How To Make Jukebox In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to play music freely in Minecraft? In today's article, we will show you how to craft a Jukebox!
How To Make Jukebox In Minecraft

Everything you need to make a Jukebox

Jukebox is a unique block in Minecraft that can play music discs. It has a nice wooden texture and can be used for building and decoration purposes as well. To craft a Jukebox, you actually need one diamond and some wooden planks.

  • 8x Planks
  • 1x Diamond

How to craft Jukebox in Minecraft

#1 Collect 8x Planks

You can find Planks all over the world in Minecraft! They’re usually generated in mineshafts, woodland mansions, shipwrecks, villages, ruins, and pillager outposts. Those structures contain a large amount of Planks.

planks in mineshaft

You can also use any of the wood or log variants to craft 4x Planks. What you can use is Log/Stripped Log/Wood/Stripped Wood.

craft planks

#2 Collect 1x Diamond

Diamond can be obtained by mining diamond ores underground. It’s quite rare to do so and each diamond ore only drops 1x Diamond. With Fortune III, it will have a chance to drop up to 4x Diamond per ore.

diamond ores

Diamond can also be found in looted chests in many Minecraft structures. They have a low chance to contain 1-7x Diamond.

diamond in chest

If you have 1 Block of Diamond, put it in the crafting grid to get 9x Diamond.

craft diamond

#3 Finish off crafting a Jukebox

When you have 8x Planks and 1x Diamond, right-click a Crafting Table and put the diamond in the middle grid, then surround it with 8x Planks to craft 1x Jukebox.

craft jukebox

What is the give command to get a Jukebox?

The command to give yourself a Jukebox is: /give @p jukebox 1

Now you have a Jukebox, let’s right-click on it with a disc and listen to the awesome Minecraft soundtrack!

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