How to Get Free Minecraft Accounts [5 Legit Ways that Work]

Everyone wants to experience the premium Minecraft experience, and today we’ll show you how you can do that for practically free.

How to Get Free Minecraft Accounts [5 Legit Ways that Work]
How to Get Free Minecraft Accounts [5 Legit Ways that Work]

What is a Minecraft Premium Account?

If you want to get the full Minecraft experience, you’re going to need to buy a Minecraft premium account. Nowadays, a Minecraft premium account costs about 26$, and given its popularity, people are always looking for a way to get free Minecraft premium accounts.

Today’s guide will focus on methods through which you can get a free Minecraft premium account. Still, the only official way to get Minecraft accounts would be through with a free Mojang account or Microsoft accounts, so keep that in mind.

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Minecraft Premium Account Features

The benefits you receive upon owning a Minecraft Premium Account are big. When you own a Minecraft premium account, you’ll be able to play multiplayer as it was intended. This means that you’ll be granted the ability to join any official Minecraft server

Another premium feature includes the ability to change your character’s skin, and knowing how popular Minecraft skins are, being able to alter your appearance is a pretty defining feature in multiplayer. As a Minecraft premium account owner, you’ll also be able to download the official Minecraft launcher anytime, which lets you access all of the features that we talked about before.

Minecraft Multiplayer

Can You Get Free Minecraft Accounts?

To be honest, there aren't many ways to get free Minecraft accounts on the internet. Most subscription services or games can't be acquired for free, and this applies even more so to the "Minecraft free accounts" trend. The only sure way to get free Minecraft accounts would be to use the service of another third-party website


How to Get Free Minecraft Accounts with Freecash!

Freecash homepage

Freecash is here to offer you a way to get free accounts for Minecraft. [Widget-Alpha-01]

If you want to start collecting our coins, then you’ll have to do the following: 

1. Register

Make your way to our homepage, and click on the ‘Sign up’ tab. You can also go ahead and sign up by logging into either your google or steam account if you don’t want to do it manually. 

2. Earning Coins

After you’ve signed up or logged into Freecash, you’ll have to earn coins by completing various tasks. You can start doing this by going to the ‘Earn’ tab located at the top of the website. When you click this, you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll see paid surveys and tasks.

Freecash Earn Tab


3. Cashout Coins

If you’ve gathered enough coins to where you can get a free Minecraft account, you can go make your way to the ‘Cashout’ tab located next to the ‘Earn’ Tab. When you’re in the ‘Cashout’ section, you’ll gaze upon an entire list of methods to cash out your coins through.

Freecash Cashout Tab

The methods that you need are the ones that will allow you to transfer your coins into actual money. These are:

  • Bank Transfer 
  • PayPal 
  • Amazon Gift Cards

Roughly 29.000 Freecash coins are enough for a free premium Minecraft account. 

4. Buying a Minecraft Account

As soon as the converted money arrives in your account of choice, you’ll be able to head over to any official store that sells Minecraft and buy Minecraft premium accounts. Our recommended methods would be Paypal and Gift cards, as they're the fastest way to secure a new Minecraft account.

Additionally, creating a Mojang account before you buy it will speed up the process drastically. If you’re also an avid user of cryptocurrencies, then you can also choose to withdraw your money through any of the coins that were previously shown.

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Third-party Resellers 

If you're thinking of buying a Minecraft account, there are multiple third-party websites that allow you to buy Minecraft Java Edition (Minecraft accounts) for a cheaper price.

G2A Minecraft Java Edition Listing

These are websites like G2A, Instant-Gaming, and Kinguin. They sell Minecraft premium account keys for less than the regular price that is shown on These will allow you to play Minecraft just like if you were to buy it from the official website.

How to Get a Free Minecraft Account with Buff!

