How To Make A Mob Farm In Minecraft

This simple and easy-to-build Minecraft XP mob farm will give you faster experience points than any other farm.
How To Make A Mob Farm In Minecraft

In Minecraft, to strengthen your tools and weapons, you need to enchant them using different enchantment books. These enchantments can only be gained at the cost of your experience points. You can earn these experience points by killing mobs. The most efficient way to gain these experience orbs is by building a mob farm. Let's discuss the best mob farm in Minecraft.

Step 1: Make a Base

The very first step of mob farms is to make a base with the chest. Make a 2x2 hole in the ground and place the 2 chests in it as shown. These chests will collect the hostile mobs' droppings. You can use these mob drops from the chest later.

Make a Base

Now place 4 hoppers on these chests. The droppings will be collected through these hoppers. These hoppers can be placed on the chest by pressing “Shift key+Righ-Click.”

Make a Base

Now you have to cover the hoppers to make a place for the mob to stand. Place 4 polished concrete slabs on each hopper to make a standing platform.

Make a Base

Step 2: Building Walls

The second step is to build walls surrounding the hoppers. These walls will keep the mobs in their place. Otherwise, they will wander about, and it’s risky for you. So start by making the boundary one block high and one block away from the slabs. Use cobblestone as building blocks.

Building Walls

Now take this wall up to 22 blocks high to make a mob tower. This is the point where mobs spawn. This boundary has a hollow center for the mob to fall down on the platform.

Building Walls

Step 3: Make a Platform

Once you have reached the 22nd block, make four galleries around the tower. These galleries are to capture the mobs. They are extended up to 8x2 blocks on the sides.

Make a Platform

The mob will not spawn in these galleries, so you have to make another solid platform for the mob to spawn on. In short, fill the central paps between two galleries. The whole platform must be in a square shape as it will provide more space for hostile mobs spawn.

Make a Platform

To capture the mobs, you have to construct the boundary of the platform. Using the cobblestones, make two block tall wall or boundary as shown in the picture. This will keep the mob in place.

Make a Platform

Step 4: Cover the Platform

Now it's time to cover the whole area with a cobblestone roof. This roof will be 3 blocks high from the platform. Why do you need to cover the platform? It is because, in the daylight, it is impossible for the mobs to spawn.

But when we covert the area and create a dark room with zero light level, mobs will spawn even in the daytime. So, you won’t need to wait for the night to gather experience points.

Cover the Platform

Step 5: Mob Falling Mechanism

Now go inside this room and cover the galleries with trapdoors and open these trapdoors. This will prevent the mobs from climbing to the sides again. The other reason for placing these trapdoors is to shut down the mob farm whenever you want.

Mob Falling Mechanism

Using a water sloop, direct the water towards the central hole from one side of the drain. As a result of this, the mob will fall into the hole and lose health due to fall damage. Some mobs die due to this fall damage and you can collect points directly beneath the tower.

Mob Falling Mechanism

Step 6: Create a Platform for Yourself

It is necessary for you to be present in the chunk to load the mob spawning mechanism of the game. That’s why you have to create a platform for yourself. Take 80 scaffoldings and stack them on top of each other up to 80 blocks high on the roof of your mob xp farm.

Create a Platform for Yourself

Now make a small glass room for yourself to stay in. So, whenever you want to spawn more mobs than the average spawning rate, just climb and relax in this glass room. The mobs fall from the central hole onto the slabs. Go down after some time to get some experience orbs.

Step 7: Get Experience Points

To get some free experience points, take an enchanted sword and chop off some of the legs and collect the orbs. These experience points will be used for the enchantments. This automatic mob farm allows you to get points faster than any other way in Minecraft.

Get Experience Points

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