How to Put an Image Onto A Minecraft Skin

Turning Any Image into a Minecraft Skin

There are a few necessary steps that you’ll have to take if you want to turn ANY image into a Minecraft skin. This can either be a rapid process or an extensive process that can take a significant amount of time and effort on the creator’s part.

Step 1: Selecting the Image

The first step is to select the item in the image you want to be your new Minecraft skin; this can range from a single item in the foreground. The desired picture should be a high-resolution image that offers the ability to see the item that you wish to be your new Minecraft skin. Another item to consider when choosing an image is if the image is a square resolution, it’ll work the best with this system.

Step 2: Removing the Image

After selecting the image and deciding which item you want to be your next Minecraft skin, you’ll need a way to remove the background from the image allowing only the item you want to be clearly shown.

One Website Commonly Used to remove the background is

There are a few ways to go about this; one way to remove the background is to have a website specializing in this fact. Some websites like removebg, which is a website that deletes the image’s background free, and if you don’t have an image, this website features four suggested images. These are located just below the large box advising to upload an Image or drop a file in that box, also advising that you can paste an Image or URL in the box to have the background removed.

Another website commonly used to remove the background is called Lunapic

Another website that removes the background from an image is the Lunapic, which has a slightly more dated design when compared to removebg. Lunapic allows users to not only remove the background but also to make your image transparent. If Lunapic even offers video tutorials to understand and utilize the website to the fullest capacity easily.These websites are a perfect choice to remove the background or to change the image to be much more transparent when compared to the original image.

Step 3: Resizing the Image

In addition to removing the background, you’ll need to resize the image (normally to 64 x 32 pixels). To do this, here are two main ways: The first way to resize your selected image is through a photo editing software, and some prime examples include Adobe’s Photoshop, Gimp, or Microsoft Paint.

Adobe Photoshop is the Premium Choice for Resizing the Image

Adobe Photoshop, sadly, isn’t free and instead need to be paid for to be able to access this fantastic software. Photoshop also offers the largest amount of features when compared to the other two listed above. These features make resizing and creating these skins both incredibly easy and efficient when compared to the other two software listed above.

Gimp is similar to Photoshop but Free

Gimp is a freeware software that can allow users to create and modify the skin template and the image, but when compared to Photoshop users will be required to have more skill in photo editing.

Microsoft paint is free and already installed on your machine

The last software listed is the free software provided by Microsoft Paint. This software is provided by Microsoft and is available on every Microsoft device. This software will require the most amount of skill and time to create the same image, this is due to the clunkier UI design.

Step 4: Downloading the Template

You’ll need to download the Minecraft template from You can import the new background-free image into the much smaller template which was provided. In these photo editors, resizing the image is incredibly easy.This template is a very small image having a size of just 64 x 64 pixels, which means that most images will be significantly larger, and the images that work the best with this type of template is a square image that allows easy downscaling.The template provided by Minecraft is the default steve skin; this skin showcases the correct locations for the face, top, body front, body back, and even the arm’s side.

Step 5: Combining the Template and the Background-less Image

Using the photo editors that are listed above, combining the two images into a single Minecraft skin can either take a small amount of time or a significantly longer amount of time. In these software, users can import then resize the image to fit over the skin with ease. In addition to resizing the software, users can reconfigure the image to be better suited to work as a Minecraft skin.This is done by editing the image to fit into the 64 x 64-pixel size of the Minecraft skin. Since the image is a higher resolution when compared to the smaller image size of the Minecraft skin, This resizing works the best when you have a larger image that is a square as you’ll be scaling down the image to fit the 64 x 64 size.In addition to rescaling the image, the selected image could require some significant changes this is due to how the Minecraft skin template is orientated.

The Minecraft skin is specifically organized on the Original file - you must follow that original file!

The Minecraft skin template has all the sides of the head as the closest to the top section while just below that features the legs sides and the body texture right beside that, and the arm side texture is on the farthest edge. All the empty space is part of the photo, which will not be seen in the skin at all.

