How To Make Banner In Minecraft

If you want to furthermore decorate your base, Banner is the most suitable option! In this article, we will show you how to craft Banner in Minecraft.
How To Make Banner In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Banner

Banner is a tall decoration block in Minecraft with fully customizable features using dyes and banner patterns. There are over 800 quadrillion banners, some of them may be easy to make since they only required basic dyes and materials. While the others require rare items like an enchanted golden apple or diamonds.

  • 6x Wool (Must be the same color)
  • 1x Stick

It's an easy process, so consider using one of the methods to earn money in Minecraft if you are planning to spam a lot of these; it would make things so much fun!

How to craft Banner in Minecraft

#1 Collect 6x Wool

Wool can be harvested from Sheep with a shear. Each sheep yield 1-3x Wool depending on its color. And they only drop 1x Wool on death.


Wool can also be naturally generated in structures like Mansions, villages, and pillager outposts.

wool in mansion

You can also find Wool in looted chests in Villages. They have a variety of chances to contain 1-8x Wool.

wool in chest

Another way to craft Wool is to use 4x String in a cube shape.

crafting wool

#2 Collect 1x Stick

Stick can be crafted from any 2x Wood Planks or 2x Bamboo. 2x Planks yield 4x Stick and 2x Bamboo yield only 1x Stick.

planks to stick
bamboo to stick

Breaking Leaves and Dead bushes have a small chance to drop 0-2x Stick.

leaves and dead bushes

You can also kill witches to get 0-6x Stick, up to 15 Stick with Looting III swords.


Finally, you can go fishing for Stick. It has a 0.2-0.5% drop 1x Stick.

#3 Finish off crafting a Banner

When you have 6x Wool of the same color and 1x Stick, right-click the crafting table and put 6x Wool in the two top lines, then place 1x Stick at the bottom middle to craft 1x Banner.

craft banner

What is the give command to get a Banner?

The command to give yourself a Banner is: /give @p banner 1

Now you have Banner, let’s hang them over your house!

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