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How To Make Golden Carrot In Minecraft

This blog post will show you how to craft a Golden Carrot in Minecraft, a food item with very high hunger restoration.
How To Make Golden Carrot In Minecraft

Everything you need to craft a Golden Carrot in Minecraft

A Golden Carrot is one of the best food items in the game. It restores 6 hunger points with 14.4 saturation points. This is second to only Suspicious Stew crafted with a Blue Orchid or Dandelion. It is also found as chest loot in Piglin Bastians and near ruined portals in the overworld.

Here are the items you’ll need to craft a Golden Carrot:

  • 8xGold Nuggets
  • 1xCarrot
  • Crafting Table

How to craft a Golden Carrot in Minecraft

#1 Crafting Gold Nuggets

Gold is one of the many ores in the game. You can find gold ore in the caves, and on smelting it, you’ll acquire gold ingots. To get Gold nuggets, though, you’ll have to smelt Gold ingots. You can also get the nuggets by smelting any gold tool

#2 Acquiring Carrot

Carrot is a food item on its own. It can be harvested by simply punching. To get carrots, you can locate the nearest village. They’ll have a carrot farm, and you can get some carrots from there.

#3 Crafting a Golden Carrot 

Once you have all the items necessary to craft a golden carrot, simply put them on the crafting table by the recipe shown above, and you’ll have crafted your very own golden carrot.

Apart from being used as a food source, Golden carrots are also used in Brewing potions. You can brew Nightvision potions using a Golden Carrot.

What is the give command to get a Golden Carrot in Minecraft?

The command to give yourself a golden carrot: /give @p golden_carrot 1

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