How To Make A Wither Storm In Minecraft Using Mods

The Wither Storm is among the few terrifying enemies in Minecraft. Are you up to the challenge to summon and defeat this monster?

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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How To Make A Wither Storm In Minecraft Using Mods

What Is A Wither Storm?


The Wither Storm is originally a Minecraft: Story Mode enemy that the main character should defeat in the Season 1 of the series. It is inspired by the vanilla Minecraft mob, The Wither, which is an end-game enemy that can be summoned using soul sand blocks and the heads of wither skeletons.

Similar to a real-life storm, the Minecraft Wither Storm consumes everything in its path by sheer destruction. Aside from that, it absorbs the materials that it touches, making the storm a lot bigger and more dangerous each time it consumes. Thus, this makes the Wither Storm one of the most terrifying monsters in the Minecraft universe.

How To Summon A Wither Storm

Unfortunately, the Wither Storm is not an official Minecraft Java or Bedrock Edition mob. It is only found in Minecraft: Story Mode, which is a completely separate game made by a different company.

Luckily, Minecraft has such a wonderful community that mod makers created a specific mod to be able to summon a Wither Storm in Minecraft Java Edition. The mod is called Cracker's Wither Storm Mod. It was recently updated for the Minecraft 1.19.2 Update. Thus, it should work for the latest version of Minecraft.

Note: The mod usually works using Forge, a third-party Minecraft mod launcher. Therefore, make sure to download and install it first before installing the Wither Storm mod.

Installing The Wither Storm Mod

  1. Download Cracker's Wither Storm Mod from the CurseForge website that was linked above. You should save the file in the Downloads or Desktop folder to be able to access it easily later.


  1. Navigate to your Minecraft folder by pressing Ctrl + R and type %appdata%. The first folder should be for Minecraft. This is where your saves, skins, texture packs, and other mods are located.


  1. Open the folder with your Minecraft mod files. It is usually named as "mods."


  1. Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V), or drag the earlier downloaded mod file from the Downloads or Desktop folder to the mods folder.


  1. Open the default Minecraft Launcher.


  1. Go to your current installations drop-down menu.


  1. Select Forge.


  1. Click Play.


Summoning The Wither Storm In Minecraft

As soon as the game loads and is on the main menu, you can start a new game that is set to Survival Mode. When the new Minecraft world loads, you need to travel to these coordinates: X, Z = 0, 0. A custom-generated house is located at that exact location. At first glance, it will look as if it is a normal-looking house made with bricks, wood, and prismarine blocks.


However, there are soul sand blocks, wither skeleton heads, and a command block in the T-shaped pattern for summoning a Wither. The command block is at the center of the configuration that serves as the main body of the Wither Storm. Placing the last wither skeleton skull on the formation will start the process of summoning the Wither Storm. The spawned entity will look like a normal Wither at first, but it will grow into a big once it starts consuming everything in its path.


Remember that the Wither Storm has the following characteristics:

  • The wither storm attacks, tracks, and chases the nearest player from wherever it is
  • It grows and evolves into a giant black storm by absorbing the material near its surroundings just like a black hole
  • It also has the ability to load chunks wherever it wants, which means it will remain active even though you are far away
  • It can be seen around 10,000 blocks away once it gets bigger
  • It can pick up huge clusters of blocks, which can be entire forests of trees, chunks of hills or mountains, or even whole villager houses
  • It can pick up any mobs, big or small, and consumed them just like any other materials or blocks in its surroundings


Summoning The Wither In Vanilla Minecraft

If you do not want to have the whole survival Minecraft world be destroyed by having the big, black Wither Storm, you can always spawn the Wither, which is the original and official mob included in Minecraft. This mob can be spawned even without mods. The Wither is summoned by following these steps:

  1. Build a portal and go to the Nether dimension.>


  1. Locate a Nether Fortress.


  1. Kill enough Wither Skeletons to get three wither skulls. These skulls are rare drops of the Wither skeleton mob. You may have to stay awhile and kill a lot of Wither Skeletons to obtain 3 wither skeleton skulls.


  1. Gather at least 4 soul sand blocks that are found scattered across the Nether dimension.


  1. Go back to where you want to spawn a Wither.
  2. Place four soul sand blocks are placed in a T-shaped formation.


  1. Three wither skulls are then placed on top of the 3 soul sand blocks.


  1. As soon as you place the 3rd wither skull, a Wither is now spawned.


That is everything you need to know about making a Wither Storm in Minecraft.

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