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Best Quality Of Life Mods For Minecraft

Quality of life mods in Minecraft can vastly improve your game and make it fun again.
Best Quality Of Life Mods For Minecraft

What Are The Best Quality Of Life Mods For Minecraft?

The best quality of life mods are the most downloaded, top rated quality of life mods available  for Minecraft Java edition from

  • Journey Map by Techbrew 
  • Storage Drawers by Texelsaur
  • Chisel by tteraglo98
  • Appleskin by SqueekSO2
  • Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2
  • Cooking For Blockheads by BlayTheNinth
  • Waystones by BlayTheNinth
  • NetherPortalFix by BlayTheNinth
  • Carry On by Tshipp


Journey Map by Techbrew

This handy mod vastly improves the Minecraft game experience by adding new features such as a mini map and large that both update in real time.

What this means is that while out exploring their Minecraft land, players will be adding to their map as they go during gameplay (much like in the vanilla game).

Image of a completed map in Minecraft

However, with this qol mod players can open their map in a browser to view (or on fullscreen in game) and can see the mini version on their HUD on screen.

This amazing mod also adds the ability to add markers, allowing players to mark waypoints or their home base (and color code them) in their Minecraft game. ‍


Storage Drawers by Texelsaur

This mod depends on Chameleon Library for Minecraft by Texelsaur.

With 117 million downloads, this mod for Minecraft is the ultimate solution to easy in-game storage and inventory tweaks.

Image showing a corridor of storage drawers in Minecraft

This simple Minecraft mod features both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional storage drawers for all your inventory, including:

  • Named picture drawers for blocks and items of the same type
  • Capacity bars on the front of the drawers to visualize how full the storage drawers are in game
  • The ability to shrink or enlarge the storage drawers themselves.

If you need other mods to improve your quality of life in Minecraft, this inventory mod may well be the best you can find.


Chisel by tterraglo98

This amazing mod for Minecraft is all about blocks.

This Minecraft qol mod features dozens of newly textured blocks introduced into the game, with access to the block interface from the chisel itself.

Image showing a block in the chisel mod in Minecraft

The chisel is crafted from:

Once crafted,simply right-click on the chisel to bring up the block list in game and place specific items.

This mod also adds the Ender Offset Wand to help Minecraft players shift and place large textures on the blocks for decorative finetune control.


Appleskin by SqueekSO2

The Appleskin mod upgrades the game's hunger mechanic primarily by making normally invisible in game aspects visible.

This mod makes changes to the Minecraft player's heads up display (HUD), making hunger mechanics like saturation visible on the player’s hunger bar.

Image showing food and the hunger bar in Minecraft

The mod also allows players to see the potential hunger, saturation and health restored whilst holding a food item in their inventory.

This mod is amazing for improving player’s Minecraft experience and quality of life, as food that will completely restore hunger and saturation can be eaten before anything else, and foods that have low values in Minecraft can be discarded.

No more cluttered inventory!


Applied Energistics by AlgorithmX2

Introducing into Minecraft an interconnected network of blocks, this mod focuses on using energy and transformation of energy in Minecraft using the ME (matter energy) network.

In simple terms, the Applied Energistics mod allows players to craft specific blocks for storage, information terminals and power, offering endless possibilities.

Image depicting a network of blocks in Minecraft

Once connected via cables this creates a network that spans the world, allowing Minecraft players to access storage, auto-craft and create special game tools (such as the Certus Quartz Tools) to make their gameplay smoother.


Cooking For Blockheads by BlayTheNinth

Now for a much simpler mod, Cooking For Blockheads is one of the best QOL mods in Minecraft.

Using modular kitchens, a cookbook and other additional blocks for storage and infinite water (courtesy of the kitchen sink), this mod not only adds beautiful visual elements to your game but allows players to really enjoy cooking, whilst making it useful.

Using the cookbook or cooking table, players can view what food items they have in their inventory and see exactly what they can cook.

Image showing cooking in Minecraft using the Cooking for Blockheads mod.

If the cookbook is upgraded, players can even craft food directly from their inventory, making this mod for players who prefer form over function in their game.

Some additional functions the mod adds include:

  • Inventory sorting options to see the most nutritious food players can craft
  • Options for infinite milk and multiple items
  • A complete modular kitchen including an oven block and a fridge block


Waystones by BlayTheNinth

Another fantastic mod for Minecraft from BlayTheNinth, this handy mod adds waystones to the world.

Waystones allow players to travel from waystone to waystone using Warpscrolls and Warpstones added by the mod, as well as allowing teleportation to individual waystones as an easy way to fast travel across the Minecraft world.

Image of a waystone in Minecraft

Random waystones will be generated across the world, but they’re also craftable for individual placement, and each offers an inventory sorting option for players who want to travel light.


NetherPortalFix by BlayTheNinth

The last of the Minecraft QOL mods by BlayTheNinth, this simple mod ensures players traveling back from the Nether in their game via Netherportals actually return through the same portal.

Because of the way vanilla Minecraft works, if playing in multiplayer with portals close together, players can sometimes end up returning through their nether portal in the world and walking straight into another player's base.

Image of a nether portal in Minecraft

To prevent this, this mod anchors nether portal points and ensures the portal remembers who went through which, so that a Minecraft player can exit the portal in the same place they entered in their game.


Carry On by Tshipp

The Carry On mod is an excellent mod to add to your Minecraft game for one single reason: it allows you to pick up and carry entities such as animals, smaller mobs, chests, furnaces, even machines from different mods!

Image showing a Minecraft player carrying a pig.

The items in game can be picked up, carried around and placed without the need for any tools or other items, and there's no need to break them.

No more dropped items, and very few inventory tweaks needed!

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