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8 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

Are your animals taking too much unnecessary space? Here you can read about five best Minecraft barn ideas which are compact and stylish at the same time.

Updated on Sep 20, 2022
8 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

Minecraft is a game that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your surroundings. It gives you the opportunity to bring your imagination to life by expressing it with a large number of virtual blocks and materials.

Today, we will show you the five best Minecraft barn ideas that will serve as a place for all your animals and food. 

These Minecraft barn ideas that we are going to cover in this article are intended to be stylish while maintaining their core features at the same time.

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Red Barn

This Minecraft Barn Idea is meant to look like one of the stereotypical red barns you find mostly in American movies. However, it’s a unique design to this list and can’t be left out. It requires a lot of materials that the player usually finds in the middle of their playthrough.

In addition, it uses a lot of red concrete blocks and red stained clay blocks, which can be difficult to craft for a player that just started their world. That’s one of the reasons why this barn is in the last place.

This Red Barn has a lot of room for animals and horses. There are multiple sections in which you can divide them without a problem, and it’s easily accessible. It also features a second floor where you can store your hay bales, chests, or whatever you want.

Next to it, you can always add some other farm decorations, a water tower, for example, as they will perfectly blend in with this new barn. It’s meant to be made during the later point in the game, as it really requires extra effort to find the right materials.

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Dark Barn

This is one of the cool barn ideas which perfectly blends in with any kind of a darker biome. It's a great building for beginning your Minecraft playthrough, as it's one of the simple barns on this list.

The only materials you'll need in large amounts are stone bricks and spruce planks. If you don't have any spruce planks, you can always use dark oak wood instead.

It's a large barn with four squares where you can situate four different types of animals. The stables feature plenty of space. This barn design doesn't have any usage other than keeping animals inside.

There isn't any storage space within this barn, but the amount of animals it can keep is impressive, as well as the exterior appearance. It's a simple barn made mostly out of spruce blocks.

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Horse Barn

As you can see by the name, this Minecraft barn is solely meant for horses. It’s fairly simple, but it still keeps its charming interior and exterior look.

This Minecraft barn idea is the least demanding one on this list. You will only need to venture out to find a large birch forest, where you will get plenty of birch wood. Other than that, it only requires spruce and oak wood which are more accessible.

It doesn’t have as much space as the previous barn idea. It can only fit one type of animal. This barn is perfect for keeping a horse, but you can always fit in more animals if you want to. It’s quite customizable.

It’s perfect for beginners, as it doesn’t require much effort to build. You can also use it as a base because it has a second floor that is big enough to store important stuff like chests, armor stands, and a bed.

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Storage Barn

If you want a barn with a lot of storage space, this giant barn will help you with putting all of your animals and items in a safe space. That also looks like a very well-built barn.

Overall, it's a wooden barn. It’s a barn made out of various types of wood, like spruce logs, oak logs, oak slabs, dark oak planks, and other wooden blocks. It also includes the usage of bricks in its design, which make up the barn's roof.

This is a very peaceful barn that gives you a nice cozy feeling when you are inside. It has a lot of stables, a separate section for extra storage, and even a cooking station. It's a perfect simple barn for your Minecraft world.

It isn't difficult to build at all. You will just need plenty of wooden materials and bricks to complete it.

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House Barn

This is a perfect place where you can have a base right next to your own barn. It's even less demanding than the previous one and features much more space.

It’s made mostly from oak wood, and it requires little to no other types of wood which is perfect for beginners, as some people may not want to venture further just to find the right type of wood.

It's a simple barn connected to a small house that can fit a lot of chests, furnaces, tools, and even an enchanting table if you really want to. In addition, it's a design that is quite easy to customize. You can make a basement underneath, a second floor, or anything else that you desire.

This building is protected with a wooden face and fence gates, which can keep you completely safe from the outside. It has a small backyard where you can also grow any type of crop. This elegant barn has three exterior stables, which can also be expanded without ruining its appearance.

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Medieval Barn

This is one of the Minecraft barn ideas that perfectly imitates the medieval style. It's a rustic barn that will be perfect for your medieval survival world.

It's a stone barn design that has a lot of wood blocks incorporated into the design. From the outside, it looks like a classic barn, but when you come inside, you will see a perfect medieval farm that also uses a lot of other materials.

This medieval barn's floor is a mixture of stripped oak logs and regular wooden planks. You can always add some stripped birch wood if you are looking for diversity.

It has a lot of space where you can roam freely, and it can fit many different animals inside. It's one of the easy Minecraft barn ideas which you can replicate wherever you want in your Minecraft survival world. This new barn design can fit many animals and a lot of storage. It perfectly imitates the farm life.

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Spruce Barn

If you are stuck in a biome with spruce trees, this Minecraft barn idea is definitely something that you want to build. It has enough space to store your animals, crops, and even your personal belongings.

This barn idea only requires a lot of spruce wood and spruce trapdoors, which is perfect since spruce forests are really large, so you’ll have plenty of materials available. It also requires plenty of bricks and andesite, but it’s pretty manageable to build overall.

Like the previous wood barn, it’s guarded by a fence and has a large backyard where you can find plenty of space for crops and even more animals of your choice.

And on the inside, this wooden barn has multiple stables where you can segregate different varieties of animals, such as cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. It's an aesthetic animal barn.

Its design is flexible, and you can customize it however you want. There is a second floor where you can put down your stuff, so it serves as a mini base where you can always sleep whenever you need to. It's a good barn where you can also live from time to time.

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Ultimate Barn

This Minecraft barn idea is one of the fascinating barns built that you have probably ever seen in your entire life. Unfortunately, it can’t even compare to the previous ones, as it’s a few times larger than all of them.

You will need to have good building skills to complete it, and you can try to make it first in creative mode, as you will need to spend hours building it. It's one of the different barns on this list. You will only want to build this barn when you’ve completed the game. There is even enough space for a nether portal.

It’s the most demanding out of all on this list, as it requires large amounts of wood and blackstone. It will take you a couple of days to finish building the barn completely. It's a large medieval barn that can store multiple animals inside.

It is guarded by a fence which provides space for a beautiful backyard that can be filled with ponds, flowers, etc. The interior of the barn is complex, like the exterior. It has multiple stables and a lot of places for various workshops. It has multiple floors where you can even make your own fully functional base. It’s a very elegant barn, even though it’s enormous.

It’s something you should build to surprise your friends, as this ultimate barn will be bigger than most of their bases. But make sure you have enough resources, as it’s very demanding.

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