The Best League Of Legends Skins In Minecraft

Looking your best in Minecraft is a way to show off your sense of style, and League of Legends skins are undoubtedly some of the coolest around.
The Best League Of Legends Skins In Minecraft

What Are The Best League Of Legends Skins In Minecraft?

The best League Of Legends Minecraft skins to use are:

  • Neeko
  • Teemo
  • PROJECT: Vayne
  • Diana (Lunar Goddess)
  • Lee Sin
  • Ryze
  • Ashe
  • Seraphine
  • Kindred
  • Zed
  • Bard

All of these LOL skins are free to download, and while they are not affiliated with Riot games (creators of LOL), there's still plenty of them to explore on the sites linked below.


Neeko - League of Legends

With her purple hair and turquoise skin, Neeko is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable champions in League Of Legends, and for good reason.

The chameleon herself, Neeko is curious and crafty, using her shapeshifting abilities and prowess as a mage to manipulate the primordial magic to her will, borrowing her friends and foes appearances to become the ultimate champion.

This LOL Minecraft skin will show your friends how much you love Neeko, and because of its true likeness to her it’ll be the League of Legends skin everyone’s envious of.

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Teemo - League of Legends

This Minecraft League of Legends skin is an interesting one, and again instantly recognisable. A great League of Legends character to use while exploring a map or out on an adventure, using Teemo will ensure your player character will act with morality, and have a big heart.

Teemo is known to specialize in guerilla warfare in League of Legends, so having this skin on your world will help to bring a sense of mystery and challenge to your game as you play.

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PROJECT: Vayne - League of Legends

The PROJECT: Vayne league of legends Minecraft skin is nothing short of great, with its beautiful colors and intricate design staying true to form, and showcasing the fun that can be had when creating LOL skins.

Shauna Vayne in her PROJECT form prowls the city’s underbelly, brandishing her signature weapons and searching for the monster who killed her family mercilessly, forever.

Undertake her legacy with the beautiful skin shown here for your Minecraft world, and become an astounding marksman and monster hunter.



Diana (Lunar Goddess) - League of Legends

Another astounding Minecraft League of Legends skin, the Lunar Goddess version of Diana is so beautifully made it must be shown off at all times in your game.

With Diana no longer being purely human, this golden, jewel-encrusted skin showcases the air of otherworldliness that the assassin fighter embodies, both in League of Legends and in Minecraft. Refuse to blend in when looking for LOL skins to play with this beautiful addition.

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Lee Sin - League of Legends

The Blind Monk is a good nickname for this next champion, and the League of Legends skins that depict him highlight this fact with his signature red criss-crossed blindfold covering his eyes.

Despite this, players shouldn't worry about this skin being stuck in the realm of the boring, as the beautiful colors and true-to-character design of this Minecraft League of Legends skin ensure players who use it are always ready for the fight.

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Ryze - League of Legends

With glowing eyes and rune covered skin, this Minecraft League of Legends skin stands out like a light in the darkness.

Despite being reminiscent of an enderman, this mage uses his runes to create powerful magic to master. Ryze is a great champion to play as if being recognised is the name of your game.

This Minecraft skin is simply astounding, with good colors and high levels of detail meaning any players who download and use it in their game will channel the raw magical power of Ryze and be ready to follow in his footsteps in their own Minecraft world.

<full-button>GET THE RYZE MINECRAFT SKIN HERE<full-button>


Ashe - League of Legends

With her white hair and victorious expression, Ashe is the true frost archer of the LOL champions.

She is the leader of the ice dwelling Avarosan tribe, and she uses her birth-given ancestral magic to wield her mighty bow of pure ice.

This is truly a champion who feels at home in the snow, so consider this Minecraft skin to help you traverse frozen lakes and icy caves.

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Seraphine - League of Legends

The soul singer Seraphine is blessed with the gift of the voice, and once her cacophony of songs was tuned up into one, a symphony of power was unleashed.

Beautiful and unique, this skin is an excellent choice for those wishing to bring a little more melody into their Minecraft world.



Bard - League of Legends

An extraterrestrial traveler always striving for the cause, Bard is a benevolent fighter who battles his love of magical artifacts and treasures with the ever-present need for a brawl.

Surrounded by happy yet brutal spirit meeps, the Bard skin can help many a player traverse their Minecraft world.

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Zed - League of Legends

A cutthroat leader of the Order of Shadow, this militant magician is the master of the forbidden shadow form.

Using his shuriken to surprise his enemies from the darkness, it's no wonder this iconic champion has his dark image immortalized in a Minecraft skin.

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Kindred - League of Legends

Two spirits, one form- Kindred represents the eternal violence of the hungry wolf balanced with the keen eye of the Lamb and their Bow.

The Kindred skin shows off this duality in an elegant yet sincerely frightening visage of the kindred spirits. You’ll surely be a unique player showing off this awesome skin.

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