Everything You Need To Know About Striders In Minecraft

Large, strange and otherworldly, Striders in Minecraft are actually very useful. Here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Striders.

Updated on Nov 16, 2023
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Everything You Need To Know About Striders In Minecraft

Where Do Striders Spawn?

Strider spawns occur in every nether biome in groups of 2-4. They only spawn on lava 2 blocks tall with a block of air above. The biomes which striders can spawn naturally in are:

  • Lava Sea biome

  • Delta biome

  • Nether Wastes biome

  • Crimson Forest biome

  • Warped Forest biome

  • Soul Sand Valley biome

  • Basalt Delta biome


In the Java edition of the game, striders are the only passive mob in the nether, so they have the chance to spawn every 400 in-game ticks.

In the Bedrock edition of the game, the spawn rate of striders depends on biome.


Every strider spawned has a 1 in 10 chance of being a baby strider, and these can spawn riding on the top of a previously spawned strider.

Zombified piglins have a 1 in 30 chance of spawning riding a strider as a strider jockey, with a saddle and warped fungus on a stick.


Striders can also be spawned in via the /summon command and strider spawn eggs in creative mode; spawn eggs are not available in survival mode.

What Do Striders Drop?

If killed by a player or a tamed wolf, a strider in Minecraft will drop:

  • 2-5 string (if killed with a weapon enchanted with Looting III, this raises to a maximum of 8)

  • 1-2 experience points (in Java)/ 1-3 experience points (in Bedrock)

If a strider is wearing a saddle on death (from a strider jockey), it will always drop it.

Does Lava Hurt A Strider?

No, lava or magma does no damage to striders. Striders can also walk on top of lava blocks without sinking.

Do Striders In Minecraft Need Lava?

Yes, striders require lava as they turn purple and shiver without it, and will actively seek it out.

Does Water Hurt Striders?

Yes, water will damage a strider in Minecraft. Striders are harmed by water in the Overworld and the Nether, as well as snow and other water sources:

  • Bodies of water

  • Rain

  • Splash water bottles


Striders take half a heart of damage per water splash bottle, and a heart of damage each second when submerged in water or in rain.

Striders will slowly sink in water and take damage.

Striders will still take damage from rain even when in lava.


Striders take extra damage from freezing in powder snow.

Can Striders Hurt Me?

Striders are passive mobs, so will not hurt the player even if attacked, however if a strider is being ridden by a Zombified Piglin and the player aggravates the piglin, the strider will charge towards the player.


If striders are hit, they will flee and vocalise on retreat.

Can Striders Leave The Nether In Minecraft?

Yes, striders can leave the Nether. Striders can survive in the Overworld and do not zombify. Striders can be lead out of the Nether on a lead, but cannot be ridden through a Nether portal.

Why Do Striders Turn Purple?

Striders turn purple when out of lava, presumably because they get cold.


Striders will start shivering, grimace and move a lot slower with shortened legs when out of lava, in addition to being purple.

Can You Tame Striders In Minecraft?

No, striders cannot be conventionally tamed in Minecreft. Players can attach them to leads however, or lead them into a pen with warped fungus.

Can You Ride Striders In Minecraft?

Yes, you can ride striders in Minecraft. Strider mounts are usually used to ride across lava lakes and lava oceans in the nether.


To ride a strider across lava pools, you need a saddle and warped fungus on a stick to control them.

Where To Find A Saddle

Saddles can only be found in Minecraft, they cannot be crafted.


The places you can find saddles in Minecraft are:

  • Trading with a leatherworker villager (chance to trade is 100% in Java, 50% is Bedrock)

  • As chest loot

  • As fishing treasure

How Do You Equip A Saddle On A Strider?

To equip a saddle on a strider:

  1. Ensure the saddle is in your inventory

  2. Hold the saddle in your main hand

  3. Approach the strider you wish to ride and press ‘use’ to place the saddle onto the strider

  4. Press ‘use’ again to mount the strider

How To Get Warped Fungus On A Stick

You can either craft a warped fungus on a stick using a fishing rod and warped fungus, or pick it up from a killed zombified piglin once killed (8.5% chance to drop) if riding a strider.

What Do Minecraft Striders Eat?

Striders eat warped fungus in Minecraft, which enters them into love mode and allows them to breed.


Baby striders can also be fed warped fungus to decrease their maturation time by 10% of the time remaining.

Can You Breed Striders In Minecraft?

Yes, you can breed striders together in Minecraft to produce a baby strider. Striders are bred with warped fungi.


Breeding a strider gives 1-7 experience points, and there is a 5 minute breeding cooldown.

How To Breed Striders

To mate striders in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Collect two pieces of warped fungi

  2. Find two striders

  3. Hold the warped fungus in your main hand

  4. Lead the first strider towards the second strider

  5. Feed the striders one piece of warped fungi each (press ‘use’ while facing one)

  6. The striders will enter love mode, pathfind to each other and mate

  7. A baby strider will be born

Other Fun Facts About Striders

  • Striders feature in the achievements: Feels Like Home and This Boat Has Legs

  • Striders feature in the advancements: Feels Like Home, The Parrots And The Bats, and Two By Two

  • Striders had a dorsal fin as an unused texture

  • The reason striders drop string is from the bristles on their heads, used by piglins to make crossbows

  • Before they were added to the game, striders would lose their legs, bounce around on the floor and die when taken out of lava

  • Strider babies can stack

  • Striders can walk on top of other mobs

  • A baby strider riding ontop of an adult strider will continue to grow to maturity while still riding the adult strider, and will not dismount

  • In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, baby striders spawn more often than adult striders, even with spawn eggs

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