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Everything You Need To Know About Wolf In Minecraft

They’re man’s best friend for a reason; wolves in Minecraft may not be your average pooch, but they sure do come in handy.
Everything You Need To Know About Wolf In Minecraft

Where Do Wolves Spawn In Minecraft?

You can find wolves in:

  • Wooded Hills
  • Cold taiga biomes
  • Old growth taiga 
  • Snowy biomes

You will find wolves in packs of 4 on grass, dirt, snow or podzol.

Each wolf spawned has a 10% chance of being a puppy, and all naturally spawned wolves will be untamed.

In creative mode, a Minecraft wolf can be spawned in via a spawn egg.

What Do Wolves Drop In Minecraft?

When killed by a player or a tamed wolf, an adult wolf will drop:

  • 1-3 experience points (even tamed wolves killed by their owners)

Killing puppies gives no experience points.

What Does A Wolf Do?

Depending on the player's actions, a Minecraft wolf has three natural ‘states’ in the game which aren't static and can change.

Untamed Wolves

Untamed wolves have drooping tails and narrowed eyes.

A wild wolf will wander the game world, and won’t despawn, even if the chunk is unloaded

Angry Wolves

Wolves become angry (both a tamed and wild wolf) when attacked, whether by a player (if untamed by them) or another mob.

A hostile wolf will constantly growl, have it’s tail held out straight, have glowing red eyes and a snarling facial expression. Angry wolves cannot be leashed.

Tamed Wolves

Tame wolves adopt a kind expression, with their eyes slanting upwards and a new red collar appears around their necks.

Will A Wolf Follow Me In Minecraft?

Wolves that are tame will follow the player around, staying within a certain number of blocks, unless they’re made to sit. 

If the player moves more than 12 blocks away from the wolf, it will teleport to them.

Wolves that are leashed to a fence or that are in the sitting position won’t teleport.

Can Wolves In Minecraft Do Tricks?

A Minecraft wolf can do a few tricks, including sitting. A wild wolf can’t sit, but a tame wolf can be told to sit on command by the player to keep them in one place, as they wont follow the player while sat.

To make a wolf sit:

  1. Approach the tamed wolf you want to make sit
  2. Stand infront of the wolf and press ‘use’

To make the wolf stand again, press ‘use’.

Do Wolves Beg?

Wolves beg for food in Minecraft, if they are within 8 blocks of a player holding meat or bones.

Wolves beg by tilting their heads and staring longingly at the food for 2-4 seconds.

Will A Wolf Attack Me?

Untamed wolves are neutral towards the player, only attacking if provoked.

If a wolf tamed by another player is around when a player attacks, they will defend their owner and retaliate.

In the Java edition, if a wolf’s owner or wolf is attacked, any other wolves in the area belonging to the victim will attack the aggressor, meaning tamed wolves will attack other players if they’re hit.

Wolves tamed to the player will never attack their owners, even if repeatedly hit. 

Wolves will run and leap at their targets, but cause no damage in the air.

In peaceful mode, wolves will not attack players at all.

Will Wolves Attack Other Animals?

Untamed wolves in Minecraft will attack some animals on sight:

  • Sheep
  • Rabbits
  • Foxes
  • Baby turtles
  • Skeletons

Tame wolves will attack skeletons without provocatioin, and will defend the player against all other hostile mobs except:

  • Creepers
  • Ghasts
  • Tamed horses 
  • Tamed cats 

What Do Wolves Eat In Minecraft? Can They Heal?

Wolves can eat many foods in Minecraft with a few differences between the Java and Bedrock editions. Food heals wolves, with the amount of health points recovered depending on the type of food eaten.

Raw Cod
Raw Salmon
X1Bedrock Only
Cooked CodX2 ½Bedrock Only
Cooked SalmonX3Bedrock Only
Puffer Fish
Tropical Fish
X½Bedrock Only - no negative status effects
Raw Chicken½1No hunger effect
Cooked Chicken½3
Raw Porkchop
Raw Beef
Raw Rabbit
11 ½
Raw Mutton11
Cooked Porkchop14
Cooked Rabbit12 ½
Rotten Flesh12No hunger effect
Rabbit StewX5Bedrock Only

Bones are only fed to wolves when breeding.

How To Feed A Wolf In Minecraft

To feed a wolf in Minecraft:

  1. Open the inventory by pressing E
  2. Ensure the food you want to feed is in your main hand 
  3. Stand  infront of the wolf you wish to feed
  4. Press E

Wolves cannot get food poisoning from raw meat.

Wolf’s Health

Players can visually determine the health of their tamed wolves (and wild wolves to some degree) by their tail position.

The angle of a wolf’s tail shows the percentage of health the wolf has, meaning tamed wolves will always have a perkier tail than an untamed one (tamed wolves maximum health is 10 hearts, an untamed wolf’s max health is 4)

Tamed wolves whine when they have low health (under 5 hearts).

How Do You Tame Wolves In Minecraft?

Wolves are tamed in Minecraft by feeding them bones.

The number of bones needed to tame a wolf is random; each bone fed has a ⅓ chance of taming the wolf, so bringing enough bones is advised.

  1. Hold the bone in your main hand
  2. Approach wolf  and press ‘use’ to feed

You will know the wolf is tamed by the appearance of hearts around the wolf, the wolf sitting, and the red collar around the wolf’s neck.

Can You Breed Wolves In Minecraft?

Players can breed tame adult wolves in Minecraft if they’re at full health, with each attempt having a 5 minute cooldown.

A wolf that’s fed meat will enter love mode (if at full health).

To breed a wolf: 

  1. Feed the first wolf to get it to enter love mode (shown by hearts surrounding its head)
  2. Feed  the second wolf you wish to breed in the same way
  3. The wolves will path-find towards each other and entangle for a moment, before a pup is born.

Rabbit stew, fish or bones cannot be used to breed wolves. 

Feeding a wolf pup any meat will reduce remaining maturation time by 10%.

Breeding Owned Wolves

If two tamed wolves are owned by someone else but bred by the player in Minecraft, the pup will belong to the parents owner.

If two tamed wolves are bred with different owners, the pup belongs to the owner of the older parent wolf.

Other Fun Wolf Facts

  • Wolves will chase bats despite not being able to catch them
  • Wolves beg for bones even when they have no use for them
  • Wolves fur changes color when in water
  • A wolf’s collar can be dyed different colors
  • Players can push wolves through portals in Minecraft
  • Wolves hate llamas
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