How To Make Magma Block In Minecraft

Don’t know how to craft a magma block? Don’t worry, as we have shared an extensive guide on how to craft a magma block in an easy way. So read on.
How To Make Magma Block In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make A Magma Block

To make a magma block, place 4x magma cream in a specific order on a 3x3 crafting table. Within seconds, you will see a magma block on the right  side of your  crafting table. From where you can move them to inventory. 

Everything you need 

  • 1x Crafting table 
  • 4x Magma cream 

Still Confused? There's no need to worry about anything, as we explain the whole process with screenshots below. So, keep reading.

How To Craft Magma Block 

#1 Open Your Crafting Table 

First things first, open your crafting table,so that you can have a 3x3 crafting table as you can see in the screenshot below. 

Just place your crafting table and right click on it. 

Before moving to the next step make sure you have enough magma cream. You can get magma cream by killing a magma cube. In any case, if you don't want to waste your time, don't kill a magma cube, just check out our guide on how to craft magma cream in no time. 

#2 Add 4x Magma Cream Into Crafting Table 

In this step, place 4x magma cream on a 3x3 crafting table so that 2x magma cream appears on the first row, followed by 2x magma cream on the second row.  

Displacement of magma cream to any other row or box won’t get you a block of magma. So, be careful while placing them. 

#3 Move A Block Of Magma To Inventory

The above process will result in a block of magma on the right side of your crafting grid. Now is the time to move the magma block to inventory. 

Just drag and drop and you are done. 

Repeat the process again and again to get your desired number of magma blocks. 

What is the give command to get a magma block?

The give command to get yourself a magma block is: /give @p magma_block 1.

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