are in the option, navigate to “Video Settings”. All the Minecraft settings are directly linked to video settings. That’s why you have to default these settings to bring back the original settings.

In the video settings, you can see various settings like render distance, smooth lightning, brightness, etc. These settings are often set as ultra or fancy. 

Now you have to click on the “Other” option to access the other settings. There you will find the reset video setting button. Click the button to default all the settings. 

Once you have defaulted the settings, confirm restarting and reopening the game settings.  

Reset Settings on Minecraft- AppData Folder

The direct App Data folder method also works for restarting your Minecraft. You just have to access the App Data directly to remove the option fie. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Launch Run

First go to Windows search bar and search for “Run”. Launch the run application. Now type %appdata% in the run to open Minecraft folder.

Step 2: Open AppData

Once you are in the app data folder. Look for the Minecraft folder and open it. Now search for the “options note file”. 

Step 3: Delete Options

Delete the “options note file” and other shader option files if you have shaders installed. Now run the Minecraft launcher and ensure that all the settings are now on default. 

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