Minecraft skins are not showing fix

Minecraft is a game that relies on the creativity of its player base. This creativity is seen in both the buildings and skins, which are showcased on Minecraft’s subreddit. The worst feeling is when you either spend your hard-earned cash or a long amount of time on a Minecraft skin and then right after you apply, it doesn’t apply to your character.Other versions of Minecraft use a different version of the game called the Bedrock version, which is also available on the PC; the Bedrock version doesn’t feature the ability to customize your skin instead offering the ability to buy skin and skin packs.This article will go through a variety of different fixes to get your skin showing!

Minecraft Skin not appearing on PC

The biggest issue for a player that wants to create their own skin is to apply it. This may seem very easy for some, but others can continuous issues with this step in the customization of your Minecraft character.Sometimes this can be fixed by just closing out the Minecraft client then re-opening the client to see the new updated skin when you join into a server or create a world. While sometimes that does fix the issue, if Minecraft.net is just taking a little while to update the skin, if the skin is the wrong resolution, then the skin won’t be applied.The skin will be updated if Minecraft.net is just lagging a bit to updating the skin, Method one is the simple but effective fix to this issue.The file may still be the wrong resolution, even if Minecraft.net shows the "Your skin has been changed! Please wait a few seconds for it to update" popup on your screen. Minecraft skins are a very small resolution of 64 x 64.There are a variety of different methods to try and fix this issue including:

  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 4
  • Method 5

Minecraft Skin not appearing on Xbox

Minecraft skins work a bit differently for the Xbox version. It is called the Bedrock edition. While this version is available on the PC version, the Bedrock version is currently the only way to enjoy Minecraft on the Xbox and on your mobile devices. The Bedrock version doesn’t allow for custom skins instead having skin packs that are either created and sold on the included marketplace (Using Minecraft’s own currency called Minecoin) or created by the Mojang team themselves.Skin packs released by Mojang Studios have been thoroughly checked and shouldn’t have any issue. Instead, the most common issue will most likely be the lagging behind when updating the skin on the Microsoft server if you are playing online as compared to if you are playing on a single player world. This issue can be solved in a variety of ways, which are explained in Method one.The main idea is to either restart the Minecraft game or to wait until the skin is updated; many say that this happens exceedingly quickly, but others have said how it can take up to an hour to complete the skin change.Some have even reported success by completely restarting the Xbox, which then reconnects the Xbox service. This can update the skin but take a considerable amount of time.There are a variety of different methods to try and fix this issue including:

  • Method 1
  • Method 7

Minecraft Skin not appearing on Playstation

Playstation has its own version of Minecraft which was converted to the Bedrock version of Minecraft. Originally Xbox, Mobile, and Playstation versions all were separate from each other, but after Microsoft bought Mojang studios, those other versions were merged together into the Bedrock version. This merger excluded the Playstation version, which makes sense as Microsoft is trying to garner much more interest in their console, the Xbox One.This version of Minecraft also handles skins different from the previous two different versions. The Playstation version of Minecraft uses the PlayStation marketplace to purchase the skin packs that allow users to change your Minecraft skin easily.One prime example of this is Minecraft Skin Pack 1 and is currently priced at $2.99.Which consists of just waiting until the server refreshes or updates your client.There are a variety of different methods to try and fix this issue including:

  • Method 1
  • Method 7

Minecraft Skin not appearing on Multiplayer

Multiplayer in Minecraft handles the skin quite differently depending on the version that you are currently playing. The main issue for all versions is the slower internet connection, and this is because of the lower bandwidth.One prime example of this is when players load into a Minecraft server, and all they see are the default Steve skins rather than the skins of the actual players. This is mostly due to the slower connection taking longer to download the skins.Sadly, there isn’t a direct fix for the issue, and instead, the best method to potentially fix this problem is method seven or to get your internet upgraded. There are a variety of different methods to try and fix this issue including:

  • Method 3
  • Method 6
  • Method 7

Minecraft Skin not appearing on SinglePlayer

A reason why your skin may not be showing in a singleplayer world is that you currently don’t currently have an active internet connection. This is fixed by method seven as well, and this happens because each time you load into a world, Minecraft downloads your skin.Minecraft also applies the downloaded skin to the character every time you create or join a single player world. There are a variety of different methods to try and fix this issue including:

  • Method 1
  • Method 2
  • Method 4
  • Method 5

Methods to Fix This Issue

There are a large number of ways to fix these issues; the next seven paragraphs will be going over step-by-step ways to fix the variety of issues that may have occurred.

