How To Upload a Picture into Minecraft

Getting a custom map into Minecraft can allow for funny images on maps or even be converted into blocks allowing the image to become a tangible object in Minecraft! 

Getting an image into Minecraft can be achieved in various ways. Achieving this is to get your favorite image into Minecraft to add your image into the pool of images for the Minecraft paintings. 

While adding your image to a painting is an excellent way to add a large number into Minecraft easily, this second way is extremely popular. This way converts your image into map data, which then can be used in servers, and other players would see the image as well! 

There are a large number of ways to add your own custom image into Minecraft, and we’ll be exploring ways that require no plugins and no mods, making them perfect for a Minecraft Realm or a vanilla server! 

Adding In Images as Paintings

  1. Add your image into the painting image pool is to search %appdata% from the search menu. A folder named “Roaming” should appear in this roaming folder. You’ll need to get to the Minecraft.jar file inside. 
  2. Right-clicking the ‘Minecraft.jar” file and selecting your extraction program to open the archive. Doing this will allow you to open the Minecraft texture folder, and in that folder will be another named ‘art.’ 
  3. This art folder has a ‘Kz.png” file; extracting this file then opening it will show all of the paintings used by Minecraft arranged in a grid. 

Pros & Cons

This easy-to-understand grid allows you to edit or import images over the existing Minecraft paintings. A crucial piece of information to remember is that sizing your new images to match the previous paintings is incredibly important if they are too large. They’ll continue on an entirely different Minecraft painting. If they are too small, they’ll have part of the original Minecraft painting visible. 

The pros to this method are the ability to easily and efficiently add many images into Minecraft, and this method has a significant downside. The downside is that these changes will only take effect for your client, so any other players would still see the standard Minecraft paintings. 

That downside makes this method perfect for a single-player adventure, but multiplayer servers would find this method largely useless. That may be one of the reasons that this method is often ignored. 

Adding Images in as a Map

An incredibly popular method for adding your custom pictures into Minecraft is to replace the map data; by replacing this data, users can easily implement their desired picture and even display it thanks to an item frame. 

  1. Open an application or website which can convert your standard image into map data. 
  2. A commonly used application is called ImagetoMap; this application allows you to load a picture from the internet to a Minecraft map. All you would need is the URL for the image, and the supported image types include PNG, JPEG, and GIF. This large number of file formats ensures that most images are easily supported without the need to convert the image into an incredibly specific format. This application has some fantastic features like how the image will be centered on the map, and larger pictures will be automatically cut into several different parts to ensure no loss in image quality. 
  3. After using the application, users will need to export the new image and go onto the server information.
  4. In this folder, you’ll need to export or rename your new map image to map_*.dat. The * needs to be changed to the name of the map, meaning if you wanted to name it map_2. This is incredibly important as this will decide which map is replaced with your image. 
  5. Then start up your server, and it should work perfectly; simply rename a map to that specific name, and the image should appear in your hands.

This is one of the few ways to add an image into Minecraft that can work on a Minecraft Realms server, which Microsoft manages, and the files are usually inaccessible. If you want to use this method on a Minecraft Realm, You’ll need to download the map and reupload the map with the changed map file in the world information. 

This method is commonly used in many servers thanks to the ability to get the ImagetoMap as a Spigot plugin, making adding an image incredibly easy. 

Adding an Image in as Blocks

This method is considerably different from the previous ones listed; instead of making your image into a map or a painting, a 2D flat image in Minecraft. This method will actually turn your image into blocks in Minecraft, meaning that they will be traversed with some minor digging into or out of the blocks. 

This method is also a commonly ignored image due to the complexity and size of your image in a common Minecraft world. At the same time, this may be perfect for maze builders or users to enjoy following an easy-to-understand template. Others may find this method very complicated for very little benefit, this making it ignored for a majority of Minecraft builders. 

  1. This method will require the use of a separate application; again, this application is called SpriteCraft. If users don’t want to download the application, following this link will allow you to try out the SpriteCraft Web version. This version is currently in Beta and may be a bit buggy when compared to the well-established application version. The web application only uses wool as a building material, which does limit the colors possible and may shift your colors to the closest wool possible. 
  2. Saving the new image from the web application sees the image saved as a PNG file; this PNG file is important, so remember to keep it!
    An interesting thing to note is that using the application offers significantly more options when converting the image into a Minecraft block. The application options include Wool, common blocks, and even rare blocks like emerald and cracked stone brick! This higher amount of options for the application to use when recreating the image in Minecraft blocks may lead to a significantly better image overall.
    The application also allows you to choose either the default resource pack or to choose your own resource pack! This ensures that the image will still look like the original image inside your Minecraft world rather than being changed due to a texture change. It also has the option to change the wood’s rotation from side view to top view, although by default, the side view is selected. 
  3. After clicking render, a new window will appear, showing what the image will look like once completed and even showing the materials used to create this image. Although most won’t use this in survival, and if your server or your single-player world has world edit, thanks to the ability to download the schematic, you should be able to easily and efficiently past this into your world. 

Having your logo, or favorite picture added into your Minecraft world as mine-able blocks, is an easy way to showcase your channel or your image to your friends with ease. The main downside to this version is the high level of space required, this space isn’t always available in a world easily, but thanks to world edit removing a mountain or filling in a valley is incredibly easy. 


Those were just three of the most common ways to add your custom image into Minecraft, but there are many more. The reason why we didn’t look into the other methods is due to either the need for a plugin or the complexity to get the image into Minecraft.

Although, we may make an article focused on some of the best plugins for Minecraft! So keep an eye out for that!