Step 6: Fixing the Skin (if the photo doesn’t appear correctly)

If your skin doesn’t look correct or doesn’t look like the image at all, then you’ll need to change where certain sections of the image are located. If you want the image to be the front of the skin, placing is where the face, front of the body, arms, and legs are located will have the image to be connected.Any section that is left blank in this template will be completely transparent in the skin. This transparency means that only the intended image will be shown in the skin.

Step 7: Saving and Uploading

The saving of your newly created skin is different depending on which photo editing software you choose to use.

Saving using Adobe Photoshop is easy and you have the option to export

Adobe Photoshop allows users to either export or save the image; exporting will create a brand new image while saving. Exporting allows the user to change the size easily and even gives a preview of what will be exported.

Gimp is incredibly similar to Photoshop but lacks some of the features, but it's free to download!

GIMP is another commonly used photo editor that is not only free but is incredibly similar to Photoshop. GIMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, offers layers that allow you to save your work without permanently changing the original template easily.Microsoft Paint is a free software that every Windows PC has installed and has access to, and this software is the hardest to use for more complex skins, this is due to the lack of layers.

Microsoft Paint lacks a lot of features but is already installed on your Windows PC

Microsoft paint doesn’t have any functionality with layers instead of having just a single layer that users can manipulate. This feature does limit the usage of this software extensively as if you were to place an image over an existing image, and the base image is often erased and replaced with the white background.

Microsoft Paint can only save, not export

Another limiting feature of Microsoft paint is the fact that instead of the ability to export, you can only save the image. If you don’t want to override the original template, then you can easily just change the original name into a different file name. This would stop the original file from being overwritten and allow you to easily open the template again if you wanted to make more than one Minecraft skin.One important aspect is to ensure that your skin exports/saves as a PNG file image and not as a JPEG. This is due to the JPEG file format not featuring any type of Alpha layer, which is the transparency layer.After either saving or exporting this file, you can head to to easily apply this new skin to either the slim Minecraft model or the classic Minecraft model. After applying this new skin, restarting your Minecraft client will reflect this new skin.

Alternative Method: Using a Skin Editor

Another option that does limit the options of skin editing is if, after step number 5, you send that file to a skin editor. This allows you to preview how the skin will look when applied. The limitation of using these skin editors is that moving the image around the skin will be impossible, but it does make seeing the edits easier overall when compared to the previous method listed above. However, in our experience, this does limit the overall customization that the previous method can offer.These skin editors include the Nova Skin editors and the MinecraftSkins skin editor, which allows for easy visualization of your skin after uploading it to their model.In the MinecraftSkin editor, below the color wheel and the navigator, there is a button that states upload from the computer. After pressing this button, you can upload the PNG file and take a quick preview of what your skin will now look like.

Alternative Method: Hire a Professional from Fiverr

All the methods listed above will take a significant amount of time and effort while there are people on Fiverr that are more than willing to create your Minecraft skin to your specifications (and they did it a lot already). Here are the best ones we found:

First Fiverr Job, Minecraft skins starting at $10

This Fiverr job will create your own custom skin at both the Standard and Premium tier, ranging from $10 up to $20. This job has a one-day delivery, which makes this a perfect choice for content creators that may need the skin in a rapid turn around time. In addition to the fast delivery, this Fiverr job has a limited number of revisions depending on the tier that you purchase.

Second Fiverr Job allows custom skins for just $5

The second Fiverr job that offers similar features is this Fiverr job, which will give the buyer custom skin even at the basic tier while at the premium tier, the buyer will get a total of three different Minecraft skins. The basic tier is currently priced at $5 while the most expensive tier, the premium tier, is priced at $15, and all of these tiers feature unlimited revisions.

Why Buying a Minecraft Skin from a Fiverr listing may be easier

Buying a Minecraft skin may be an easier option, this is due to the work being completed by someone else, Saving you the trouble and the hassle. The lower cost in addition to the quick delivery makes this a perfect choice for the Minecraft player that doesn’t have hours to spend creating their perfect Minecraft skin.

How To Change A Minecraft Skin To A PNG Files

What happens if you download a fantastic looking skin, but it's not a PNG file? There are a few ways to easily change any file type into a PNG using a variety of different ways ranging from the simplest way of searching online for a photo converter. The most commonly used website that I found is, which allows users to drag and drop those files into the website and easily click a button to convert the image into the needed PNG file.