Buff game homepage

Buff Game is a website that’s unlike any we’ve seen, and it offers you the ability to earn money if you play games. It does this by using the Overwolf API, which basically scans your performance when you’re playing games. If you want to learn more about Buff Game, you can check out our very detailed review


1. Download Buff Desktop

The first thing you need to do is download the Buff desktop app from their official website. This will install the Overwolf API and anything else that you’ll need for their service to work.

2. Register  

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Buff app, you’ll be asked to register.

Buff game app register

3. Play and Earn

Buff Game Homepage

Setting up the app is easy because you only have to go through a simple installation for everything to work. But once you install everything and sign up correctly, you can earn buff points by playing their supported games.

Another thing you can do with the Buff app is complete paid surveys and tasks which give buff points. These tasks will help you pass the time in between matches.

Buff Game Tasks


4. Buying a Minecraft Account

Once you think you’ve earned enough Buff points, check out their marketplace and find a gift card that will allow you to redeem money in a store that offers digital Minecraft account codes. One of the main ways to get a digital Minecraft account code is through Amazon, which is why we’d recommend spending your buff points on an Amazon Gift Card in order to get free premium accounts.

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How to Get a Free Minecraft Account with Idle Empire!

Idle Empire Homepage

Idle Empire offers a GPT service that’s similar to Freecash, and they also offer similar withdrawal methods. Regardless, our review of Idle Empire will show you that it’s still among the best GPT websites on the internet right now, and you’ll be able to earn enough of their points for a free Minecraft premium account. 


1. Register 

In order to use their services, you’ll first have to register. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the top right corner of their website.

2. Earn Points

As soon as you’ve signed up, you can make your way to the ‘Earn’ section. This is where you’ll be able to complete random tasks for points. Your main goal should be to gather enough points for a Minecraft premium account. 

Idle Empire Earn Tab

3. Withdraw

If you think you have enough coins, you can make your way to the ‘Withdraw’ section of the website and convert your earned points into other currencies or digital items of value. There are tons of options available here, and it’s also crypto-friendly.

Idle Empire Withdraw Tab


4. Buying a Minecraft Account

Now, make sure to convert your points through an item that will allow you to purchase a Minecraft premium account digital code, or something that adds actual money to a standalone account.

Idle Empire Amazon Gift Cards


Digital codes for a Minecraft account can usually be found on websites like Amazon, so make sure to get yourself an Amazon gift card. Then once you’ve redeemed that on Amazon, you can go ahead and buy a digital Minecraft account code directly from their store. You have to keep in mind that not every country’s store might have these digital codes, so do your research before you spend Idle Empire points. 

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Freecash, Idle Empire, and Buff can sometimes directly offer Minecraft game codes on their marketplaces, so be on the lookout for that when using their services and websites.

Free Minecraft Account Giveaways 

A great way to get a free Minecraft account and free accounts in general, is to keep an eye out for giveaways online. Even though you’re not guaranteed to win the giveaway, it’s still worth signing up for it and getting a chance at a free account. 

Minecraft Giveaway Website

The issue with these giveaways is that some websites offer giveaways that give away banned accounts. Minecraft accounts like these presumably belonged to hackers, and you most likely wouldn’t want to associate with such accounts.

Free Minecraft Account Scams

Scams are indeed everywhere, and the biggest risk you’re making when trying to get a free Minecraft account or items online is applying to scam websites that seem to offer a free Minecraft account. This is where you should be careful and only apply to approved giveaways and websites that are 100% legit. 

Minecraft Scam Example

The internet is full of "Minecraft free accounts" websites. Websites that have the tendency to sell your personal data and steal your information. These sites also sometimes go as far as to place a virus on your computer, so this is why we urge you to not visit shady “free Minecraft accounts” websites. Your Mojang account and Microsoft account might have personal information that matches the login credentials of your other accounts, so it should be a priority to keep those accounts secure. 

All in all, if you’re not utilizing the services we mentioned above, then getting yourself free premium Minecraft accounts will be very hard, if not impossible. Moving on, if you’re interested in Minecraft and want to know more about the game, be sure to check out our guides on how to duplicate items and find treasure in Minecraft