Minecraft Skins Are Not Showing Fix

Whether you’re downloading or buying your skins, there’s a chance you’ll encounter issues, which is why we’re here to help!
Minecraft Skins Are Not Showing Fix

Minecraft is a game that relies on the creativity of its player base. This is further seen with Minecraft skins and just how creative custom skins can get. The default steve skin won't cut it for many people, which is why it's frustrating when your custom skin won't show after you've either downloaded or bought it.

Minecraft has many different versions of the game, and one of those is called the Bedrock version. The bedrock edition version of Minecraft doesn't allow you to customize your skin, forcing you to buy skins via skin packs. This article will go through a variety of different fixes to get your custom skin showing!

Minecraft Skin Pack

How to Fix Minecraft Skins Not Showing

There are a large number of ways to fix these issues, and the next few methods will be going over ways to fix the variety of issues that may have occurred.

Skin Hasn’t Refreshed Yet

The way to fix this issue is to wait until the Minecraft.net server simply updates your skin, this can take just seconds after changing the skin to even over an hour. Patience is the key to ensuring your skin gets updated correctly and without issue.

Minecraft.net Website

If your skin still hasn't been updated, the second-best option would be to restart your Minecraft game. This can cause Minecraft to check which skin you want and could potentially lead to your skins tab not being updated.

Cracked or Pirated Game Version

If you have a pirated version of Minecraft and don't have an active Mojang account, then your skin simply won't show. Some players who pirated Minecraft regularly post on forums asking if they have a Minecraft skin bug, but it usually boils down to them not realizing that they are basically playing in offline mode. Playing online with Mojang's authentication will always require you to have a premium account.

Anyone suffering from this issue should purchase the game and experience every feature Minecraft has to offer, including custom skins. If you simply can't afford to buy it, then maybe you could check out our guide on how you can get a free Minecraft premium account with services like Freecash. If not, then you'll just have to be content with steve skins.

Server Online Mode Set to False

This may not be under your control, and there are certain settings that Minecraft server owners can change on their server. One of these settings includes the 'Online Mode' setting; this setting makes it so the Minecraft server has to authenticate with Mojang’s server first. Meaning that when it's set to 'false', “cracked” or pirated versions of the game will be able to join the server.

Failed to Login

This might happen even if you're playing in Offline Mode via a cracked Minecraft launcher. If you really want to play online with a new skin, then you'll have to cough up the money for a premium account down the line.

The easiest way to fix this issue and play online is to join a server that has this setting changed to true. The good news is that most servers have that setting as true because it’s the default when creating a new server or renting a server from a third-party website.

Internet Connection Issues

An active internet connection is required to play Minecraft, and if you have a slow or non-active connection, you'll start experiencing a plethora of different issues related to your skin not showing.

Slow Internet

A slow connection can lead to skins not updating in time, as well as other players not moving around in real-time, instead being “Rubberbanded” to a variety of different locations. Slow Internet connections are not uncommon, and if the server has a bad connection to the player, then similar issues can occur

Non-Active Internet Connection

Having a non-active connection means that you won’t be able to experience multiplayer at all. As for single-player, the reason why a non-existing connection might influence your skin not showing is because of your char.webp not being able to update itself.

Internet Settings

There are a variety of different ways to fix this issue. You could start by restarting your computer. If that doesn't work, keep disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet. If all else fails, contact your Internet service provider or consider changing from a wireless connection to a wired connection.

Uploaded Skin Isn’t the Correct Resolution

Minecraft skins are very small in terms of image size. At its maximum, it's just 64 x 64 pixels. Resizing your Minecraft skin may lead to it being larger than intended.

Minecraft Skin Template

If your desired Minecraft skins are larger than the 64 x 32 pixels or 64 x 64 pixels resolution, the skin can either display incorrectly or not display on the skin at all. This can be due to the fact that Minecraft’s skin is supposed to be laid out in a certain way, and any image that is not created with that in mind may end up being the default skin or a totally transparent skin.

While those are the symptoms of trying to apply the skin that may be too big to the Minecraft character, the easiest way to fix this issue is to resize the image. That can be done one of two ways.

Using a Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop Skin Template

Some of the best photo editors to use are Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and even Windows Paint. While GIMP and Windows Paint are entirely free, Photoshop is a paid software that is the most commonly known. Photoshop has the most user-friendly UI when comparing all three and with the lack of layers that are available on Windows Paint.

  1. To resize the image, you’ll need to download and open up the Minecraft skin template. This template will set the correct size for the canvas in Photoshop.
  2. You can also do this by simply clicking on 'new' and manually entering the desired width and height.
  3. After getting the canvas to the desired size, you'll see how the Minecraft template is laid out.
  4. This is where you need to double-check with your new desired skin to ensure that it is in a similar layout.
  5. Then you can import your skin’s PNG into a photo editor of your choice and manually resize the PNG file image.

Using a Skin Creator

Planet Minecraft Advanced Skin Editor

This way has you upload the image to a skin creator of your choice like the Nova Skin editor or Planet Minecraft’s advanced skin editor. These skin editors orientate the picture and even give you a preview of how the skin will look when applied to the Minecraft character. These skin editors also offer the ability to apply the skin without having to go to Minecraft’s website and save the skin.

With that being said, we hope that today’s guide helped you fix your issues with both Java and Bedrock Edition skins. There’s so much more to learn about skins, so if you’re interested in more content like this, be sure to check out our guides on how to put an image onto a Minecraft skin and how to upload an actual picture into Minecraft

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