How To Make Diamond In Minecraft

Diamond is a rare item in Minecraft and so does its crafting. But hold on while we share a step-by-step guide on how to craft diamonds.
How To Make Diamond In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Diamond

To get a diamond, you have to break a diamond ore and break it with the help of a Diamond or Iron pickaxe. A diamond will float on your screen and you can drag and drop it into the hotbar. Another way to get a diamond is to place a block of diamond on a crafting table and it will give you a 9x diamond.

  • 1x pickaxe
  • 1x block of diamond
  • 1x Diamond Ore
  • 1x Furnace
  • 1x Coal

How to craft Diamond

#1 Find Diamond Ore

There are 3 methods that can get you a diamond but all three start from finding a diamond ore. It's a rare item and took time to find one diamond ore. You can try your luck in the mountains and caves. The best places to find are below y level - 16. The following image shows what diamond ore looks like.

#2 Break A Diamond Ore

Magic won't happen unless you show the pickaxe. In this step, you have to hold a pickaxe like a diamond pickaxe, nether, or iron pickaxe. Other types of pickaxe won't work for diamond ore. Now with a pickaxe in your hand, break the ore until you see a shiny item on that surface. You have found a rare diamond.

#3 Move Diamond Into Your Inventory

Hurry up before the diamond disappears. Now, you just have to pick up that diamond and place it in a hot bar. 

Another way to get a Diamond is by placing a 1x block of diamond on a 3x3 crafting grid. This will get you 9x diamonds at one shot. If you have a block in your inventory you can use this method. 

Another way to get diamonds is to place 1x diamond ore in the furnace and burn it with some fuel. You can use any of the methods above but the basic method is by finding a diamond ore.

What is the give command to get a Diamond?

The give command to get yourself a Diamond is “/give @p diamond 1”.
We hope you liked the guide. You can explore to know what other things you can make with Diamond.

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