How To Make Diorite In Minecraft

Diorite is a perfect substitute for stone but crafting it - is a tricky thing. We have designed an extensive guide on how to craft a diorite.
How To Make Diorite In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Diorite

To craft diorite, first, place 1 cobblestone and then 1 nether quartz in the first row. Next, put 1 nether quartz and 1 cobblestone on the 2nd row of the 3x3 crafting table. You will get a diorite on the right side of the crafting table. 

  • 2x nether quartz
  • 2x cobblestone
  • 1x crafting table

Still, confused with the process? Let us explain the whole process in a step by step guide ahead!

How to craft Diorite

#1 Open the crafting table

Go near the crafting table and right-click on it. This will open up a 3x3 crafting grid on our screen.

Before starting the process make sure you have enough nether quartz and cobblestone with you. You can mine around and get the essential item into your inventory. After having these items, you can move to the next step

#2  Place Cobblestone and Nether Quartz in Crafting Table

For the first row of the 3x3 crafting table, the first box should have cobblestone and nether quartz should be on the 2nd box. For the 2nd row, first place nether quartz and then cobblestone. Wait for a while and this process will get you 2 diorite.

#3 Move Diorite Into the inventory

Once done, you can move the final product by just dragging and dropping.

Repeat the process to get as many diorites as you want.

What Is The Give Command To Get A Diorite?

The give command for you to get diorite is”:/give @p diorite 1”

You can use the diorite to craft like diorite stairs and diorite walls.

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