Method 1: Skin Hasn’t Refreshed Yet

  1. This method is the simplest when compared to the next six methods.
  2. The way to fix this issue is to wait until the Minecraft.net server updates your skin simply, this can take just seconds after changing the skin to even over an hour.
  3. Which means that patience is the key to ensuring your skin gets updated correctly and without issue.
  4. After a long amount of time and your skin still isn’t updated, the second-best option that still counts in this method is to restart your Minecraft game. This can cause Minecraft to check which skin you want and could potentially lead to your skin being updated, just a bit quicker when compared to just waiting.
  5. The final measure that you can take in this method is to close out the Minecraft launcher completely; this is different than just closing the Minecraft game instance as the Minecraft game instance primarily relies on the information originally provided by the Minecraft launcher. This means that if your Minecraft launcher has the wrong information, so will the Minecraft game instance.

Although, very few times should users have to take the second or even the third measure explained above, and these measures won’t affect the skin once it does get applied, depending on the speed of your PC could lead you to have a long wait time to resign into Minecraft.This is also one of the most common methods that people use to fix the issue of having their skin not appearing after just applying it, either relogging or completely closing out the Minecraft Launcher could lead to potentially a quicker Skin change.

Method 2: You’re not using a registered version of Minecraft, meaning Your skin can’t be registered to your account

  1. This is another simple method that requires little to no work for most people, and this is also one of the least common issues people have. This is the least common issue partly due to the fact that pirating the game of Minecraft usually leads to a minimal experience overall, meaning you are unable to connect to official servers. This setting stopped them from checking each player with Mojang and instead just allowed them to join.
  2. If you have a pirated version of Minecraft and don't have an active Mojang account meaning that there is nowhere to submit your new skin too. Some players have posted videos asking why they are unable to see their skin and were told to buy and support the game rather than just stealing the game for self-use.

While this is a hindrance, remember that Minecraft is just $25, which for the hours of play most players get from the game is well worth the lower price tag.Anyone suffering from this issue should purchase the game and experience the full wonder that is Minecraft first hand and un-pirated as pirating a game is wrong and leads to a heavily limited experience.

Method 3: The server you are playing on has Online-Mode = False, meaning no authentication with the Mojang Servers

This may not be under your control, and there are certain settings that server owners have that are completely unable to be edited by players on the server.

  1. One of these settings include the Online-Mode; this setting makes it, so the server has to authenticate with Mojang’s server. This means that when the Online-Mode is true, “cracked” or pirated versions of the game will be unable to join. While with this setting set to false, any player with a Minecraft.exe application is able to join and interact with each other.
  2. As a side effect of having this setting on and not authenticating the Minecraft players with an associated Mojang account. The easiest way to fix this issue is to join a server that has this setting changed to true.
  3. The good news is that most servers have that setting as true because it’s the default when creating a new server or renting a server from a third party website.

Method 4: You Changed Your Char.PNG File From Within the Minecraft Jar Rather than changing it on Your Minecraft Profile

  1. This Method only happens in a particular circumstance and only with the Java edition of Minecraft. This is because, in the other versions of the game, most files are hidden and not accessible to the player. The bedrock edition doesn’t have the needed folders and files available to the end-user to ensure that no issues like this occurs.
  2. This isn’t the case for the Java edition, which uses files that can be easily edited, and this can lead to some confusion as if users edit the char PNG file. Since the Minecraft Servers constantly check and if needed, overwrite the Char.PNG.
  3. The only way to fix this problem is to change your avatar’s image in using Minecraft.net and your Mojang account rather than just changing the Char PNG file. This error is at least a simple mistake and can be easily corrected, allowing players to get back to playing the game faster!

Method 5: Uploaded Skin isn’t the correct resolution

Minecraft skins are a very small image when compared to standard images you might edit on your computer. Minecraft images size at maximum is just 64 x 64 pixels. Resizing your Minecraft skin may lead to it being larger than intended.

  1. If your desired Minecraft skin is larger than the 64 x 32 pixels or 64 x 64 pixels resolution, the skin can either display incorrectly or not display the skin at all.
  2. This can be due to the fact that Minecraft’s skin is supposed to be laid out in a certain way, and any image that is not created with that in mind may end up either being the default skin or a totally transparent skin.
  3. While those are the symptoms of trying to apply the skin that may be too big to the Minecraft character, the easiest way to fix this issue is to resize the image.
  4. That can be done one of two ways, either using a photo editor to go into and change the size with ease manually.

Using a Photo Editor

Some of the best photo editors to use are Adobe’s Photoshop, GIMP, and even Windows Paint. While GIMP and Windows Paint are entirely free, Photoshop is a paid software that is the most commonly known. Photoshop has the most user-friendly UI when comparing all three and with the lack of layers that are available on Windows Paint.

  1. To resize the image, you’ll need to download and open up the Minecraft skin template. This template will set the correct size for the canvas on Photoshop.
  2. You can also do this by simply clicking on new and manually entering in the desired width and height.
  3. After getting the canvas to the desired size, You can see how the Minecraft template is laid out and double-check with your new desired skin to ensure that it is in a similar layout.
  4. Then you can import your skin’s PNG into the photo editor of your choice and manually resize PNG image.

