9 Best Redstone Ideas In Minecraft

Redstone is the major element to make massive automatic mechanisms like doors, elevators, smelters, etc. Here are 9 best ideas you can try with redstone.
9 Best Redstone Ideas In Minecraft

In Minecraft, Redstone is an extremely useful resource that is used to create different mechanisms. So, if you are searching for interesting ideas to use Redstone mechanisms in your overworld, you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss the 9 best Minecraft Redstone ideas you can craft in your Minecraft.


Minecraft Redstone Automatic Gate

Who doesn’t want a cool door that opens when you come near it? These are called automatic doors in Minecraft. This automatic door consists of Redstone torches, Redstone dust, a pressure plate, and some sticky pistons. All these resources are easy to get.

This fantastic wooden gate opens when the player steps on the pressure plate near the door as there is a Redstone wire mechanism. Under the door, there are Redstone circuits that do the necessary work. In order to conceal the mechanism, you can place stone bricks in front of it.


Bridge Maker in Minecraft

If you are wandering in the nether world, you must have to cross lava lakes from time to time. But the problem is, you can’t swim or boat in lava. The best solution for that is this Redstone power bridge maker by Narkonax.

You can’t pick it up once it's done, but you can collect the resources carefully and make it again for the next hurdle. It’s easy to build and takes less than a minute to assemble again. A cobblestone wall is created underneath it that can be used as a bridge over the lake.


Minecraft Automatic Farm

Automatic farms are the best way to get constant food and resource production. These automatic farms are also another Minecraft Redstone creations. You won’t need any manual labor for these farms. Just set it up once, and it will work by itself. This amazing farm is created by Gorillo.

Most mushroom and melon farms are the most common type of automatic farms. But you can also make other types of farms using different crops. These crops may include wheat, carrot, potato, and sugarcane. So, obtain Redstone dust to start the amazing build.


Redstone Elevator in Minecraft

If you are buildings a modern Minecraft house, then you can’t skip this elevator made by Shulkercraft. This elevator is a masterpiece created using Redstone. This is an excellent idea if you want to move between different floors of your modern house without any hassle.

You can make this advanced elevator using Redstone dust, Redstone torch, sticky piston, slime blocks, and blocks according to your building. The most natural and beautiful addition to the design is the lift button, which you must press to open the door.


Vending Machine in Minecraft

What could be more interesting than a vending machine in Minecraft. This vending machine is built by MagmaMusen and is one of the best Redstone ideas on this list. You can use this vending machine to trade different items with other players in multiplayer mode.

It is simple to build and use. All you need is some minecart, pistons, Redstone, a chest, Redstone repeater, and blocks you want to make a machine with. Players have to throw gold or iron in the machine, and they will get things they want. You can make several vending machines for each item.


Defense System in Minecraft

A good defensive system is necessary for survival mode in Minecraft. If you live in a multiplayer server, you must protect your house and stored resources against griefers and thieves. So it's better to build a defensive system like Eagle MCraft.

This defensive mechanism shoots fire arrows at its enemy once you turn it on. You can also attach this mechanism with a pressure plate, so whenever an enemy steps on the plate, it gets hit by the arrow. You can use it against the mod around your house.


Redstone Tetris in Minecraft

Isn’t it awesome to have a game inside the game. Yes, this is possible in Minecraft by using the Redstone mechanism. You can make different games like verd made this huge Tetris. He included each shape you can find in the Tetris and used piston, Redstone blocks, Redstone dust to transmit Redstone power, and some observers for it.

A functioning switching key on a platform is a bit away from the game screen. Here you can change the position of shapes and rotate them using buttons. Each button for rotation left, right, and drop is separate.


Minecraft Super Smelter

One of the best ideas for Minecraft Redstone creations is this super smelter. In a normal routine, you use a furnace to smelt things, and it takes a very long time to smelting items one by one. This super smelter made by Mysticat can be used for quick smelting of ores ad other materials in-game.

The best thing about this smelter is that it doesn’t need any manual fuel addition, as you can use the chest to deliver fuel automatically to the smelter. You can also build an item-specific smelter like a glass smelter in which the sand and fuel will automatically transfer to the smelter.


Automatic Cobblestone Generator in Minecraft

If you are making a massive cobblestone structure, this cobblestone generator by DURS is the best choice for you. This amazing machine can generate an unlimited amount of cobblestones without any need for fuel. It is simple and easy to build in less than 5 minutes.

You won't need to mine for cobblestone again and again. You will need some Redstone stairs, hoppers, trapdoors, lava, water, and chests. In other stone generator, Redstone repeaters are also used. Once you turn it on, it will keep making and storing cobblestones in the chests under it.

All the above mentioned ideas are the best Redstone ideas you can craft in your Minecraft world. You will have to mine for Redstone ore to make these Redstone components

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