All Games Made By Mojang

How many Games have Mojand released throughout the years? Let's find out!

Updated on Nov 13, 2023
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All Games Made By Mojang

Who Are Mojang Studios?

Mojang studios (formerly known as Mojang Specifications) are a game developer that was founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Markus Persson in 2009.

Mojang Specifications was originally founded to create the Minecraft games, the game developer's original title (only the original Minecraft java edition being available and developed at the time) and as they developed the Minecraft games, they hired more staff to build the company.


Jakob Porser, Carl Manneh, Daniel Kaplan, and Jens Bergensten were all hired to join the game developer, helping to create the foundations of what was to become Mojang Studios.

By 2014, Persson sold his share of Mojang Specifications (now called Mojang AB) and the company was sold to Microsoft before becoming Mojang Studios.

Mojang became Mojang Studios in 2020 and was completely rebranded.

Games Developed By Mojang Studios

Mojang Studios may be most famous for creating the Minecraft franchise, the block-building, best selling pc game of all time. But they’ve actually developed a range of other games in different genres.


Year of Release


Minecraft (Java Edition)



Minecraft Bedrock Edition



Callers Bane/ Scrolls


Digital Collectible Card Game

Minecraft Story Mode


Graphic Adventure Game



Action (Side Scroller)

Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 (episode 1, 2 and 3)


Graphic Adventure Game

Cobalt WASD


Action (Side Scroller)

Minecraft Earth


Augmented Reality

Minecraft Dungeons


Dungeon Crawler

There has been some controversy around some of Mojang’s releases, however, all these games have been released and are available to play across various platforms, such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

1 /10

Minecraft (Java Edition) - 2011

Minecraft is a sandbox game first created in the java programming language, originally dubbed "cave game". Minecraft has been ported to many different platforms since its creation, including Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch as the Bedrock Edition, with Minecraft Pocket Edition being the mobile port.


The base Minecraft game combines limitless building with blocks with open-world sandbox exploration to produce a game with several game modes that was met with critical acclaim, being graced with the title of one of the greatest games of all time.


Several spinoffs and game modes of Minecraft were later created (some by Mojang Studios), namely Minecraft Story Mode and Minecraft Educational edition, which is sometimes used by schools for use in STEM.

2 /10

Minecraft Bedrock Edition - 2011

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the ported version of Minecraft coded in the C++ coding language and released on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and

PC as the same game.


While vastly similar to the original resource management simulation game, there are minor differences in game mechanics such as taming and tick speeds, but ultimately it’s the same as the base game with the same premise, just with added multiplayer mode compatibility.

3 /10

Minecraft Story Mode - 2015/Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 (episodes 1, 2 and 3) - 2017

Players use a point-and-click interface as well as periodic interludes of arcade-style gameplay controls for mini-games to move throughout the story, which is of a similar style to other Telltale game releases such as The Last Of Us.


While the game includes some building elements that are integral to the Minecraft series’s style of gameplay, Minecraft Story Mode is more akin to an interactive story, comic book adventure, and as such has the main character and other plot lines that the player must follow, rather than being sandbox like Minecraft classic.

4 /10

Minecraft Earth - 2019

Minecraft Earth was a sandbox, augmented-reality spinoff of the Minecraft game, primarily available on iOS and Android mobile devices, and was released playable free of charge.


This game had the elements that make Minecraft what it is; namely building, mining, and exploring, utilizing ‘build mode’ and ‘play mode’ that allowed players (and their friends) to collaboratively build and explore their own creations in real-time. Survival mode and adventure mode were not featured, but a multiplayer mode was incorporated.

5 /10

Minecraft Dungeons - 2020

Minecraft Dungeons is fundamentally different from the Minecraft game series, primarily because of its limited, point-and-click hack-and-slash gameplay that is not sandbox, but rather is set in generated Minecraft dungeons that the player must traverse.


Minecraft Dungeons was released on Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation.

The dungeon crawler gameplay experience and isometric styling received mixed criticism, with some praising its design and gameplay, while others disliked its procedurally generated dungeons and non-replayability.

6 /10

Scrolls/ Caller's Bane - 2014, Released 2018

Caller's Bane (formerly known as Scrolls) is a turn-based strategy digital collectible card game, developed in 2014 and released on Windows, Mac and Android devices for free.

Developed using the Unity game engine by Jakob Porser, Caller's Bane was intended to fill a perceived gap in the market of collectible card games, with the game developers wanting to accommodate multiplayer online elements of the game.


There was controversy surrounding the game, as when it was due to be released at first, it went by the name ‘Scrolls’ (referring to the cards players and collect during playing), which caught the attention of The Elder Scrolls series developers and publishers Zenimax studios.


This ended in a lawsuit against Mojang Studios, who ultimately released the game with the name changed to Caller's Bane.

2Player Productions filmed and created a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video that looks at the development of Callers Bane.

7 /10

Crown and Council - 2016

Developed by a Mojang employee (Henrik Pettersson) and given a surprise release on Steam, Mojang announced Crown and Council in 2016.


Crown and Council is an action strategy game based around conquering opposing cities and kingdoms by gaining ‘tiles’, which can then be built upon.

The game is very different from the others Mojang developed and is a stand-alone that was released for free in 2016.

8 /10

Cobalt - 2016

Mojang published this side-scrolling adventure action strategy game, developed by Oxeye game studio in 2016 as a release for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Microsoft Xbox One.


The gameplay involves completing challenges or facing off opponents in deathmatches with thrown objects and weapons, which results in exciting multiplayer gameplay.

The game received mixed, fairly average reviews on its release.

9 /10

Cobalt WASD - 2017

Branching off of Cobalt 2016, Cobalt WASD simplified gameplay and enhanced one aspect of the action strategy game, leaning more into a storyline and giving payers one of two options to play as the ‘Metalface’s or the ‘Protobot’s.


This game used the same principles as Cobalt 2016 did, being developed by Oxeye game studio and also released by Mojang, but this release concentrated on multiplier interaction and buying upgraded weapons with money won at the end of each game.

10 /10

Games Against Ebola - Humble Bundle Game Jam 2012 & 2013, Mojam 1&2

The Humble Bundle's Game Jam held in 2012 and the Humble Bundle's Games Against Ebola Game Jam held in 2012 were separate game jams intended to raise money for charity, with the second being for ebola relief efforts and involved several large game developers (including Mojang) live streaming game development.

The Mojam 1 and Mojam 2 were two game jams held by Mojang themselves, held in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Mojang developed and released several games for these game jams, including:

  • Catacomb Snatch

  • Nuclear Pizza War

  • Endless Nuclear Kittens

  • Battle Frogs

  • Docktor

  • Healthcore Evolved

  • Snake Oil Stanley

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