Here's How to Easily Survive Bed Explosions in Minecraft

If you're wondering how to survive a bed explosion in Minecraft, don't worry. All you'll need is a highly resistant block to stop the bed explosion's damage!

Updated on Nov 29, 2023
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Here's How to Easily Survive Bed Explosions in Minecraft

How to Survive a Bed Explosion in Minecraft

First off let's briefly mention that beds explode only in the Nether and the End dimension! So if you're trying to use a bed in the overworld, it'll only make you sleep at night and set your world spawn point. Knowing that, craft a bed and get ready as here's how to survive a bed explosion in Minecraft:

  1. Go to the Nether or the End dimension
  2. Place the bed wherever you want to explode it on the ground
  3. Place a block right in front of the bed like obsidian with high blast resistance 
  4. Try to right-click the bed from behind the placed block at a maximum of 4-block distance

Minecraft How to Survive a Bed Explosion

You can place any block in front of the bed but know that they might get destroyed alongside the explosion and you might take in more damage. For example, if you use obsidian and right-click the bed directly behind the block, you'll take 2 hearts of damage. But if you stand directly behind wooden planks, you'll take in 3 hearts of damage!

The damage done varies on what armor and distance behind the placed block you have when you explore the bed. Surviving an exploding bed is pretty easy when you take into consideration they're one of the most powerful explosions in Minecraft. You can craft TNT and use it but know that exploding beds are much more powerful than TNT!

How to Use Bed Explosions to Find Ancient Debris

One of the main reasons you'll want to use a bed explosion in the Nether is to find ancient debris to craft netherite ingots. Much like the obsidian we mentioned above, ancient debris also doesn't explode by the impact of an exploding bed! So you can abandon strip mining, place a block in front of a bed, and explode it as we saw above to locate ancient debris at the coordinate of Y-level 15.

Minecraft Find Ancient Debris Using Exploding Beds

If you place other precious blocks like a crafting table to find some ancient debris while trying to use a bed explosion, be careful. The impact will break all other surrounding blocks that don't have much resistance.

How to Use Bed Explosions to Fight the End Dragon

Since bed explosions can be used in the End dimension as well, the best way is to explode beds to defeat the Ender Dragon! There's other stuff you need to know about the Ender Dragon like breaking its healing end crystals. But right after that here's how to survive bed explosions to beat the Ender Dragon:

  1. Get into the bedrock hole in the center
  2. Wait for the dragon to come to the bedrock hole
  3. Underneath the dragon's head, at the end of the bedrock wall place 2 cobblestone blocks
  4. Place a bed atop the cobblestone blocks and stand right next to them
  5. Right-click the bed to deal damage to the Ender Dragon

Minecraft Survive Bed Explosion While Beating Ender Dragon

This method works because you're technically behind a block underneath next to the bed. So be it in any instance, in a hole or high above the ground, know that there must be some kind of block separating you from direct contact with the bed!

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