Using a Skin Creator

  1. The secondary way to resize the image and make the Minecraft skin work when playing in-game. This way has you uploading the image and the skin creator, like the Nova Skin editor or Planet Minecraft’s advanced skin editor. These skin editors orientate the picture and even gives you a preview of how the skin will look when applied to the Minecraft character.
  2. These skin editors also offer the ability to apply the skin without having to go to Minecraft’s website and save the skin.
  3. The large number of skin creators available means that if the first skin creator you look at isn’t the one that you want, then you can easily look online and choose the features that you want to see in the desired skin editor.

Method 6: You’re Playing in an Offline Mode

We went over how to join a different server and why people would run a server with the online-mode option set to false.

  1. Turning the Online-Mode to True
  2. Navigate to and open the “Minecraft Server” folder on your computer, this method is only effective if you currently use your computer to host the Server or have access to a friend’s Minecraft Server.
  1. Remove The CheckMark Next To the Minecraft Server Name
  2. After unchecking this mark, this will temporarily disable the Minecraft server. After stopping the server, you should see it as unavailable rather than with the green bars.
  1. Open the “Server.properties” File
  2. In the “Minecraft Server” folder in your computer, you’ll need to navigate down to find the “Server. Properties” file. This file the basic settings that Minecraft defaults to; since this file is a .properties, you can open this file in the default text editors like Notepad or Text editor.
  1. Locate Online-Mode Option
  2. The server.properties is not a long file, having just seventeen lines which all correlate to settings that your Minecraft server uses. These settings are range from the server’s view-distance, the difficulty of the world, which game mode you are into even the online-mode setting.
  3. When this setting is set to false, this server will not require the players to have an associated Mojang account, this leads to the skins of the players not being shown, but players that haven’t bought the game can join.
  4. When this setting is set to true, this server will require players to have an associated Mojang account, and this stops people who own a “cracked” version of the game.

Save the File

To save the file is very simple, in Notepad, under the File tab on the upper section of the program. A dropdown menu will be spawned, and then saving is as simple as just clicking the save option or using the keyboard shortcut of Control + S to save the file immediately.

Replace the Checkmark

Then you need to restart the Minecraft Server, which can be done by double-clicking the checkmark. Then Opening the cracked version of the Minecraft launcher has the option to play offline; this makes it so you are only able to connect to cracked or Online-mode servers.

Method 7: Non-Active Internet Connection

An active internet connection is required to play Minecraft, and if you have a slow or non-active Internet connection, you can see a plethora of different issues that can arise.

  1. Slow Internet connection
  2. A slow internet connection can lead to skins not updating in time, as well as other players not moving around in real-time instead being “Rubberbanded” to a variety of different locations.
  3. Slow Internet connections are not uncommon, and if the server has a bad connection to the player, then similar issues can occur.
  4. The slower connections mean that skins will slowly be downloaded and applied to the characters as they move around.
  5. This can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to up to an hour, the delay usually leads to the confusion of a person not having a custom skin.
  1. Non-Active Internet Connection
  2. Having a non-active internet connection means that you won’t be able to play online at all, but in single-player, the char.png won’t be updated and could potentially be stuck on the previous skin or the default Steve skin.
  1. Fixes for Slow Internet Connection issues
  2. There are a variety of different ways to fix this issue ranging from restarting your computer, disconnecting, and reconnecting to the internet, changing from wireless connection to a wired connection.
  3. In addition to the three possible fixes above, removing devices from your WiFi can also easily increase your internet speed.
  4. This is due to the limited bandwidth of some internet connection feature. The fewer devices connected to a single router/modem means less data having to transfer and a faster transfer rate when compared.
  5. Disconnecting and reconnecting to the WiFi can significantly change the internet speed provided by the modem/router.
  6. Another possible fix for the slower internet connection is to plug your computer directly into a router/modem; a direct connection offers a much more reliable and faster connection overall when compared to a connection through WiFi.
  7. A direct connection is commonly used instead of WiFi when the provided internet connection is slower overall.
  8. The last way to increase your internet connection speed it to call your internet provider and pay for a higher internet package, which allows for a more stable internet connection with overall faster speed.
  1. Fix a Non-Active Internet Connection Issues
  2. The easiest fix for this issue can be to restart your router, which can be a perfect fix for this issue.
  3. Restarting your router is a slower process, which means that if you do choose to try and restart the router/modem, be aware it can take up to five minutes to fully restart and reconnect your computer to the wifi/hardline internet.
  4. If that doesn’t fix the non-active internet connection, then the next step is to check your computer why it doesn’t correctly connect to the WiFi provided by your router. This can be because of some issues with the WiFi card installed into your PC.


Since Minecraft skins are all different and a significant part as to why Minecraft gained its popularity, if you are having trouble getting your skin to show then following these tips should allow you to show off your skin to your friends and other Minecraft players!