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A Step-By-Step Guide: How Do You Make An Invisibility Potion In Minecraft?

Pranking your friends in your multiplayer Minecraft world server can be a good idea for a fun time. Read this article to learn how to be invisible in Minecraft!
A Step-By-Step Guide: How Do You Make An Invisibility Potion In Minecraft?

Minecraft players drink potions or use a splash potion for quality of life improvements or to defeat the various bosses within the game.

Most Minecraft potions provide the player with useful buffs or positive effects to improve their gameplay, such as having increased strength, immunity to fire using a fire resistance potion, and so on.

Gathering The Materials Needed To Make A Potion of Invisibility

Here is a quick summary of all the needed materials a potion of invisibility requires:

  • Glass Water Bottle, at least 1 (3 Sand Blocks/3 Glass Blocks)
  • A Brewing Stand (3 Blocks of Cobblestone or its other variants + 1 Blaze Rod)
  • Nether Warts
  • Blaze Powder (Blaze Rods)
  • Golden Carrot (Carrot + 8 Gold Nuggets)
  • Fermented Spider Eye

Note: Some of the items included in this list require you to go to the Nether dimension. You will need other items such as obsidian blocks to create a portal to go to the Nether.

Crafting A Golden Carrot

  1. The next step is to gather the needed materials to brew a night vision potion. The main ingredient is a golden carrot.
  2. To craft a golden carrot, mine at least 1 block of gold ore (using at least an iron pickaxe) to get raw gold.
  3. Smelt the raw gold using a furnace to produce 1 gold ingot.
  4. Then, turn the ingot into 9 gold nuggets by placing it on a crafting table or the crafting interface in your inventory.
  5. Place a carrot on the center square in the crafting table interface and surround it with eight gold nuggets to get a golden carrot.
    craft golden carrot

Craft Fermented Spider Eye

  1. Gather the materials for a fermented spider eye which are 1 Spider Eye, 1 Brown Mushroom, and 1 Sugar.
  2. Locate a sugarcane plant.
    locate sugar cane
  3. Craft sugar from the sugar cane.
    craft sugar
  4. Then, gather brown mushrooms from dark caves or from dark oak forests.
  5. After that, get spider eyes by killing normal spiders or cave spiders.
  6. Finally, put all three ingredients on a crafting table in no particular order to make a fermented spider eye.
    craft fermented spider eye

Travel To The Nether Dimension

  1. Build a portal and go to the Nether dimension.
    nether portal
  2. Then, locate a Nether Fortress.
  3. After which, kill some Blazes to get blaze rods to craft blaze powder and a brewing stand as well.

    Note: Be alert and careful since Blazes deal a lot of fire damage. Remember to drink a fire resistance potion or wear your best enchanted armor whenever you go to the Nether.

  4. Once you have secured these items, find some Nether wart, the red fungus, that are usually found on soul sand near staircases within the Nether Fortress. They will be used to make the awkward potion needed in brewing various potions.
    nether wart
  5. Finally, go back to the overworld to continue making a invisibility potion.

Using A Brewing Stand To Make Invisibility Potions

Finally, the next section is the point where we start brewing a Potion of Invisibility. Remember to just follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure that you already have a brewing stand ready to use. Right-click on it to open the brewing stand interface.
  2. Add blaze powder to the box that corresponds to the same shape in the brewing stand interface to add fuel to it.
    add blaze powder
  3. Place the 3 water bottles that you crafted earlier in the brewing stand menu.
  4. The first potions you need to brew are awkward potions. It is the most basic potion required to brew other potions. Make an awkward potion by adding a nether wart in the ingredient slot in the brewing stand interface and wait for a few seconds for it to finish brewing.
  5. Once done, this process will turn each of the water bottles into an awkward potion. Do not remove the awkward potions from the brewing stand.
    awkward potion
  6. After which, place a golden carrot in the ingredient slot of the brewing stand.
    place golden carrot
  7. Wait for a few seconds. Then, you now have a regular Night Vision Potions. Do not remove the night vision potions from the brewing stand.
    night vision potion
  8. The next step is to corrupt the night vision potions by adding a fermented spider eye.
    add fermented spider eye
  9. After waiting for a few seconds, you now have Potions of Invisibility.
    potion of invisibility

How To Make A Splash Potion Of Invisibility

After brewing, you can further enhance a Potion of Invisibility by adding these optional ingredients:

These ingredients enhance the potion effect by either turning them into splash potions, more duration, increased speed, or creating a lingering effect.

To make a splash Potion of Invisibility, simply add gunpowder into the ingredient slot right after brewing a regular Potion of Invisibility. The gunpowder turns potions into splash potions, which have a distinct shape with a pointed top.

place gunpowder

Furthermore, if you add a dragon's breath as an ingredient to a splash Potion of Invisibility, it will turn into a Lingering Potion of Invisibility which will have a similar effect as the Ender Dragon's breath attack. The buff will apply as long as you stand on its area of effect (AOE) when thrown to the ground.

add dragon's breath

On the other hand, adding a redstone dust in the ingredient slot after brewing the regular Potion of Invisibility, it will brew into an extended Potion of Invisibility which has a longer duration buff. The invisibility effect will be 8 minutes instead of the regular 3-minute version.

POI 8 minutes

When redstone dust is added to a lingering potion of invisibility, the area of effect will have a longer duration instead of the buff. The duration will extend from 45 seconds to 2 minutes.

Note: You can add a redstone dust to any of the Potions of Invisibility variants (Regular, Splash, or Lingering).

You can now avoid hostile mobs or players by brewing your own Invisibility Potions in Minecraft. Keep in mind to add more blaze powder if you run out of fuel while brewing.

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