Everything You Need To Know About Ender Dragon in Minecraft

If you want to find out more about Minecraft’s final boss - The Ender Dragon, then you must take a look at this article.
Everything You Need To Know About Ender Dragon in Minecraft

The Ender Dragon is one of Minecraft's most infamous mobs, and the final boss, the player, has to defeat to officially beat the game. However, the Ender Dragon is a really interesting mob when you take a deep look at it, so in today's article, we're exactly going to cover everything you need to know about in this Minecraft Ender Dragon guide!

Where does the Ender Dragon spawn in Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is one of the only mobs in the game which exclusively spawns in the End dimension and nowhere else. But, he's only capable of spawning on the main end island, which is the first thing you step on once you enter The End.

Once you kill the Ender Dragon, you can artificially summon him again, even without using creative commands, and you can find out how to do that further down in the article!

What can you get from a Minecraft Ender Dragon?

Ender Dragon in Minecraft has pretty good drops, which can definitely benefit the player even in the later part of the game. Killing the Ender Dragon is very beneficial, as its death will give you access to:

  • The Dragon Egg

  • Dragon's Breath

  • Large amounts of XP

  • End gateway

We will explain what and how each and every one of these benefits the player in the game.

How to get the Dragon Egg from the Ender Dragon?

The Dragon Egg is the rarest obtainable item in the entire Minecraft. In a Java Edition world, you can only get one while on Bedrock two, but it's still one of the most valuable items in Minecraft and a trophy that shows you finished the game.

To get it, all you need to do is:

  1. Kill the Ender Dragon

  2. Click on the egg, so it teleports

  3. Once on a mineable block, but a torch below the block

  4. Destroy the block, so the ender dragon egg falls directly on the torch

Then make sure to catch it because the dragon egg will drop as an item you can pick up.

How to get the dragon's breath from the Ender Dragon?

The dragon's breath is a brewing ingredient that's obtainable only when you fight the Ender Dragon in The End. That's because, during the ender dragon's breath attack during the fight, he'll fire his breath at the player or throw dragon fireballs which also cause the purple effect/breath.

Then to get the dragon's breath in a bottle, you just need to:

  1. Come right next to the purple effect/breath

  2. Right-click on it while holding an empty glass bottle in your hand.

And that's how you collect dragon's breath - it can be dangerous but worth it for sure! With this ingredient, you can make lingering potions, which can be useful for late game.

How to get experience points from the Ender Dragon?

When you kill the Ender Dragon for the first time in the game, he'll drop somewhere around 12000 experience points, which are enough to boost the player from the 0th to 68th level.

But, once you resummon him and kill him again, he'll just drop around 500 experience points which is a drastic decrease from the 12000.

How to unlock the End gateway?

The End gateway is probably the most beneficial outcome of defeating the Ender Dragon in Minecraft because, for those who don't know, the End gateway is another portal that spawns somewhere around the central island and automatically teleports you to the outer islands.

Outer islands are the other end islands separated from the central one, where you can find end ships, chorus fruit, and large end islands and landscapes. The most useful thing you can find is the elytra, one of Minecraft's crucial items for the end game.

How to resummon the Ender Dragon in Minecraft?

If you want to resummon the Ender Dragon to kill it again, all you need to do is follow these steps closely:

  1. Craft four end crystals

  2. Come to the End

  3. Locate the end portal to the Overworld

  4. Place all the end crystals like in the picture below

Once you do this, make sure to back off from the portal, so the crystals don't blow you up. They'll blow up almost all player-placed blocks next to the portal and the Dragon Egg if the player still hasn't moved it.

Is Ender Dragon hostile?

Ender Dragon is a naturally hostile mob. Ender Dragon spawns almost immediately once you enter the End dimension, and he'll make sure to attack you upon reaching the center island. You will know that you're close to the Ender Dragon if you see the purple boss bar above your screen.

Ender dragon's health is 200, which means he has 100 hearts. So it'll take more than a diamond sword if you want to kill him quickly and easily. But it's best to use ranged weapons because the Ender Dragon flies around the player to kill him much easier, and you must also deactivate all obsidian pillars, so he doesn't heal.

More Ender Dragon fun facts

  • Notch and Dinnerbone, the creator of Minecraft and a very important Minecraft developer, said a few years ago that the Ender Dragon's name is probably Jean.

  • Ender Dragon is actually a female, which is confirmed by its female name, and the ability to lay eggs.

  • Like Ender Dragons, Notch was planning to add "slightly less dangerous" red dragons, but they never saw the light of day.

  • You can find the Ender Dragon's head in end ships located in end cities.

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