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How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft

Crafting is a huge part of what makes Minecraft such a special experience, and the Bow is an excellent weapon to take with you at any level.
How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft

Fixing Your Broken Bow In Minecraft

Ranged and powerful, the mighty Bow is an incredible weapon for hunting animals or killing enemies. Fixing a Bow in Minecraft is both easy and essential, as a Bow has a specific HP just like any other tool.

Repairing a Bow (or any weapon) uses Experience Levels, so it can become costly to repair a higher level Bow. Be mindful of this if ever your Bow breaks! 

So how do you fix a Bow in Minecraft? There are 4 ways to do so, detailed below: 

Two bows in a crafting table

Using An Anvil To Repair A Bow

A normal bow and an enchanted bow being repaired in an anvil

The first method of repairing a Bow is to repair a Bow using an Anvil. This method not only combines both Bows to repair the resultant Bow, it also combines enchantments. This gives the resulting Bow more durability without removing any enchantments.

You can also rename your newly repaired Bow when repairing it on an Anvil!

You first need an Anvil in your inventory, and while crafting a decent Anvil is expensive ( needing a total of 31 blocks of Iron! ), the great thing about using an Anvil to repair a Bow is that it will keep any enchantments present on the Bow. Keep this in mind, it’ll be important later. 

To repair a Bow with an Anvil, open the Anvil and select the first of the two Bows you wish to use. Place one in the first box in the Anvil inventory, then use the other bow in the next slot.

  1. Place the Bow to be repaired in the first slot.
  2. Place a second Bow or Bow repairing material in the second slot.
  3. Wait for the Bow to be repaired.
  4. Collect your fixed Bow from the Anvil. 

It takes 4 iron ingots and 3 blocks of iron to craft an Anvil, created on a Crafting Table.

Using A Crafting Table To Repair A Bow

A bow being repaired using another bow in a crafting table

Another way to repair a Bow in Minecraft is by using the crafting table method. Despite its name, the Crafting Table can be used to repair certain things and is useful if ever your Bow breaks. To repair a Bow with a Crafting Table, place the Bow to be repaired along with an additional normal Bow ( the Crafting Table takes two of the same item- two ordinary bows).

The resultant repaired Bow will be strengthened, however it will not keep any enchantments, returning any enchanted Bows to an ordinary Bow. 

  1. Open the Crafting Table.
  2. Place the two Bows side by side.
  3. Wait until the “new” Bow is crafted.
  4. Collect the repaired Bow.

To make a simple crafting table, chop some logs from any tree and craft some Wooden Planks, then assemble 4 planks in two rows.

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