How To Make Nether Bricks In Minecraft

Don’t know how to craft Nether bricks in Minecraft? Learn how to mine Nether Racks and use them to create Nether Bricks in this Guide if the answer is YES!
How To Make Nether Bricks In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make Nether Bricks

To craft nether bricks in Minecraft, you need to collect nether racks from the nether. Then put nether racks in the furnace along with fuel to get your nether brick. 

Here is everything you need :

  • 2x Netherrack
  • 2x Furnace
  • 2x Nether Portal
  • 2x Power Source
  • 2x Pickaxe

How to Craft Nether Bricks in Minecraft

#1 Go into the Nether 

Enter the Nether to Kickstart Your Journey of crafting Nether Bricks.

How To Craft Nether Bricks In Minecraft

The Nether is an outside world that can only be accessed by the portal. Making a portal requires rare items like diamond or lava. Once created you can jump into it and move towards the next steps.

However, before you proceed with later steps in the process, don’t forget to obtain a Pickaxe. Diamond pickaxes are recommended for faster mining.

#2 Mine Netherrack with the Help of Pickaxe

How To Craft Nether Bricks In Minecraft

You’ll be mining Netherrack in this part. These Netherracks will help you obtain Nether bricks of your choice in the following steps. You can easily mine loads of Netherracks using a Pickaxe. 

Important: we’d recommend using at least a stone Pickaxe for the job if you don’t want to waste lots of time on this mining stuff!

#3 Smelt Netherracks to Craft Nether Bricks

Once you have obtained plenty of Netherracks via mining, it’s time to put them into the work.

Smelting a Netherrack in a furnace with the help of fuel source.

In this step, you’ll smelt the Netherrack obtained in the previous step in a furnace with the help of a fuel source, such as coal or wood. The upper box should have one Netherrack block, while the lower box should have a fuel source.

Wait for approximately 3 seconds until the arrow indicates the completion of the smelting process. Once the process is completed, you’ll have the Nether brick in the box on the right-hand side of the furnace.

You can repeat step 3 to obtain the desired number of Nether bricks for your journey. Each block of Netherrack will transform into a Nether brick when combined with a fuel source in a furnace. That’s there it is to it-You’ll now be able to craft Nether bricks of your choice after following the 3 simple steps mentioned above! 

What is the give command to get a Nether brick?

The give command for you to get nether brick is :/give @p minecraft:nether_bricks 1.  

Share your bricks with your friends with this command or you can build beautiful nether stairs and fence to beautify your server.

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