4 Methods To Duplicate Items in Minecraft

Learn four methods to duplicate items in Minecraft, including using save files, the Task Manager, Alt+F4, and a multiplayer trading trick with villagers.

Updated on Dec 10, 2023
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4 Methods To Duplicate Items in Minecraft

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Duplicate Minecraft Items Through Save File

This duplication glitch is commonly used for copying enchanted tools, weapons, shulker boxes, and basic blocks like dirt. It's a handy trick for anyone who needs extra resources while building. 

This method is effective in both Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition, depending on your game settings. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Place Items In Inventory

First, place the items you want to duplicate into your hot bar or inventory. Ensure you have a maximum stack or full stack of the item. 

After placing the items, save and exit the entire game from the main menu.

Place Items In Inventory Minecraft

Step 2: Duplicate The Files

Now open the Run application from the Windows search bar and type “%appdata%” and hit enter. Once the AppData folder is opened, go to “.minecraft” then to the “saves” folder [appdata/.minecraft/saves].

Duplicate Files Minecraft

Here look for the “level.dat and level.dat_old” files. Duplicate both of these files in any other folder or create a separate folder for the files.

Step 3: Placing Items In Chest

This step is critical for duplicating items. After starting your game, place the items you want to duplicate into a chest

Remember not to use shulker boxes as a substitute for the chest. Once you've placed the items, save and exit the world, then exit the game from the main menu.

Next, copy the level.dat files and put these copies back into the “saves folder” of your world. 

When you run the game again, you will find the same item in both your inventory and the chest. 

Use the mouse wheel to scroll down and check. By following this method, you can create your own creative inventory.

Placing Items In Chest

Note: It's a good idea to make a backup of your save files by copying them into another folder. This can help reduce the risk of file damage during the process.

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Duplicate Minecraft Items Through Task Manager

The Task Manager method of duplication is popular among players with Not Patched Minecraft. 

This technique is somewhat effective in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but it works best in the Java Edition, depending on your game settings. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Placing The Items

Place the items into your inventory that you want to duplicate. Now turn off the “Pause on Lost Focus” by pressing F3+P until you saw the debug message in the chat menu. Now close the world and reopen it.

Placing The Items

As your world loads completely, remove the items from the inventory by pressing the “Q” asson while keeping the inventory open.

Step 2: Open The Task Manager

Now open quickly and access the task manager by pressing the “Ctrl+Shift+Escape” key. 

Once the task manager is opened, end the “Java(TM) Platform SE Binary” or “OpenJDK Platform Binary” tasks. This will close the game automatically.

Task Manager Minecraft

Then, just open Minecraft again and load the world. Once it is completely loaded, you will find the items on the ground and duplicated items in your inventory.

Step 1: Lost Focus Settings

Like the task manager, pause the Lost Focus mode by simply pressing the Ctrl+P keys until the debug message appears in the chat menu [pause on lost focus: Disabled].

Duplicate Minecraft Items Using Alt+F4 Method

This method is considered the best for patched Minecraft in survival mode. It is similar to the end task method but involves exiting the game directly

This method utilizes cookies and data from the old file to duplicate the new items. Here’s the step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Use Lost Focus Settings

Like with the Task Manager method, pause the Lost Focus mode by pressing Ctrl+P keys until you see the debug message '[pause on lost focus: Disabled]' appear in the chat menu.

Step 2: Put Items in Inventory

Now, drag the items you want to duplicate from the chest to your inventory.

Then close the world and save. Reopen the world and wait until it opens completely.

Put Items Into Inventory

Drop all the items from your inventory using the 'Q' key while keeping the inventory open. Do not close the inventory.

Step 3: Regenerating the Items

With your inventory empty, press 'Alt+F4' simultaneously to close Minecraft directly. 

After closing, check the Task Manager to ensure no Java binary file is running. If you find any related task still running, make sure to end the task.

Step 4: Collecting the Items

After closing all Minecraft-related tasks, relaunch Minecraft and open the same world. 

You will find duplicate items in your inventory and the items you dropped earlier nearby. Collect the dropped items to complete the duplication process.

Collecting the Items

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Duplicate Minecraft Items in Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode allows many combined features of the game in a single overworld. 

This method also uses cookies and data to load the user block. So, if you are playing Minecraft with your friend, here’s the trick to duplicate the items:

Things you Need:

  • All tables
  • Boat
  • A Villager

Step 1: Make Villager a Flincher

First, assign the villager the profession of Fletcher. Before doing this, ensure the villager is sitting in a boat. Then, place the Fletching Table block near the villager’s boat. The villager will adopt the Fletcher profession.

Make Villager a Flincher

Step 2: Set the Trade

Right-click on the Fletcher to view the trade. If he offers emeralds for sticks, that's ideal. 

If not, remove the Fletching Table, then place it again to change the villager's trades.

Set the Trade

Step 3: Trading Trick

Have your multiplayer partner sit in the boat with the villager. Then, trade all the sticks for emeralds with the villager. When the villager runs out of emeralds, have your friend exit the game while still in the boat.

Trading Trick

The game block (boat and villager) will disappear when your friend leaves. Then, have them rejoin the game.

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