How To Make Lime Dye In Minecraft

Lime is so far the best color in Minecraft because it’s so colorful and stands out in the world. In this article, we’ll show you how to craft Lime Dye.
How To Make Lime Dye In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Lime Dye

Lime Dye is a secondary dye in Minecraft. To craft it, you will need to combine two primary dyes together. You can also farm it in a massive amount by making a sea pickle farm.

  • 1x Green Dye and 1x White Dye
  • OR 1x Sea Pickle

How to craft Lime Dye in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Green Dye

The first thing you need to do is to find Cactus. They used to spawn naturally in the Desert biome. You only need 1x Cactus to grow and harvest more cactus from it.


When you have 1x Cactus, put it in the Furnace to get 1x Green Dye.

smell cactus

You can find Green Dye in looted chests in Desert Villages with a small chance.

green dye in chest

Another way to get Green Dye is to trade with Wandering traders. They sell 3x Green Dye for 1x Emerald.

trade green dye

#2 Collect 1x White Dye

White Dye can only be crafted by using either Bone Meal or Lily of the Valley.

bone meal and lily of the valley

You can find Bone Meal by crafting 1x Bone for 3x Bone Meal. With each Bone Meal, you can get 1x White Dye.

bone meal to white dye

If you want to take an adventure route, look for Flower Forest biome to farm Lily of the Valley. When you have it, put it in the crafting grid to get 1x White Dye.

lily of the valley to white dye

#3 Another Way to Get Lime Dye

The only way to get Lime Dye directly is to smell Sea Pickle in a Furnace. You will get 1x Lime Dye for 1x Sea Pickle.

sea pickle to lime dye

Sea Pickles are usually generated in the Coral Reefs biome.

sea pickles

#4 Finish off crafting a Lime Dye

When you have 1x White Dye and 1x Lime Dye, simply put them in the crafting grid to craft 2x Lime Dye. No Crafting Table is needed.

lime dye

What is the give command to get a Lime Dye?

The command to give yourself a Lime Dye is: /give @p lime_dye 1

Now you have Lime Dye, let’s paint your world to make it more alive!

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