5 Best Minecraft Storage Room Ideas

Check out our article where we’ll cover the best Minecraft storage room ideas.
5 Best Minecraft Storage Room Ideas

In Minecraft, there are multiple ways you can decide how you'll store items. People, in general, mostly build separate storage rooms where they'll have everything they need in one place.

Now, if you have ever wondered how to create a good-looking storage room in your base, this article will show you our top five Minecraft storage room ideas. Of course, each and everyone is different, so you'll definitely find an idea you'll want to incorporate into your Minecraft base.


Medieval Storage Room

This first storage room is made in the classic medieval style, compatible with almost all base designs.

The interior of this storage room is pretty simple. The walls and the ceiling are made out of various types of stone bricks and stone slabs. They make interesting patterns while adding a little bit of depth, which makes the room look very interesting. The floor is made of dark spruce wood, so it matches the gray stone bricks, and there are also crafting tables scattered through it.

There are multiple rows of double chests that are organized with item frames. Therefore there's a lot of space for everything you'll ever need - so there's no need to expand this storage room later. The best part is you can easily access everything.

It's a neat design you can build right at the beginning of your playthrough, as it requires no rare resources and building blocks you can't find at the start of your game.


Underground Storage Room

If you want to build your storage room underground, you should look at this design because it'll be perfect for your needs.

It's a storage room placed underground. It's much bigger than the previous one, but some people may not like how it looks. The floor is made of dirt and coarse dirt, while beautiful oak pillars hold the ceiling made of various wooden blocks. Right next to the chests is a crafting table and an area where the player can smelt ores and food. There are also two beds which you can sleep on, and you can put on an enchanting table if you want to - overall, there's a lot of space for everything.

There are more details added in this storage room than in the medieval one, but the biggest problem may be the choice of blocks and design that some players aren't fans of. But it's much more useful and will last you for a very long time - we doubt you'll have to make another storage room again.


Future Storage Room

Now we have a more futuristic design that is interesting compared to other storage rooms.

This future storage room features a futuristic environment. The most prominent blocks are quartz blocks and blue concrete. There are also a few bamboos placed throughout this storage room and a small fountain in the middle of it.

It's made in the shape of a cross, so it's divided into four areas that feature plenty of chests. This allows you to organize items more efficiently, as you can have a special section for mob drops, ores, etc., making everything more compact. The fountain in the middle can be a little annoying at times, so it's up to you if you want to keep it or not. But, this is a genuinely interesting take on a Minecraft storage room.


Egyptian Tomb Storage Room

If you have a base in the desert biome, you should look at this storage room idea. And, it's even better if you're living in the pyramids.

This is a storage room you should only build in a desert biome-themed base. It's best to be built that way because it'll be hard to incorporate it into any other style. It's made to represent an Egyptian tomb, so it looks like an extension of the desert temple. It's mostly made out of sandstone blocks and its other variations - it features a lot of water going through the storage room, making the whole room look more alive.

There are occasionally a few blocks of blue and yellow concrete placed, but the most important material is the sand blocks. In the middle, there's a small pond where you can plant sugarcane, or you can just add fish. It's a basic storage room you can build right at the beginning since it's only made out of the sand, and it's capable of storing a lot of items, so you'll not have to worry about running out of space ever again.


Pirate Treasure Storage Room

If you are into pirate-themed buildings, you should take a look at this storage room. It'll definitely be interesting for you to see.

This is the most useless storage on this list, but it's on here because the idea and the design are unique and interesting. It's made in a giant cave filled with water, representing a pirate cove. There are a lot of corals placed throughout the water, as well as barrels and torches on the sand beach. There are many chests you can use throughout the beach, but the main problem is that they're all randomly scattered because it's supposed to look like a shipwreck treasure.

It's not practical for use, and it's annoying to constantly have to jump around random chests so you reach to find the thing you're looking for. Neither is an item frame going to help you - nothing is organized, and its purpose is only decorative. But, it's still an interesting idea you can certainly have fun with - this is only for the most creative Minecraft players!

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