Best Keybinds for PVP Minecraft

Using short keybinds in Minecraft PVP makes it easy to switch weapons and tools. Here are the best settings for Minecraft PVP keybinds.
Best Keybinds for PVP Minecraft

In Minecraft PVP you have to be fast and speedy with your keys otherwise you won’t be able to attack, build or get health on time. Like other survival games, There are multiple players vs player game modes for Minecraft players. Here we are going to discuss the best keybinds for PVP to help you become a pro while playing Minecraft. 

Best Mouse Settings

The gaming mouse comes with side mouse buttons. You can configure each mouse button with your quick binding key. We recommend you place “Pick Block” on that mouse key. 

Secondly, mouse sensitivity is the most crucial thing during PVP as it controls your movement and direction. No doubt it depends on your mouse but in general, 64% mouse sensitivity is best for any gaming mouse. Keep the inverted mouse off if you are not a fan of the mirror effect. 

If you want to change weapons swiftly and tools, you need to set the mouse scroll wheel. Changing the weapons from 1 to 9 from the hotbar is done by scrolling the wheel upwards.

Inverted MouseOff
Attack/DestroyLeft Mouse Button
Pick BlockMiddle Mouse Button
Use Item/Place BlockRight Button
Mouse Sensitivity64%
Mouse Settings

Best Keyboard Bindings

Now we will set up the keyboard keys for quick selection. Hotbar contains all your items including weapons and food. These must be in quick access to the player while playing Minecraft PVP. We recommend keeping them at default since they range from 1 to 9 digits.

You can place the tools according to your gameplay. As most of the players love to place weapons from box number 1 to 5 in the Hotbar inventory and keep the other tools from 6 to 8. Food is a quick requirement in the PVP so we prefer to keep it in the last inventory box. 

You also have to set up the item drop key to “Q” and swap item in your hands to “F”. Quickly dropping an item is necessary to pick up other items if your inventory is full. The same is in the case of swiping hands. If your sword is about to finish, you have to swipe the sword. Configure the “E” key for opening inventory. These are quick access keys. 

Open and Close InventoryE
Drop item Q
Swap HandsF
Hotbar Item 1Inventory item box 1
Hotbar Item 2Inventory item box 2
Hotbar Item 3Inventory item box 3
Hotbar Item 4Inventory item box 4
Hotbar Item 5Inventory item box 5
Hotbar Item 6Inventory item box 6
Hotbar Item 7Inventory item box 7
Hotbar Item 8Inventory item box 8
Hotbar Item 9Inventory item box 9
Keyboard Keys

Best Movement Keybinds

During a PVP fight, movement is everything. Setting up keys according to your handgrip will help you to attain excellence in-game. 

Keep the jump on the “Space bar” as it is accessible with your thumb. Sneak on the “shift” key and we prefer Sprint on the “Alt” key except for the shift. The reason is that you can quickly access the Alt key with your thumb and jump using the spacebar at the same time. 

Keep the Strafing keys as “A” for left, “D” for right “W” for forward, and “S” for backward strafing. It is way difficult to play Minecraft with arrow keys and access other key binds i.e. jump, sprint, sneak.

JumpSpace Bar
SneakLeft Shift
SprintLeft ALT
Strafe LeftA
Strafe RightD
Walk BackwardsS
Walk ForwardsW
Movement Keybinds

Best Lunar Client Keybinds

These new key bindings are for the Lunar client mod which provides fast and enhanced performance in Minecraft. This mod is loved by the Minecraft community which is why it is included in PVP too. 

You can create the waypoints during PVP to remember your spawn point. In bedwars PVP creating a waypoint is very important. Seeing where your bed is and where you have traveled will give you a sense of where you are. Keep the “Numpad7” key for the waypoint creation and the “Numpad4” key for the waypoint menu.

Emote wheel key is used to demonstrate the emote animation to your PVP opponent. Select “Numpad8” key as emote key. Place “Numpad5” as the start and stop key which is easy to access with the right hand when playing. 

Create WaypointNumpad7
Emote WheelNumpad8
Change LookNumpad9
Mod MenuRight Shift
Start/Stop KeyNumpad5
Waypoint MenuNumpad4
Lunar Client


Miscellaneous keys help in getting quick information and camera views. Information like a player helps you to identify the number of opponents in PVP while the camera view helps you to look around when camping. You can also take screenshots of your victory at the end of the game using “F2”. 

The cinematic camera is for the spectators which are either dead or joined as a spectator in the game. They can watch the game from a distance by adjusting the camera view. Keep the  “F7” key as it is also accessible. 

You can change the full screen by “F11” anytime. The zoom key allows you to get a closer look at distant blocks. 


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