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How To Make Coal In Minecraft

If you want to explore the new cave system or to cook your food, coal is needed. In this article, we'll show you how to craft Coal in Minecraft.

Updated on Sep 22, 2022
How To Make Coal In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Coal

Coal is the only mineral in the game that can be used as fuel in the Furnace. Compare to other fuel sources in Minecraft, Coal proves its efficiency with a long smelting time. And you can find them fairly easily by mining/trading.

  • 1x Block of Coal OR 1x Coal Ore

How to craft Coal in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Block of Coal

You can only have a Block of Coal by crafting it with 9x Coal. So check your chests and see if you have any.

block of coal

When you have 1x Block of Coal, put it in the crafting grid and get 9x Coal.

block of coal to coal

#2 Collect 1x Coal Ore

Coal Ore is a mineral ore generated in the Overworld. They mostly generate below the surface with 0-37x ores per vein. The recommended Y level to mine Coal Ore is 95 and 136.

coal ore

When you have 1x Coal Ore, you can either break it using any Pickaxe. They will drop 1x Coal, and up to 4x Coal if you have Fortune III.

break coal ore

Another way to get Coal is to smell Coal Ore in a Furnace, you will get 1x Coal.

smell coal ore

#3 Other Ways to Get Coal

You can find Coal in looted chests in most of the generated structures in Minecraft. They normally contain 1-8x Coal with a fairly high chance.

coal in chest

You can make a Wither skeletons farm since they will drop Coal on death. Wither skeletons have a 33.33% chance to drop 1x Coal, up to 4x with Looting III.

wither skeleton

What is the give command to get Coal?

The command to give yourself a Coal is: /give @p coal 1

Now you have Coal, let’s use it to make torches to explore the cave!

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