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Best Building Blocks In Minecraft

The more you learn, the more fun you have in Minecraft! And the best things to start learning are the building blocks.
Best Building Blocks In Minecraft

Want to build an elegant mansion or you are too preoccupied with a grand house on top of the hills - do not forget the building blocks in Minecraft. Today, we will be looking at 25+ best building blocks in Minecraft that will make your next build as easy as ABC.


Beauty lies in mother nature! The statement makes more impact when you play in-game. These greenish blocks give a refreshing aroma when placed in your home or kitchen area of your house. 

Leaves naturally appear on trees all over the overworld. The simplest way to obtain leaves is by breaking, where you will need a hoe that is made from 2 iron ingots and sticks.

Stained Glass

A colorful glories glass block that comes in many different dyes - is the apple of an eye for top-of-the-line Minecraft players. From adding simplicity to classiness to your build the stained glass serves all. Mainly the stained glass is served best in glass windows or glass walls. 

To get the stained glass you have to place 8 glasses with a color dye of your own choice on a crafting table and you are good to go!


Adding a more customization touch to your build requires something more than a block - and here it is a painting that will make a statement on your wall. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of options for what painting will come from the crafting but still, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Crafting a painting is easy, just place 8x sticks along with wool on a crafting table and you are ready!

Block Of Copper

Strength and beauty combine to make your building more appealing, and this comes from the block of copper. The copper block is then used to make walls, slabs, and floors of the house as it is an extremely strong material. It is easy to get by breaking and crafting. For breaking, you have to use an iron pickaxe or higher. It has a color exactly like the coarse dirt.


Your build is incomplete without a light source and that is why we also included a campfire block on the list. Campfires act as a light source and are also used to cook food. Naturally, you can find campfire taiga and snowy taiga villages. Ancient city camps are also a good place to go for campfire blocks. We made an extensive guide on crafting campfires too.

Moss Block

Moss block in Minecraft is different in its kind. In Minecraft, moss blocks spread over other blocks and make their appearance greenish. You can try it on any other type of block and wall.

Sea Lanterns

Making a home and forgetting to use a light source is a big risk in Minecraft - as lighting doesn't only add beauty to the house but also makes it safe from mobs spawning. Sea lanterns are perfect in this case that serves both purposes.

You can visit the ocean monuments to find sea lanterns or use our guide on how to craft sea lanterns.


Commonly found in Badlands, these brown-colored blocks give a nice decent touch to your build. Due to their decent color, and detailed and polished look, you can use them in flooring, walls, or slabs. Terracotta can also be obtained from clay blocks when you heat them in the furnace. 


Candles are a source of light in Minecraft that is placed on the flooring, unlike lanterns that flood light from top to bottom. Bedrooms, side tables, and shelves are the best places for candles to shed some light in the rooms to give some aesthetic touch.

Candles can be found naturally in ancient cities. If you are interested in crafting candles, you have to put string and honeycomb on the crafting table (Via Minecraft wiki).


Want to welcome your guest with a “welcome” text? Or have something special to say in your own words? Signs are the way to do it. Rectangular shape blocks let you write words on them. You can use these sign blocks solely or along with a block. 

To make signs you need 6 wooden planks and 1 stick. Place the sign block and you will have the option to edit your message on the block.


Carpets are decoration blocks that are mostly used in bedrooms of the house. These thin blocks of wool are easy to craft and can also be found naturally. Igloo, mansions, villages, and ancient cities are the main places to get carpets. Otherwise, you can use 2 wool blocks of the same color to get the 3x carpet.


Wood blocks are common and most widely used in Minecraft builds and crafting other items as well. There are 6 types of wood that you can find and use in Minecraft. Create planks, slabs, wooden tools, and walls from these wood blocks and use them for building your ultimate Minecraft world. Wood is not a high blast resistance material.


Slabs are another great addition when you talk about the good building block in Minecraft. The most interesting thing about slabs is that these slabs are more than just slabs. You can use these blocks to make modern stairs or shelves and whatnot. You can craft them using stone bricks, quartz block, nether quartz, etc.


Unlike other building blocks in Minecraft, stairs are widely used for almost any build. Making a home or building a farm, these stairs are a must-have for you. You can get these stairs from stones, stone bricks and wooden planks - the color of the stair depends upon what type of item you use.


Name the item Minecraft is incomplete without it. You guessed it right, walls. Walls, like other items, serve many purposes. Mainly used for decoration purposes to make you an ultimate Minecraft world  - but can also be used as fencing or protection before your home as they are relatively high blast resistance. They are very common building material.


A home is not a home without books and bookshelves are the main item for the books. Minecraft lets you craft bookshelves from 6 wooden planks and 3 books. This will get a block of the bookshelf to give you a decent cozy vibe in your bed or study room.

Wood Planks

For cottage-style house ideas or any wooden farmland you have in your mind. Wood planks are required for it. Wooden blocks are used to make wood planks via a crafting table. Wood planks are versatile items when you talk about their usability. Make a bed or put down a wooden floor from it.


Trapdoor is the functional block among all the building blocks in Minecraft. The door is usually used as a gateway to the basement but it can also be used for a few other structures. You can make a kitchen cabin with it or trap mobs.


Diorite is the common but versatile building block in Minecraft. The light grayish-colored block is used to craft some slabs, stairs, and walls. Caves are the easiest places to find diorite.


Talking about building blocks and not including concrete in it? Not fair play! White in color and hard in nature, this block is used for flooring purposes and making walls of your home. It is one of the vital Minecraft building blocks. A light source over the concrete floor adds brilliance to the aesthetics of the room.


Gravel blocks are some of the blocks that follow the law of gravity and that's why they are rare to find. Gravel mountains and ocean beds are the primary sources of gravel in the Minecraft world.

Stone And Blackstone Bricks

Stone and Blackstone are other unique decoration building blocks that are blackish in color. Like other materials, these stone bricks are used to craft stairs, slabs, and walls.


Fences can be used in building a new ultimate Minecraft world for you. With the height of 1 block tall, these blocks help you protect yourself from mobs. Fences are not typical building blocks but support your builds in Minecraft. 

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