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Everything You need To Know About Mules In Minecraft

Here’s everything you need to know about mules in Minecraft.

Updated on Oct 11, 2022
Everything You need To Know About Mules In Minecraft

Where Do Mules Spawn?

Mules in Minecraft are unique in that they don’t spawn naturally, they have to be created by the player. This is done via cross breeding a horse and a donkey. Mules are also able to be spawned via:

  • Spawn Eggs (20% of mule spawn eggs produce baby mules)

  • Spawn Commands ( /summon mule)

Spawn eggs are only available in the creative mode menu, they are not able to be found in survival mode unless they themselves are spawned in.

What Do Mules Look Like?

Mules are close to the size of a horse, but with the coat and mane of a donkey, looking like both the donkey and the horse parents.

They don’t have completely random markings like horses do however, as their coats are usually a uniform dark-brown, russet color.

What Do Mules Drop In Minecraft?

Mules drop the following when killed by the player or a tamed wolf:

  • 0-2 leather (up to a maximum of 5 if killed with a weapon enchanted with Looting III)

  • 1-3 experience points

If killed while wearing a saddle or a chest, the mule’s inventory, as well as the items contained in the chest. All are subject to despawning rules.

Mules have between 15-30 health points.

Are Mules Useful In Minecraft?

Mules in Minecraft are used primarily as pack mules. Mules can be used to transport large amounts of items around the world if they are equipped with a chest.

Mules can be pulled along with a lead, or towed by a lead behind a boat to get them to cross water, all while wearing a chest, a saddle or both.

Where Can You Find A Saddle For A Mule?

Saddles in Minecraft cannot be crafted. Saddles can be found in the world:

  • Trading with a leatherworker villager (chance to trade is 100% in Java, 50% is Bedrock)

  • Killing a strider ridden by a zombie piglin- drops on death

  • As chest loot

  • As fishing treasure

How Do You Equip A Saddle On A Mule In Minecraft?

To equip a mule with a saddle, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have the saddle you want to use in your inventory

  2. Walk up to the mule and stand in front of it

  3. Open it’s inventory by pressing the ‘inventory’ button or mount it

  4. Place the saddle in the mule’s saddle slot

How Do You Equip A Chest On A Mule?

To equip a chest on a mule in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a chest in your inventory

  2. Approach the mule and stand in front of it

  3. Place the chest in your main hand

  4. Right click the mule to place the chest

Chests are only removable from mules upon death.

Can Mules Wear Armor In Minecraft?

Mules cannot wear horse armor like horses can in Minecraft, however they are able to equip chests and saddles.

Can You Ride Mules?

Yes, you can ride mules in Minecraft the same as horses, donkeys and other animals.

Mules must be tamed in order to ride them, and the jump button and directional controls control them as you ride.

How To Ride Mules

To ride a mule in Minecraft, stand in front of it and press right click to mount it.

How Fast Are Mules In Minecraft?

The speed of mules in Minecraft is either determined by a random stats number (assigned on ‘birth’ of the baby mule) or at a set value if spawned via a spawn egg.

What Is A Mules Maximum Speed?

The maximum speed of a mule is 14.51 blocks/second, with 4.83 being the lowest possible.

For reference, the player's speed at running is 4.3 blocks/second.

Can Mules Jump In Minecraft?

Mules can jump in Minecraft, and the jump mechanic is similar to that used in horses.

To jump with a mule, it first has to be tamed and saddled.

How To Make A Mule Jump

Pressing the ‘jump’ button while mounted will make the mule jump.

Holding the ‘control’ button will charge a higher leap, however mules jump strength isn’t affected by jump boost potions or beacons.

An average mule’s jump strength is 0.5, which can clear almost 2 blocks in jump height.

Can You Breed Mules?

No, you cannot breed two mules together in Minecraft as they are sterile (as they are in real life). However, you can breed a horse and a donkey together (when entered into love mode - similar to horse breeding) to produce a mule.

What Does A Baby Mule Look Like?

A baby mule looks like a cross between a baby donkey and baby horses.

Mule Stats And Bred Values

When breeding a horse and a donkey together in love mode to create a mule( female donkey/ male donkey and female horse/ male horse), only the horses stats (health, speed and jump) are taken into account, as a donkeys stats are fixed, whereas if you're breeding two fast horses together, the offspring will be fast.

Therefor, the mule gets its speed, health and jump stats based on it’s bred parents stats but mostly from the horse.

How Do Mule Stats Work?

If a horse’s speed is high (fast horse or very fast horse), and its bred with a donkey with fast movement speed, the offspring will take on these stats.

The same can be done to acquire a mule with more health, as well as the speed and jump stats.

Can You Tame Mules In Minecraft?

Yes, you can tame mules in Minecraft, they use the temper mechanic (as horses do) to tame.

How To Tame Mules In Minecraft

Stand in front of a wild mule with an empty hand and mount it to begin to tame.

Mules start with a temper number of 0, and when a mule is first mounted in the taming process, a number of between 0-99 is given. Once this number is less than the ‘temper’ number, the mule is tame. If not, temper is increased by 5 and the player is bucked off the mule.

What Do Mules Eat In Minecraft?

Mules eat several different foods in Minecraft, which can be used to increase temper, increase health and decrease maturation speed of mule offspring if you feed them.

Food that you can feed mules are:

Effects Of Foods On Mules

The different effects of these foods are shown in the table below:

Food Item

Health Boost (In Hearts)

Temper Boost

Growth Boost When Given To A Foal




30 seconds




1 minute

Hay bale



3 minutes




20 seconds

Golden Apples



4 minutes

Golden Carrots



1 minute

Hay bales can only be fed to tamed mules.

Other Fun Mule Facts

  • Breeding mules gives the ‘Artificial Selection’ achievement (selective breeding)

  • A foal cannot carry a chest

  • Mules will roam idly like horses, and will dip their heads to eat grass (with no grass actually being eaten). Tame mules will stand idle

  • A mules health bar will overtake the player’s hunger bar in the HUD when ridden

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